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    Brinestone Correctional Center
    You wake up in a bed, that isn't your own.
    The walls that surround you are white and aged.
    There's a door that leads to a hall, where classical music plays. . . never stops playing -
    The hall has more doors that lead to different beds rooms
    But the question remains -
    How did you get here?
    Why are you here?
    And what did they do to you?

    At Brinestone, each kid (ages 14 - 17), has a manipulation of emotion ability. I am using a pre - set list (as of now there's 2 people per emotion). Like Sadness, Rage, Envy, Love. The plot is finding out how did you get there -> why? -> Your powers -> Why the powers and hopefully escape . . .

    Anyone interested?


    • losersam
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      i'd join this!

    • Lolakitty
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      I want to join

    • FallenAngelNight13
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      I've started this! Will tag ~

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    Bleh so hi, I have this idea and I'm gonna try and refine it but here's my scattered thoughts feel free to ask questions and I'll try not to spoil

    SO, BASICALLY, we have two Gangs (Yins and Yangs), the Yins exist out of pure malice, but the Yangs exist as vigilante justice. They have both commited awful crimes, one side for fun and the other because they thought it was right. Despite their differences, they have one goal: to find the girl descended from Queen Eliza the Righteous (hella made up). The Yins want her so they can carry out their acts without interference from any authority type and for ransom. The Yangs want her in the hopes she will support their cause. The only person who doesn't know the girls ancestry is herself.

    This was awful and like I said, I WILL try and refine it for any possible sign ups to come!


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    Seven Deadly Sins

    Maybe teen girls with these type of personalities are released into a highschool.

    help me add more
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    • MotherFricknut
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      This sound pretty cool but maybe add more sins than the top seven ("TOP 7 Sins To Get You Into HELL" on YouTube now!) So more characters can shine through

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    - Plot by losersam - Conducted by losersam & MusicalVoyager (me) -

    welcome to the neighborhoods.foxcroft heights, or "the neighborhoods", as coined by the residents, is an 18-block housing community in new york. once prized as an affordable outlet for the middle class, the neighborhoods have now been forgotten over more established urban areas, but the residents still live and work as a bustling middle-class. though most of the residents are elders and middle-aged adults who have grown up here, most without children, enter you. foxcroft high is a small, competitive school with just under 200 students that's highly segregated into cliques you couldn't get into if you tried. no one's ever thought bad about these cliques - accepted them, even, as the school's culture - until the day Wyatt Ross, the stereotypical stoner and druggie, the student every teacher would have wanted to be expelled overdoses on painkillers with a single note:

    "sometimes i wish i was a kid again."

    almost overnight, the cliques diverge. with the death of the student that was essentially at the top of the social ladder, it seems as though foxcroft high's student body has lost all direction. through the mourning, you meet kids from all other cliques, and form a rag-tag group of friends dedicated to finding out why Wyatt committed suicide. aside from your impromptu investigation? you're just kids, living in your sleepy suburbia; skipping class, driving cars, and watching the sunset on your roofs. but as friendships and relationships grow, maybe Wyatt wasn't the only one with a secret. maybe we all have skeletons in the closet - it's just a matter of time before they're revealed...
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    • Mehek
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      *arises from the dead*
      wouldn't be able to participate if it's starting really soon but I lowkey wanted to be part of the original so a revival would be cool ^-^

    • DandelionKate
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      i don't know about the original but this sounds good so i'm in

    • michael
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      sure! i'm definitely interested.

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    Okay so I was just kind of thinking of starting a new RP. I've been in, and seen, too many RP's with dozens of people in them. I don't really think that's fair for the RP'ers or the storyline considering you can't all work together or speak to each other. So! This RP would only be open to 12 characters (each RP'er only being able to make a max of 2). That way you can make more personal connections with each character.

    The RP itself is kind of like a problem solving spy game. Basically, all the characters have been recruited into a training program that has not been sanctioned by the government. They are off the radar and to be kept a secret. Each character will come in with some sort of basic ability (hand to hand combat, slight of hand, shooting ability) that an average teenager might have (I will include a list of possibilities in the sign ups). They will be moved into their bunks, given designated beds and training uniforms. There will be lessons and tasks for them to complete. Some students might be sent home if they are incapable of completing a certain task. In the end, there should be one or two remaining characters who will be inducted into the service as official spies.

    Let me know if anyone would join! I like the idea, but if no one wants to then oh well.

    kitty4322FallenAngelNight13Catarla ​​​​​@Fate

    ​​​​​​​idk who else to tag soooo ask people if they'd be interested


    • DandelionKate
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      sweet! it'll be open tonight! i'll tag everyone

    • Lily_Li
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    • Mehek
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      I'm in if there's still a spot!

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    After spending a bunch of money for a great luxury vacation, you find yourself trapped on an unknown island with surprises, good or bad, around each corner. Will you ever find a way to escape?

    Anybody interested?


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    This isn't so much of an idea as it is a suggestion for users and something I want. (I wasn't going to create a new thread just for this.)

