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New Ideas Thread [PLEASE READ]

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  • The Road To Recovery

    The year is 2018
    , and this story takes place on earth, but in a parallel universe. This other version of earth has a completely different history than we have. Because in this version of earth, the neanderthals never died. They continued to live and develop alongside the humans. The two world wars never happened, religion or slavery as we know it never existed. Everything is the same, yet so very, very, different. Because even though hate against people of a certain religion or certain color never poisoned this world, that hate targetted the neanderthals instead.

    You're a neanderthal. For centuries your forefathers have been treated like they were worth nothing, like they weren't living, breathing beings. They were denied rights, and were forced to work as unpaid servants for the humans. They were forced to live in special ghettos built especially for them, and couldn't leave if they didn't have permission to. It didn't change for thousands of years. But neanderthals in countries like Ghana, Egypt, France and Canada started speaking up, and started fighting back. It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears, but they were able to become allies with the humans and started living alongside them as equals. You remember dreaming of one day being free as well. But you live in Italy, one of the countries with the harshest laws against neanderthals. Ever since you could remember, you had to live in those ghettos and were denied food, water, medical care, a salary and an education. And if people ever tried to criticize the government, they got publicly murdered. You had to endure that kind of horrible treatment for so long, wishing every day that you had been born in France or Ghana instead. But in 2015, the neanderthals in Italy collectively had enough. The revolution took many lives, many people lost their entire family, many people were taken hostage and were mentally and physically abused beyond recognition. But late last year, with the help of the military forces of France, Ghana and Canada, the humans against rights for neanderthals were finally defeated. The government were forced to sign an agreement where they promised to give neanderthals all the rights the humans had - the right to own property, the right to food, clean water, an education and a paid job.

    It was a huge victory, and you, your fellow neanderthals as well as the many humans who supported you are filled with unbelievable amounts of happiness, but there is still one big question left. What now? Most of the cities have been burned down, so many people are gone, so many people have no money or no home. The hurt from the horrible war have ruined so much for everyone, especially for you (for a reason you choose). So you get placed in a recovery home. There are thousands of them all over the country to accomidate all of the victims. You get placed in one called La Calma - "the calm", a traditional italian home that was abandoned by it's former human owners and has now been renovated to fit twenty victims as well as live-in nurses that can help with any physical and/or mental damage the victims might have.

    The road to recovery is very long, and perhaps you will never fully reach the point of full recovery. But maybe you and the other victims could help each other through all of the pain? Maybe this place can help you get away from the hell you lived in for so many years? Maybe ...

    Btw, I will make sure things happen in this RP, you won't just sit around in a house the whole time, lol.

    This is obviously very inspired by the holocaust and the slavery, but since I wanted to make it less hurtful for people with family who actually went through that, I decided to change it a bit. If this triggers anyone or is inappropriate in any way, please let me know!


  • Spirit Animals
    ~ RP/SG ~

    On your tenth birthday, there is a small chance that you that might be able to bond with a spirit animal. Spirit animals can be anything, and reflect your personality as a child. Less than 1/4 of the population bonds to a spirit animal. Today is the day to see if you bond with one.

    - 7 years later -
    A organization calling themselves the Chosen have been stealing spirit animals. At first they kept on the down low, and you only heard of occasional missing animals. But now, a year later, they are becoming bolder as more and more people join their cause. Some are those still bitter about not receiving a spirit animal. Others are people with spirit animals wishing to keep their animals safe. They have thousands joining them, and nowhere is safe.
    You are 17, and your parents/legal guardian has told you that you must flee to Stone Towers, a castle where some go to become Legionnaires, who are sworn protect to protect the people. The Chosen are saying that Legionnaires are evil, and for some reason, people believe them. Stone Towers offers relative safety, but only if you can manage to travel there.
    What will happen once you reach Stone Towers? Will you reach Stone Towers? How can the Chosen sway people so effectively? And can you stop them?

    - Another look at this story -
    You are one of the 3/4 of the population who didn't bond to an animal. You have watched the Chosen rise up, But you haven't joined them. (Yet.) The country is at war, and you are being sent to Greensville, the town that sits in the shadow of Stone Towers.
    Do you want to join the Chosen? Or do you want to see inside Stone Towers? Will you survive?
    This is an RP/SG. It would work where I release chapters, and you start to roleplay after. For battles, I would go in full SG mode. It would start with the Spirit animal ceremony, but here's the catch. You must make at two characters, a male and female, limit 3, and one of your characters would have a Spirit animal. But you can't chose the animal. I would. It's sort of like Fallens mancer types. You get to chose which person is bonded to the animal.
    For the non spirit animals people, you can chose if they feel bitter or content with not having a spirit animal and all that jazz.
    I wouldn't start this till March, because there's a lot of RPs out right now, so that would give y'all time to sign up.
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  • I have a really good idea for a Star Wars themed RP. How many would be interested?


