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  • If I made an RP based on the The School for Good and Evil series, who would join? I just want to know.


    • EpisodeGirl5678
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      Omg! Me me me!!!

    • DanicaBescae
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    • LTea
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      I don't really role-play, but I do love those books! I might swing by, and get back into old habits. ^-^

  • Right here's another idea i had:

    The Incredibles Roleplay

    This roleplay is obviously based on the movie, The Incredibles. So, if you've seen the movie, it is about a family of supers who try to defeat the evil Syndrome. Before this, the children, Violet and Dash, were just teens trying to hide their powers in school, so I thought this storyline could be good.

    You are a teenager at school, when you discover you were genetically born with a super power. Electricity, invicibility, water, fire, anything. You don't know why, you don't know how, and you don't know who else has a power to - or if anyone else has a power. But you just now that only bad can happen if other people find out, but the teachers are getting suspicious.

    So half the characters would be the normal, with no power, and the other half will be the powered. The 'normal' have been told by the government that there are people with powers, and that they are evil, and that they should keep on the lookout for them, and to turn anyone who's suspicious in.

    Don't know about this, but there can be a lot of mini-storylines, like a 'normal' finds out about a super and there could be threatening going on? There could be a super and a 'normal' in a relationship? I don't know, opinions? Who would join?

    Annabelle H. Mehek AwesomeAnon Once Upon A Time EpisodeGirl5678 Kittenlove Mashia catsharp53 mage158 SillyCupcake22233 donutlover05 Angel101 FallenAngelNight13 Cam Boulder MADEpisodeCretor night_owls Lily_Li Arabella Mia the Duckling TheBluGeek


    • Chidimma
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      I'd join (even though I probably shouldn't)! I think that this would be fun.

    • Mashia
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      Seems cool! I would join

    • MADEpisodeCretor
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      seems legit ... If you start it , I'm in

  • Okay, I don't think anyone saw the last post, but I'll just put the idea here anyways:

    In 2035, LAZULI IMPS LEAGUE ONLINE (LILO) was released as the first completely immersive video game. When you put on oRi contacts, you're thrown into a completely new world. It's just like WoW or Rift, except the graphics are incredibly real, in VR, and you feel like you're actually moving. The reduced weight of the contacts has finally maximized the experience. LILO is the only successful MMORPG that implements this technology to the fullest. It's taken the media by storm these past 7 years, but it's also created a darker underworld surrounding it in the real world...

    You're one of the few players who have passed level 100 and made it into the leaderboard of the game. Using your special skill pertaining to your class, you've become a menace to both monsters and in-game players.

    Recently, you got a notification that something would arrive at your mailbox soon. You assumed it was the in-game mailbox, so you initially ignored it. But when a small package and a letter was dropped on your porch, you realized they sent you a gift. The letter claimed the gift was "only fair, considering how hard you've worked for our country". It was a pair of oRi contacts. When you tried them on, it seemed like nothing changed. You were still in your house, and there was no title screen or music. But, at the corner of your vision, you see one word: MENU.

    As you get up and walk towards the door, something that looks like a premium teleport crystal falls into your hands. Small letters pop up above it. ITEM NAME: oRiHQ TELEPORT CRYSTAL


    I really wanted to bring up the idea of a fantasy game RP/SG. I guess it's a bit close to Kittenlove's Adventures in Avalon, but with more of a DICE spin on it (*cough* that RP is lit Mehek *cough*). After you sign up for one of 5 classes (I'm thinking maybe 6 for each one? So ~30 chars), then they would each have a special ability based on their personality and class... and there would be a quest board, and I would switch to SG when people get in a party and do boss fights. There would also be a leaderboard, upgrades, and lots of extra stuff. There's also an overarching goal, so it's not just freeroam, but that's a bit of a surprise!

    This is still a rough idea, but if anybody's interested, even if it is close to some other SGs or RPs, I want to make it grow ^_^


    • SillyCupcake22233
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      That sounds really cool!

