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Would you read this? - Bonded by Moonlight

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  • Would you read this? - Bonded by Moonlight

    Story title: Bonded by Moonlight
    Story genre: Fantasy
    Story type: INK
    Story description: Phineas is the son of the most powerful alpha wolf in the south, and is about to be forever bonded to his chosen mate, Amie. That was, until Nisara, the wildling wolf princess and her pack's hunt causes them to crash the ceremony! In a twist of events it is Phineas and Nisara who are bonded, instantly joining the most prominent wolf pack with the wildest wolf pack. If Phineas and Nisara can find Madelaine, the oldest voodoo priestess in Louisiana before the super moon, she may be able to undo the bond - but in the end, will they want to go through with it?

    It was an idea that I had mulling around in my head for a while. I think this may not be the longest story ever, but I think that It could be a decent length. But, would you read it?
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