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Story Ideas?

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  • Story Ideas?


    Im accepting story ideas to write about. Please post ideas below! be creative I want to expand my writing horizon. You can check out my current story if you want it’s called Cupid’s Arrow: In the Middle.

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    These ideas should be yours and yours only! Even thought, you can check out writing props on google. But where's the joy of writing when you are not the one who comes with ideas?


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      I agree with the xxAndreea

      You would find writing a story based on an idea suggested by someone else extremely difficult because there would be no deep rooted passion behind it.

      Take your time to come up with an idea you are willing to put your all into, there's no rush. You can find inspiration anywhere, Google, real life, dreams... anything!


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        1. My suggestion is to keep searching, you may find an idea that you really love, you can write something based on your dreams (not like I wanna be a doctor, the dreams that you see the night like, you were in an elevator and it suddenly stopped and the lights turned off then a hand touched you) and that's will be only yours, no one would have seen the same dreams as you do
        2. You can also write for example that the mc is going to get engaged but something is going on and she turns the time back in the day that she met him but something goes wrong and she realizes something that she didn't before
        3. A writer that gets into his story
        4. About a dipolar person who was the villain the morning and the hero the night
        5. About a girl that everytime that she was sneezing she transformed into a different place like now she is in Mexico, sneeze appears in London sneeze appears in Greece sneeze appear in China ect
        You can also write down some random ideas is a paper, like I did above, and then more and more ideas will come