    As someone who gets busy at random times, RPs are no good for me. I don't even like signing up because, by the time it starts, I'll probably be busy which means I'll miss 5 pages of interactions - and I don't know how to jump in.
    What I want to see more of is Story Games. (if you're unsure of the difference, go here.)
    I'm a writer of story games and I prefer writing them to making RPs because I'm a bit of a control freak. Also, story games are great if you need your plot to get to a specific parts - as opposed to RPs, where the characters are likely to veer off track. My finally point will be that there has been a random influx of RPs popping up on the forum, which means the competition is high for people to be interested and actually join (which sucks for the ones that need a lot of participants, and not everybody can keep up with signing up for and participating in more than 3 or 4). There are only 2 or 3 active SGs, which means the supply is low, creating more demand (from people like me who prefer SGs.)

    If you need help coming up with a plot for a story game: I'm more than happy to help! Feel free to PM me because I have quite a few ideas that I won't be using. Also, if you're unsure of your writing style, I'm more than happy to help you before you post chapters


    • SillyCupcake22233
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      I honestly would love to do more SGs, but I always find myself losing interest and quitting, which I know is not fun for everyone else. Perhaps it would be better if I had a partner...?

    • SillyCupcake22233
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      And, it might help that it's summer.

    • catsharp53
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      I'm happy to help if you want lol

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    I had this idea with a friend of mine....

    Lava Rock Institution for the Gifted

    Its not every day you get onto a flying limousine, which lands on an uncharted eighth island of Hawaii, and then follow an old lady named Jemlin into your new dorms for a school for the "Gifted" - people with the ability to perform magic - inside a volcano. It really isn't - unless you're going to Lava Rock Institution for the Gifted. But as much fun as you're having, with classes in the sky, and on the beach, and Fast Food Fridays, and Pool Parties, your memory of your past life is slowly slipping away... can you stop it before it's too late?

    What do y'all think?


    • ChloeDraws
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      I like the idea, but not so much about how it's inside the volcano...
      But sureeeee

    • MusicalVoyager
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      I agree with ^^. Its just like meh, TOO unrealistic. ;-; smh, I liked this too.

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    I had two ideas, the second one isn't very original but most likely would be an SG.


    "Hear ye, hear ye! His royal highness King Arthur of Camelot has decided it is time to choose a new heir, and is calling all youth in the kingdom to come to his castle for a chance at the throne."
    Somehow you've Made your way to Camelot Castle, but soon you discover a secret that could end Camelot forever.

    2. 12 unmarried, unhappy, and unsuccessful people died without doing anything with their life, so they were given another chance at life. Will they use this second chance wisely? And what happens when they discover they have so much less time than they thought? (Possibly SG)


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      So... I randomly came up with an RP idea today. It's based off of Clue & Murder Mystery-ish themes, and I'm thinking of calling it The Mystery of Magnolia. I've got a summary prepared, which will be announced if & when I start a sign-up thread.
      Be aware that this idea might be sound somewhat nasty right now, but I will try my best to limit those kinds of details.

      I was thinking that there would be a pre-defined amount of characters (possibly 16), who would be divided into equal teams. Each character would have a certain role. Most characters would have the normal 'innocent' role, but others may have special roles (murderer, sheriff, interrogator, escape artist, camouflager). Only one member of each team would have a special role.

      Before teams are created, I would randomly choose one character to be the murderer. They would choose a location, weapon, and a character to eliminate. The eliminated character would not be part of any team, but they would still be able to participate by giving clues to the innocent characters ever so-often.
      The main goal of this RP is to get the sheriff to eliminate the murderer, and to identify the location of & the weapon used in the 'killing'.

      The teams are responsible for gathering evidence around the area this RP would take place. Members of any one team always have to stick together, unless they unanimously agree to split up. Any team can talk to any other team, but only if they are in the same location.

      Sorry if none of this makes sense, I'm still trying to make it concise and understandable. If you have any ideas on how to improve this, I'm open to any (and I mean any) suggestions.

      EDIT: The sign-up thread is up & running! You can find it right here. Good luck to everyone joining!
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      This is a Roleplay idea, that I'm kind of excited about. It will only be opened for about 10-12 people total, because it will involve a lot of monitoring on my part. Here is a small introduction I started:

      The year 2091 high-tech robots were invented and used as slaves to the humans race. Humans used them to do everything for them. However, the robots soon began developing human emotions such as joy, sadness, hatred and love.

      In the year 2186, keeping robots as slaves became illegal. They got the chance to go to school with the humans, get jobs and got other human rights. However, the joy didn't last long.

      In the present 2230, the government decided that the robots were no good anymore. They were worried they would take over, and didn't want it to happen. They began tracking down the robots and dismantling them. Luckily, you escaped.

      Now, you and your fellow robots are on the run to try to survive.


      The part I'm most excited about is watching over Battery Life and Physical Condition Points. If your Battery Life gets to 0%, you'll die if you can't get charged. Likewise, if your Physicals Condition Points get to 0 you'll also die if you can't get repaired.