    • DanicaBescae
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      Thanks for the support! I'm probably going to make a thread soon ~

    • DanicaBescae
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      The sign-up thread is up ^^

  • ~The Switch~
    Hi! This is kind of a tough draft, but this is a fun idea I had for a Role Play!
    Basically, you will make 2 characters (One main and one secondary)
    Then, your characters will attend a high school, interact, make enemies, friends, etc...
    But after a couple pages of interacting, your characters will have to SWITCH BODIES!!!
    That's right! I will pair you up with someone you will have to switch bodies with.
    The secondary characters will not know about the switch, so everything will get interesting!

    Comment if you like the idea, or if you want more info!


  • If anyone wants to join my Star Trek roleplay there is a spot open for Foreign Affairs Officer!




      Welcome, future gods & goddesses! You have been accepted into the School for Gods & Goddesses. This elite school will prepare you and train you on how to be a God or a Goddess. Some of the finest Gods & Goddesses in history have been trained right here! When you graduate, you will be fully ready to run your kingdom on your own. We hope you have fun at your years at School for Gods & Goddesses!


      So, yeah, in this RP, you will be either a god or a goddess. Or, if you want to make two or more characters, both. You can be a god or a goddess of ANYTHING ~ wealth, knowledge, beauty, you name it. This RP does not have anything to do with Greek gods & goddesses; everything is fictional. Also, if I make this, I will ask someone to help me with the RP, since I've never made one before.
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      • donutlover05
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        Reserve for Goddess of Sweets and God of Music

      • night_owls
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        This sounds really cool! Reserve for goddess of stars please!

      • Lily_Li
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        Reserve goddess of music and and god of war

    • Mini Announcement : I am not signing up for any more Roleplays or SG's till end of December.

      Thank you,



      • Lots of spots left in Stars Align, please sign up if interested


        • I made a rant to put on here 2 days ago... I decided "Nah I won't do it, it's not too bad. I'll save it to a google doc like I do with all other crappy rants" (Yes, I have made really really crappy rants before that i have never sent) but in all honesty, it's just gotten worse.

          "Hey, This isn't an RP suggestion but I just would like to say something.

          If I don't reply to a suggestion on this thread, it should giving off that I do not want to join the RP. I understand why some people would want to tag some people on this thread, to make sure people have seen the idea but most active RPers are very caught up with this thread. Currently, I have got quite a bit on and I have decided to cut back on RPs until the summer holidays start. (In Australia they'll start on the 15th of December). I was clearing out my notifications today and I had about 5 different times where people have tagged me in RPs that I didn't show interest in.

          To me this shows that people are recently struggling to find people to join their RP's. I wouldn't blame this on being less RPers but there being more. More RPers is always a good thing, this is a fairly neglected section of the forums by the staff (cough cough #FallenForMod2017). All the newer RPers are starting to make their own RPs, which is good because if it works out, they can become very good at it like older RPers such as Mehek and FallenAngelNight13 .

          Sorry if this offends you somehow but I think that we could possibly cut down on making new RPs? Some of the ideas generated by the newer people sound awesome and I would totally join them if I had time. I'm in close contact with a lot of the older RPers and I know that most of us aren't joining RPs due to there being too much on, both IRL and on the forums.

          If you are desperate to make an RP, I would suggest seeing how the recently made signups are going user wise. If it looks bad but you still really really want to do it, I would suggest posting the idea here, seeing how people like it and unless it's very strongly "yes, make sign ups right right now", don't make the signups until it's' calmed down.

          I just feel like there are too many RP sign-ups right now and not very many active RPers have time... I love some of your ideas but I would never have time :/"
          What I basically mean is: There are so many new RPs right now, It's great that newer RPers are giving it a go but it's much less likely to work out because everyone is busy - and it's competing against all of the other new RPs. I understand if you have a really good idea but right now, the few people who see your idea in this thread are now likely to be the only people to join. So much is going on in the forums for everyone.

          If you want your RP to have a lot of people join, I would suggest doing it in a time where it's not so full. Supply and Demand - Currently we have a great supply of RPs so the demand is low. A few months ago, there weren't many RPs to join so people were more inclined to join them.

          Today, I had made 6 RP ideas and 2 SG ideas and I wrote them down to post here later so they could be done when I'm free and fewer RPs are here. Some of them are pretty crappy and two of them I desperately want to make.