  • I was thinking of an idea for an rp, MURDER!

    Basically, all people sign up their characters, typical high school relationships.
    THEN! One day, one person is murdered, but no one knows who! The person will be revealed at the end, and three people will survive, of the murderer's choice.
    I hope people sign up!


    • allyy20
      allyy20 commented
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      Even though no one was interested(or i am unsure), the signup thread is already made in case.


    Welcome to the Last Girl Standing! The famous game show where 12 (maybe more or less) girls are placed in one house. Every week, a different girl goes home, depending on who gets the most votes! The winner of the game is the last person still in the game, winning the grand cash prize of $50,000!
    There will be twists and turns in this game, and be prepared for the unexpected!

    Will you be the Last Girl Standing?
    So yeah, this roleplay is about, obviously, a game show. Each week, like I said, a character will leave, and it will keep going until there's only one left, so the roleplay will only be for a short time.
    There will also be challenges every week, so the girl who wins can't be voted out! And, the people with characters evicted can also take part in the voting, and vote for who they want to see voted out!
    There will always be something going on in the roleplay, it's not going to be one of those roleplays where you guys have to keep the story going on your own.
    I think this would be better as a RP over SG? But there would be parts with SG - what do you think? Who would be interested in joning this?

    j.mojicaxo TheBluGeek SillyCupcake22233 Chidimma allyy20 ScarletSwanHunter FallenAngelNight13 Mehek Ypsilon MusicalVoyager AwesomeAnon night_owls EpisodeGirl5678 stronglcves Alissa Turner Kittenlove Queen Faith Mashia Erkia Mia the Duckling
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    • Chidimma
      Chidimma commented
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      I’m in too many RPs right now, so I’d probably join if it is an SG. Definitely interested though.

    • Ellaaaxp
      Ellaaaxp commented
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      thank you EpisodeGirl5678 AwesomeAnon Chidimma for showing interest! I'll probably make it an SG

    • Queen Faith
      Queen Faith commented
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      i'm interested

  • I am gonna explain my roleplay in very much details, so here we go.


    It's year 2018, you're all just coming back from Winter Break. You either have friends, enemies, boyfriends or girlfriends, and all that typical high school stuff. In this roleplay, before starting, you can choose another roleplayer to be your friend or best friend or boyfriend ahead of time, and maybe even choose the same schedules. This roleplay will specifically have a school schedule for realistic purposes. All of a sudden, at lunch, a person was murdered in the library. One by one, people will be killed, and you'll be out of the roleplay. The murderer will be chosen by me, and I will be telling you who is murdered. Five people will be left, and out of those five people, one will be the murderer. Clues will be left of its murderer, but will you figure out who?

    This roleplay is sort of a survival game.

    Also, instead of being murdered, the murderer can choose to kidnap you.

    I hope some people are interested, this information of my idea is not posted on the signup, so please read this then go to the signups.

    I hope you're interested!


  • I'm thinking of making an rp inspired by the war of the roses (you might be more familiar with game of thrones, which is inspired by the war of the roses). Basically, a roleplay built on strategy, love, hate - and maybe most importantly, the relationships between families. Everything, to take as much power as you can. In this game all is fair, you can marry into families with a higher social standing, murder people who stand in your way, or just attack other countries when they're at their weakest. In this roleplay, you will either roleplay as a noble house or a royal, if you're just a noble you own your own estate and a larger plot of land, if you're a royal you rule an entire country, which means that the characters will be in completely different places most of the time, and will only be able to contact others by letters or messengers. I'm also thinking that you will have to think strategically in this roleplay, which means that I will keep score of everything that you do. For example: if you're a royal, maybe you start out with 500 soldiers, which means that you will have a big chance at winning in battle. But if you attack someone/get attacked, some soldiers are going to die no matter what, so after that you might only have 300 soldiers, and that will make you more vulnerable to an attack from another family.

    This was just a quick and kind of sloppy draft of my ideas, so I get it if you think it's hard to understand. I will make things clearer and easier to understand if I make the actual thread, hahah.