      Does that make any sense? Would any of you be interested in participating?


      • TheBluGeek
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        This sounds really neat! Especially since we will play the robots and have to keep our bodies in shape.

      • ChloeDraws
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        Sounds cool!

      • brinn
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        I love this idea! I would join.

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      soooooooooo I was sitting down, like should I play Echantress, or rp idea. So here I am..
      The Lamp That Never Goes Out

      Faye Wright went missing during a Sunset Academy school dance. Signs of her being dead were shown, though her body was never found. People have just moved on and forgotten about her. Until a website called "Learn" went viral in Sunset Academy. The website was soon spread throughout the small town of Sunset Key. Little did they know, Faye Wright escaped a life of torture and bullying by faking her own death. She lives in a city apartment on the island of Siesta. Faye Wright, is the creator of Learn. She revealed her website by sending a link to Courtney Harty, the most popular girl in school (most likely a NPC that can be adopted) It went viral. Faye, known as Miss Teacher, hence the site named Learn.

      Each day ( might have deadlines, cause people be frontin ) Miss Teacher posts a secret she knows about someone in the school. How does she know?


      Be careful who you message


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      Two Become One (Roleplay)
      The Greenes have a single dad and nine kids, the Harrison's have nine kids and a single mom. All the kids are rivals at school, but the parents fall in love. All of the, are the same ages as a sibling on the "other side." The parents soon get married without complaints and move into a huge house where each of the siblings that are the same age shares. Will you be able to overcome this change? Or will you work together to get rid of each other? Or will you never get along? It's up to you!
      Dad (Greenes)
      Mom (Harrison)
      18 year old son
      17 year old daughter
      16 year old daughter
      15 year old son
      14 year old son
      13 year old daughter
      12 year old daughter
      10 year old son

      BF or GF

      LET ME


      • MusicalVoyager
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        I like it, and can you save me the 17 year old daughter spot?

      • DandelionKate
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        18 year old son sounds like me lol i'll reserve if you make it a thing just tag me

      • Mehek
        Mehek commented
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        I've always wanted to RP a smol child so don't reserve me yet because I'm unsure but I'm interested in this!

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      Jedi Academy
      A long time ago, in a galaxy, far far away.
      There was a school, called Jedi Academy, where the young Jedi's would train. Some would join the Darkside, some wouldn't some would become Stormtroopers. The teachers at the academy'll help you pursue your destiny, here at Jedi Academy.

      From Ages:
      Just Bring a Lightsaver and that's all you'll need!

      Tell me what you think!!!


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      The Button Eyes - Roleplay
      This idea is based off the movie Coraline

      In 1520, the Grand Dame lived in the Pink Palace, in Ashland. She lived there for years, and then she fell down a well. Then she discovered the other world. She fell down a well, and the portal took her to the other world. She didn't invent the other world, but the things in it. Now she owned this fake world, she couldn't leave it. The only way for her to survive, is taking peoples souls and becoming more powerful. So she creates another portal in the house, to lure children in.

      The first victim, was Lily Howes, in 1900. She was unhappy with her own family, because they were strict. She found the door, and went through the portal. The Grand Dame had taken the shape of Lily's mother and was caring and kind to her. She lured her into her trap and persuaded her to let her sew on the button eyes. Lily was held in the basement, where she was kept to keep the Grand Dame alive, and powerful. The Dame didn't kill the children, because then their soul would have died with them. Then when Lily died of old age, the Dame needed new children to feed off of. In 1978, she took Jay Barnes, and in 2005, she took Penelope Wright, who is still alive.

      In 2009, Coraline Jones was a victim, but she refused to sew the buttons on, and set free Penelope Wright. She took the key, but then made the mistake of throwing it down the well, which went straight in the portal, back to The Great Dame. Now the Great Dame is suffering, she has no children and no energy, but she needs more children.

      Why did she only take children? Children were easier to persuade than older people. Once the buttons are sewn onto the eyes, they are trapped. The Great Dame uses buttons in the real world to watch the children, what they like, they don't like, etc. The Dame choses specific children, and make fake versions of things, people and places they love.

      Now in 2017, a care home has moved in the Pink Palace, unaware of the things going on. They're the perfect children for the Great Dame, they don't have families. So the Great Dame can take the form of their parents. Each of the children have a doll of themselves, with button eyes, that came with the house. So the Great Dame can watch over them.

      The children need to be ages 10-14, and you can adopt Coraline and Penelope (Coraline would now be 19, and Penelope would now be 21)

      What do you think? Tagging some players;

      Ypsilon Catarla hknfantasy Lily_Li MotherFricknut MusicalVoyager Fate ChloeDraws


      • MusicalVoyager
        MusicalVoyager commented
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        I'd join. It seems cool.

      • LHT
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        Hey, it's like the movie Coraline!
        I love the movie and the many fan theories behind it.
        Tag me when you are ready !

      • MotherFricknut
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        I'm immediately interested because I have the same first name as the first little girl (Lily) and it's also a good rp idea