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Arcane Cove

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  • Arcane Cove

    Genre: Fantasy/Romance
    Style: Probably ink...

    I've been thinking about this story for a while and filled up an entire notebook with ideas about the world it takes place in.

    Pitch: You play as Isabelle Dimitri who was a normal teenage girl before she got a letter from her late grandmother explaining a terrible secret her mother had kept from her about the world of the Magi (Magical Creatures). Isabelle leaves home in hope to find more about herself and her family, she goes to her grandmothers house where she finds books in her grandfathers study about the world and about Arcane Cove. Arcane Cove was a school for Magi, and an incredible place. Isabelle navigates through a new world meeting various Magi including, Demigods, Mages, Vampires, Werewolves, Mermaids, Incubi, Shapeshifters, etc. She discovers her magic and learns about an entire new world only to be its only hope for survival.

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    I think it sounds like a good idea

    However, I'd be sure to put your own spin on it so it's unique and make that known when publishing it or advertising it as there are quite a few stories that follow the same storyline. If you do decide to publish it I would love to read it. I'm a fantasy fan so would be very interested.

    Good luck!


    • Talilaluway
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      There are alot of twists and turns as i said i filled up an entire notebook just about the parallel world where all the creatures originally came from millions of years ago and her "magic" is particularly unique i guarantee no one has though of that as a magic power but thanks! I'll post a link when I'm done if you like..

    • Perplexed Jam
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      I'd definitely read it if you posted the link once you've finished!

      It sounds great! I love unique so I look forward to you publishing