    Let me know if you're interested!


    • Kittenlove
      Kittenlove commented
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      This is actually pretty cool... but I'm in a bunch of RPs right now

    • Ellaaaxp
      Ellaaaxp commented
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      I'd probably join

    • Ypsilon
      Ypsilon commented
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      Kittenlove Yeah, I'm aware a lot of people are. I don't think this roleplay's signups will be up until maybe a couple of weeks from now, and the roleplay itself some weeks after that. So I'm hoping people will be more available then. (:

  • There are a bunch of spots open for Star Trek: Evolution so feel free to reserve for one before they're all gone!


    • I know I said I was off RP's, but this is an SG and I need to do some writing practice. So...
      The Arena
      "We fight for fame. We kill for fun. We dance for joy, in what we've become.
      It matters not, the what nor why. Here, we're heard, and here, we'll die."

      For years, the world has been at war. Laws are nothing more then words to the new generation, and as such it is up to anyone to decide who has the power and who is obeyed. In the Great City, there is only one way to make your words truly count. An epic trial of combat and chaos within The Arena.
      Five trials, selected at random, and a final trial by combat between you and the other Unheard.
      One by one, you'll win or die. The victors will get what they asked for.
      Will you take your chances?

      Set in an alternative dystopian world
      Basically, I'd have you create characters known as the 'Unheard'. They can be from anywhere. Rich, poor, old, young... whatever. For whatever reason, they have decided to take their chances in the Arena. Maybe they need money or support for a loved one? Maybe they want a guard protecting them at all times? Maybe they want lands of their own, or the honor of marrying the rich and wealthy? Be as creative as you like. Alternatively, you could have a person fighting on behalf of someone else - a champion if you will. This character will be initiated into the rite of The Arena. Six previous champions will govern over the whole affair, and decide who wins through each trial. In-between the events, your characters will mingle and be expected to attend ceremonial events and parties. They can unearth secrets, start a rebellion, find loopholes and garner information. Over time, characters will die off, but some events may ask for votes.
      I will be writing full chapters on a semi-regular basis, as a means of practice for my own writing, and personal interest.
      So, any questions, and who's interested?
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      • Mia Turner
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        I would be interested!

      • LTea
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        Mia Turner - Signups are up and running, you can find it on my subscriptions list.

      • Mia Turner
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        Thank you 😊

    • ~Don't know the name yet~
      I have an idea to start a game set in the ear of Regency . My history teacher told me the only way to get land in those times is to go to war for it or to marry somebody . I will put up a few family names and you will choose which family you are from . You can have limited people in the family ... 12 children per family tops .

      Family names in this fictional town of Norbury you can choose from :

      Browning - a family of only girls and their parents and they aren't exactly rich (when the father dies their house goes to the only male heir in the family ... if there are only daughters the house goes to the first male in their family which is their uncle (ofc . this idea is borrowed from "Pride and Prejudice") . One of them at least has to marry to keep their house and not live on the street .

      Forbes - a family of a few children (or maybe only one or none) . The main goal of them is to own the Cormwell Palace which belongs to the family Worthington .

      (I still didn't make up all the families but I will soon. I mean I don't want to do all that and then have my idea fail.)

      All of you have a goal either to marry (girls and males who want other's estate) or war (males who want other's estate) . It's up to you to decide between war or peace .


      • Mashia
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        I might join! Not sure, though. I'm I'm wayyyyy too many RPs already but we'll see

      • j.d.episode
        j.d.episode commented
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        This sounds super interesting! I'd join

      • MADEpisodeCretor
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        cool , I shall make the roleplaying thread this week and all of us could start playing by the end of the fortnight .

      "Hello there, and welcome to the Interweb. My name is Poppy, and I'm so happy to have you here with me today!"
      She goes by the name of "Poppy". No one knows who she really is.
      One fateful day, Poppy sends out emails to students who seem lost, depressed, or angry. Comforting them, and telling them kind words, Poppy befriends the students, and they begin to warm up to her.
      One night, Poppy takes all of the students to her world, the "Interweb", where everything is happy and cute, and there are no problems. So she says. In the Interweb, you have the power to summon whatever you wish, and you can even fly.
      Every night, Poppy takes you to the Interweb. You forget about your troubles, and drown yourself in the Interweb. But soon, you have to attend sessions every day. Brain Washing Sections. You try to stop going into the Interweb, but you cannot resist. You need to find a way out before you are hypnotized, and are forever Poppy's servant.