          If people have already seen my "Warring Kingdoms: Battle of Kings" signups, they might be wondering why I'm being hypocritical. Well mostly because I'm releasing signups now so it'll start when I'm much free-er. I also knew there were enough players who had already wanted to play. If you're wondering about the document, I get bored as hell in between 4pm (when americans go to sleep) and 8pm (when europeans wake up) when no one is on the forums. Also, definitely check out Warring Kingdoms: Battle of Kings, it's a forums game blended with an RP so it's much more complicated than a regular forums game. (Yeah sorry for the ad)

          - Mia the Duckling, I hope your day goes swimmingly (I really need a better pun, this one doesn't quack me up like it used to)
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          • Mia the Duckling
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            Lily_Li you didn't know? I mention it really really often. Also why the hell do you think I'm online so late into the night xD

          • Lily_Li
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            Mia the Duckling which city lol, I'm from Melb

          • Mia the Duckling
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            Canberra, it's on my profile xD

        • Too Much Spam on New Ideas?

          Alright, so I'm guessing most of y'all who frequent this thread have seen the post right above this by Mia. Mehek actually got her shiz together to try and do something in a timely manner to try and help with it!

          I'm thinking since many of us have finals coming up in December, including me yike, plus the holiday season, if either of these happens, it's best to start them off January 2018, but I'm pitching them for now so we can talk through them, or figure out alternative solutions.

          Idea 1- Limit Posts Here to mostly Mehek's: Pretty much instead of posting here, anyone with an idea for an RP/SG (not other stuff like forum awards or cleaning up the section) would DM it to me. Based on when the person wanted to release the RP signups, and the order in which I got ideas, I'd post them at a rate of maybe about two per week or so? That's open to discussion/change for sure. If I left the forums for a period of time, I'd make sure to have someone do the week's releases.

          Idea 2- Users Still Post, but with a change: This would basically mean the thread works the same way it always has with one change, every idea has to include an estimated release date range for both signups and the RP. This way, members know when things are happening well before they declare interest.

          Idea 3 (must be combined with one of the others) RP Calendar: This would involve an "RP Calendar" on a doc I'll post here and update for when signups are opening for RPs/SGs that are actually happening and an estimate for their start dates so that anyone planning on starting an RP/SG soon can make sure to plan ahead to be sure it won't be over a really busy time for people.
          Got any other suggestions? I'm open to anything that could work. I'm also cool with disagreement or modifications to the ideas I had, just throwing things out there. If we could discuss these/other possible solutions in the comments/on this thread in general, and come up with a solution we agree on to test January 2018, I think that'd be awesome ^-^


          • DanicaBescae
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            I like the idea of 2 and 3 together. If we do 1, that puts lots of extra work on you, Mehek. With 2, the creator still has control over their post, but more accurately can tell others when they'll start, and they can coordinate with the peoole interested from there. Also, totally voting on Mia's idea ^

          • Cam Boulder
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            Mia the Duckling I love that idea!

          • L375
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            I basically agree with everyone above me.

        • This is kind of an idea for an RP and kinda not. This’ll probably be done later when the RPs have died down a little. I’m thinking of maybe “starting it” late January-ish or something might by earlier.

          Anyway, it was an idea I was discussing in the 1,000,000 Replies Thread and it isn’t really an RP but still related to RPs.

          Pretty much, my idea is to have an RP making contest. We’d split whoever is interested in participating into 2-3 (or maybe four if too many people want to participate). Depending on what you guys think, the teams could be randomly selected or chosen by the participants.

          Together, the people on each team will create a Roleplay. Afterward, everyone will join each other’s roleplays and Roleplay in it for a little while. Then, we can vote for who made the best RP. These roleplays will be really short or “previews” so to speak, unless the role players want to keep going.

          This would just be a fun competition and if it turns into anything rude, we can cancel it. It is just all fun and games.

          Anyway, before I start diving more into this idea I would like to hear who would want to participate if I did create this.
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          • Mia the Duckling
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            Oh, that sounds really cool Silly! How long of a set timeframe would we have? Like if you had maybe 2-4 hours, then you would have the struggle of timezones. If you had over a day 24-48 hours, then the people who were free all of the time/slept less would have an advantage, Timezones would still come into play though because you might have some people working on it at 2am and some at 2pm, meaning less communication.

