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Character Analysis Game

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  • Character Analysis Game

    I don't know if this has been done yet but these are quite popular in a writing social network (wattpad) so I kind of wanted to give it a try here
    Basically I'll either ask a question about your character or give a situation for them, then the next person answers the question and asks one of their own.
    The only rule is, you can't say "I don't know."
    I've found out this will help you get to know your characters even better.

    Situation: your character's car broke down in the middle of a lonely highway

  • #2
    Chiara would probably kick the car and fly off.

    Situation: Your character just found an abandoned puppy.


    • #3
      Aiko would probably run away from them because she hates dogs (and puppies). But if she has enough courage (and compassion), she'll probably quickly run to the nearest pet shelter, put the puppy in there and run back.

      Situation: Your character found a lost phone on the sidewalk.
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      • #4
        Theresa would leave the phone there, with the year she's had, she's become rather scared of the things she finds on the floor. With her luck, picking up the phone could lead her to her death.

        Situation: Your character just lost their eyesight


        • #5
          April would probably be mildly satisfied by this considering when she looks into people's eyes, they turn to stone. But at the same time, she would also freak out because this could mean that she would have no control over where she looked and potentially turn even more people into stone.

          Situation: Your character has just received a call/ has been told they won the lottery


          • #6
            Dax would freak out and splits it with his friends.

            Situation: Your friends are about to be killed by someone and you're helpless to stop it.
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            • #7
              Yuki would probably try to sacrifice her life for theirs, even if they don't make it out anyways.

              Situation: Your character is performing a task with difficulty and someone else makes fun of them.


              • #8
                June would stop doing the task to stare at whoever is making fun of her until they go away, then go back to the task.

                Situation: Your character has just woken up somewhere random in the middle of a forest.


                • #9
                  Moonlight would live in the forest using only the materials around her

                  Situation- Your character is in a mix up with the cops


                  • #10
                    Gloria would kick or trick them.

                    Situation: Your character finds out they aren't real and they're part of an app called Episode.


                    • #11
                      Frost would be just still be content because that means she still would get everything she wants and live in her own fantasy world XD

                      Situation: Your character walks in to a home break in with robbers stealing their stuff


                      • #12
                        May would take the robbers out as quickly and as neatly as possible.

                        Situation: Your character has just come face to face with the biggest bear you could possibly imagine.


                        • #13
                          Reuben would probably ask for his sister's help, only to be responded with an unhelpful answer. Then we would try to remember what his father did as a hunter and try to trap the bear. Otherwise, he'll call out for help and run.

                          Situation: Your character has just found out that they are going to die in 24 hours and they can't do anything about it.
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                          • #14
                            River would be living his life to the fullest, taking stupid dares and all that sh*t XD

                            Situation: Your character wakes up in a strange room with no memory how they got there or why they're there


                            • #15
                              Midnight would try to get her memory back even if it killed her

                              Situation: Your character and someone else are in the woods together and all of a sudden your partner gets eaten by an alligator