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What Story Would You Be Interested In?

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  • What Story Would You Be Interested In?

    Hello, I'm trying to come up with things that are rarely talked about on Episode Interactive stories. So, here are some of my pitches. The title is If I Love Myself by the way.

    A. A young muslim woman facing discrimination and sexism in her daily life, not only because of her religion but for being a feminist. Throughout the story, the young woman overcomes many challenges and basically becomes more comfortable with herself.

    B. A woman or man was previously sexually assaulted by their brothers best friend, and hasn't said a single word about it out of fear. Throughout the story, they grow to become more independent and happier with their bodies and who they are as people.

    C. An insecure guy who has been in the closet for most of high school ends up having his secret spilled, throughout the story he embraces his sexuality and finds out that loving yourself is the greatest gift of all.
    Feminism, Sexism, and Discrimination
    Sexual assault and body image
    Homosexuality in high school (setting may change)

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    I voted for number two.
    Number one has a lot of potential to go wrong, and number three has been done a lot already.


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