            I agree with kittenlove on the genre/theme too.

          • brinn
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            this sounds awesome! I like the idea of the RP creators making pre-made characters for temporary RPers to play as, I think that would be a lot easier. and like Kittenlove said, if there were different themed rounds that would be good - that way the RPers can focus mainly on the RP idea and not their personals preferences. I would like to join and see what creating a RP is like.

          • SillyCupcake22233
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            Mia the Duckling The Timezones would be a hard thing. I’m thinking that atleast for the first one the timeframe would be very big or maybe even not have a specific one as all. Maybe like 5-10 days or something? It depends on what people want.

            And Kittenlove and @Moa the Duckling
            Yes, I like the idea of a theme, but I think it would be best to have it be as wide as possible so people can have a lot of creative freedom.

        • Hey! So I’m back with yet another RP idea-ish. It isn’t really an idea for an RP but more of an idea for this whole subforum: RP Holidays!

          To explain, I had the idea (with a help of a few others) a long time ago about having these celebrations. They can be used to help us get together and have fun and everything. We can create a Calendar etc to be all Official and everything. I’m thinking that these holidays can be semiannual (So they happen twice a year) because I know how impatient we all are XD

          Here are some ideas for RP Related Holidays And we can always create more and/or not use some or all of these ideas:

          1) Dead RP Appreciation Day:

          For this holiday we can go back and reminisce on Dead RPs. Go comment on old posts and tag your old RP buddies and have a good time remembering all the good times.

          2) Characters Day:

          For this holiday we can go back and reminisce on our favorite characters from RPs new and old. A way to celebrate this holiday is bringing back EGG ‘s “Whose Post is it Anyway” ( and have a chance to RP as those characters again.

          3) Creators Appreciation Day:

          We wouldn’t have this amazing section without the wonderful people that create RPs and SGs. For this day, we can send PMs to our favorite people who make RPs telling them thanks for their amazingness. This could also be a day to do the RP Creation Contest I mentioned above, if we want it too.

          4) SG Day:

          SGs are not as common in this subforum at the moment, but they still deserve appreciation. On this day we can go back and reminisce on old SGs that we were in and even if we weren’t in them, we can still go back and read them and remember how amazing they are.

          5) New Ideas Day:

          This amazing thread had made our RPing life so much easier. We can have a special day to appreciate it! Also, I was thinking that it can also be a good way to help have fewer people posting so much on here. New Ideas Day is the day where you should post all of your amazing RP/SG ideas and share them. I was thinking if we do do it like that, where New Ideas Day could be one of the main days to post ideas (Though, you can still post them on other days but not as much) then we can have the New Ideas Day happen more often than just twice a year. This’ll also help us to only post more developed ideas. The only downside of doing this means that people will all be pitching their ideas at the same time which would make it hard it a little difficult, but I think it’ll still help.

          6) Different Genre Days:

          There are so many different types of RPs out there. What if we had days to celebrate different ones? We could have a Fantasy Day, and a Sci-Fi Day and a Mystery Day and a Horror day and/or any other genres we can think of. For these days we can just go back to reminisce on old RPs of that genre. Also, it can be the Prime Day to pitch RP/SGs of that specific genre.

          Now that is all the ideas I had.
          If you have any ideas for other possible holidays, Don’t be afraid to share!

          I think it would be really fun to do. We can make a Holiday Calendar Thread and maybe ask a Mod to Sticky it and can have announcements for when these days happen.

          Anyway, I was wondering if you guys had any opinions on this or any suggestions or questions or whatever.


          (Also, I have an idea for an SG (Yes an SG!!!! Not an RP!) in the works, so stay tuned.)

          (Also P.2, I’m not exactly sure where to post these ideas so I’m posting them here. Maybe someday we can have a separate new Ideas Thread for ideas for RP/SG Subforum in General But idk)
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          • Hi guys, I have another idea for an RP.

            Back to Norgate*

            You, a youngster in college, have just died in an accident.

            But when Felix, the God of Life and Death, comes down to take your soul to Heaven, he notices something strange.