      Please sign up, I love this idea, and it means a lot to me
      I would probably make a guide to pre made characters (Like Musical Voyager's wonderful MM DOLLHOUSE Book).
      Also, this can be either a RP or a SG, but RP may be better.


      • Ellaaaxp
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        this seems cool, tag me when you make it!

      • j.d.episode
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        Sinister. Love it! XD tag me when you make it

      • FallenAngelNight13
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        Maybe for me. . .

    • Warriors of the Sun and Moon

      There are seven gods that are beheld by all. Each controlling a different part of the world. One for the sun,moon,stars,sky,ocean,underworld,and the darkness. All the gods are dedicated to helping mortals except the god of the darkness. Originally he was the god of light until he became corrupted so the other six gods chose two warriors, a male and a female, to help vanquish his evil forces and thwart his plans to bring the end to humanity. However each time he was defeated the Warriors were killed as well which ensured that he would come back in 100 years. It has been 100 years since Ka'volu was thwarted and now the gods have bestowed their marks and a snippet of their powers unto their chosen warriors. But this time it is different. Ka'volu has risen stronger somehow and has drained the other gods' and goddess' powers so this is the last chance for the Warriors to defeat him once and for all. But what if Ka'volu isn't the enemy? What if it's the gods that are the enemy..?

      This year the gods have decided to send an army of warriors instead of two, hoping to slay the god of darkness. Your job as a warrior is to defeat Ka’volu. You’ve trained your whole life for this opportunity, it is a great honour, the promises to kill Ka’volu are beyond reality. You will make the 7 day journey to where he will be and kill him with your special warrior training. But beware it’s easier said then done, you will face obstacles along the way, but pay attention because not everyone is who they say they are…


      I adopted this idea from TheBluGeek I don't know how the original going to be planned, I kept the original synopsis, but have made my own twists which will be discovered throughout the duration of the role-play

      ​​​​​​​I realise there are a fair few rps going on at the moment but I don't plan to start this straight away, let me know if you are interested


    • So this one's a pretty crazy and maybe a complicated idea, but hear me out. This will most likely be an SG but perhaps a mix of both an RP and SG. You'll be working on a murder case. You can reserve any of these jobs: homicide detective (2-3 people), crime scene investigator (3-5), specialists (forensic analysists 4-5), medical examiner (1 person). All of these will vary.

      I'll be the one starting it out and giving out information in files on Google docs. Crime scene investigators will start out with a picture to gather evidence. They will tell me their eveidence and I will put it into a file which both forensic analysists and detectives can access. Medical examiner will be given information on the victim to determine cause of death. As the case goes on, detectives will question witnesses and interrogate suspects, everyone else will continue to be given evidence/info/victims. The longer you take to solve the case, the more the victims pile up.

      Would this be too complicated? Any thoughts/ideas?
      Thanks for the input! ❤️

      *I don't plan to start this right away. I'd need time to gather all info and things like that. Expected to start late February or mid March
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    • I have this idea for an RP:
      Bermuda's infamous first

      It's about an expedition from 16th or 17th century which had to sail across the Bermuda triangle and got drowned. The survivors end up on an Island where the survivors from a Polynesian tribe that were the first people to voyage in Bermuda triangle area .They were living here since their voyage and they are uncivilized and it's like their inventions froze in time . The survivors from the expedition (from now on ES's) will be divided into two groups.
      ES Group 1) Survivors who think they should adapt to the Poylnesians.
      ES Group 2) Survivors who think they should make the Poynesians more civilized and less savage.

      You can choose to be Polynesian or ES.

      what do you think ?
      good idea ?


    • Hey! I'm sick right now and bored out of my mind, and I'm not a part of any active roleplays at the moment, and I know it would be kind of a stupid idea to get a roleplay started since we're moving soon. But would anyone be interested in a very short RP that would only last until February 21st (I think that's when we're moving)? It wouldn't require a lot of effort, and would really just be a way to pass time. I don't even know what the story would be, but maybe we could come up with something together?


      • Mehek
        Mehek commented
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        I may be open to this, but it depends on the plot.

      • Mashia
        Mashia commented
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        Same as Mehek, I might or might not join, depending on the plot.

      • Ypsilon
        Ypsilon commented
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        What kind of plots would you be interested in? Fantasy? Sci-Fi? High school drama?