            Thousands of hundreds of people are dying in your country of Norgate.

            But why?

            Because of Selena Blackwood.

            Selena is using her newly invented technology to spread a deadly virus around the country, which has killed more than 15,000 people in just two days.

            To stop and defeat Selena Blackwood, Felix decides to send you back down to Norgate as ghosts.

            But there's only one problem ~ ~ ~

            Selena can SEE ghosts. She even has special technology that can make ghosts disappear in an instant.

            Felix knows this, so he goes to Ana Rose, the goddess of heroism, and she grants every one of you two special powers.

            You can use these to defeat Selena Blackwood.

            Will you be able to defeat her? It's up to you...


            So yeah that's the RP.

            Your char(s) have one mandatory power, and one that you can choose/reserve. The mandatory power is this ~ ~ ~

            Since ghosts cannot touch things, you will be granted a Power of Touch. The other one you can choose/reserve.

            You cannot choose a power that is already chosen by someone else.

            And remember, you are ghosts. That means ordinary alive people can't see or hear you, except for Selena Blackwood, Felix, and Ana Rose.

            And also thanks to Catarla for helping me with the idea thing

            *I'll rename the RP if I come up with something better, but if you have a suggestion you can post it.


            A Girl. A brilliant mind. But a catastrophic day.

            Seven years ago, a Girl, an unknown Girl, was known to have an amazing mind. A mind that could think in ways that no other mind could. A mind that had the power to achieve great things. And this Girl knew it. She invented things to help herself but her most permanent one was her scissor hands.
            She used her hands to eat, draw... Kill.
            One day, one of her experiments went completely wrong. She went into the lab as a smart, innocent girl but came out as a chilling, maniac murderer.
            Her brain went haywire; she wanted- she needed to kill. To everyone else, she was a danger and threat. But to her, it was just fun and games.

            Seven years later, in 2017- almost 2018, she is back; And with more thirst for 'playing'.
            Sudden deaths have been starting to occur and every time, the girl follows the same pattern.
            Takes something precious from the victim, lures them in and BAM, another couple of dead people.

            But this time, she has taken a different route.
            You, with some other people, have been trapped inside your school with no way out. No one comes out and no one can enter. And all you know is that the Girl is somewhere; watching you.
            Will you survive her scares and threats or will you fall at her feet, defeated?

            Ok, so that's the basic plot. I'm thinking of making it an SG but I'm not sure yet. Please comment what you think it would be better as

            The Girl will be played by me from time to time with some threats/messages throughout the RP/SG.
            The characters will most likely be students in college or high school but it's NOT going to be a high school RP (just clarifying that).
            The Girl is still the same age (7) and she never grows up because of her weird mutation and whatnot.
            I think the limit would be 2 characters so if one of your characters are injured or killed off (with permission, of course), then you have another character to continue with.
            I'll probably begin this near the mid/end of December or the beginning of January.

            I would say more but I don't want to give too much away O.o

            Anyone interested?

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          • The RP/SG Calendar has been created! This will go in the intro post for this page soon, and I'll try to repost it whenever there's new pages to this thread so it isn't lost. Please DM me or comment here if your RP/SG is missing or if there's any inaccurate information. I'll continually update this as new things happen in the community.

            I didn't want to go through and DM every single creator, so most of the signup threads have release date unavailable- please let me know your estimated release dates if they aren't already there ASAP Creators! I'll tag you if it's been a few days and I'm still missing info- if you really don't know, I guess it might be fine to keep it as 'unavailable' until you do know, but the point of this calendar is to schedule RP dates for the future so...uh please try to figure that out?

            Also please post all following ideas with a release date attached!! This rule will be added to the intro post for the thread later on.

            Without further ado, here's the link!

            RP/SG Calendar


            • Cam Boulder
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              Thank you so much for making this! I hope the Magnolia SG can begin by the end of the month (earlier if it's possible but I'm still waiting for some characters)

            • DanicaBescae
              DanicaBescae commented
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              I'm hoping to start Push Play by the end of December. I just need two specific roles to submit and I can begin.

            • DanicaBescae
              DanicaBescae commented
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              Actually, Push Play most likely won't begin until around mid January.