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  • Heroes and Villians School Official RP Thread

    You have reached a brick building that seemed very old, until your bus driver said Corducio and then swished his hand. The building stretched and turned into a big building with the letters Heroes and Villians School. Then a huge banner appeared with WELCOME! on it. The bus's doors opened and so did HAVS's doors too.
    The principal, Superman, stood on the school's stage in front of a huge marble statue.
    "Welcome to HAVS, we are going to do a meet- greet event for the next hour, so first period is cancelled. I am your principal Superman. Please wait until tomorrow when your dorm number will be given and mates and schedule."
    Then a woman with black hair entered and walked into the stage.
    "Hello, I am your vice principal Wonder Woman. Please head into the meet- greet."
    And then she walked off.

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    Updated Link (This one is better and made by Cam Boulder) Thx Cam!:

    Roomate Form: (MUST FILL IN!!!)
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    I gaze at the school in amazement. I was pretty excited.

    I walk into the school trying to look for someone to talk to.

    ORP: Krystal and Hanna are approachable.


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      Rachel sees a girl and walks up to her. "Hi, Are you excited? I am," she gushed.
      ORP: Hanna (my name :3)


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        .: Laurel :.
        She made her way into the school, gripping her backpack and observing the others. Stay low, stay quiet, stay safe. She thought to herself.

        .: Brooklyn :.
        She was practically skipping into the school out of excitement. Brooklyn could barely contain her excitement as she looked around in awe.


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          ~ Mateo ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

          Mateo heads toward his room following the map given, looking at people for long periods of times, thinking if he should look like them . . . maybe they are looking at him, sense he is 'famous'. Not him personally, but the people he looks like. Mateo sighs, placing his things in his dorm, along with Scale Patty, and some snacks his mother packed him. Then headed back to the meet and greet area.

          ORP : Approachable.


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            Laith mentally sighed as he adjusted his mask to ensure that it was still covering his face as he walked down the hallway calmly, making sure not to make eye contact with anyone but keeping his glare sharp in case anyone dared to look him in the eye. Why am I even here again? He thought to himself as he stood in the meet and greet area, making sure not to touch anyone. Don't tell me I'm going to have to share a room with one of these people...

            ORP: Approachable but low-key don't touch him if you want to live xD

            Solfrid skipped to the meet and greet area happily with a huge grin on her face. This year's going to be awesome! She told herself as she excitedly pumped her fist in the air. She inhaled sharply as another thought came to mind. Who's my roommate? Will they be nice... Or...? Hmm... she then quickly snapped out her thoughts when another matter came to mind. Loki's son... she narrowed her eyes slightly, knowing that there were rumours about him attending this school. But she then remembered how he was probably a shapeshifter so there was no way she'd be able to know his true form. Luckily for me, I have a keen eye, she smirked slightly but didn't really like the idea of having to against him.

            ORP: Approachable
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              He glanced at the school, still mad at the fact that he had to go there because of Thor's daughter. His father's words resonated in his head, 'Remember, the throne of Asgard is rightfully yours. But you need to make sure my brother's little princess doesn't take it away from you.' He wasn't going to disappoint his father, he knew that he had to be worthy of the throne so having his father take care of Thor's child wouldn't be a good idea to prove his worth.

              With a clenched jaw he walked inside, ready to see the place where worthless mortals would try to pretend being his equals and the only one capable of taking the throne away from him would try to prove her right to the throne. He had met Solfrid before so he already had some information on how to make her fail. Luckily for him she didn't know what his true form was, which gave him a huge advantage over her.

              After entering his room, his jaw dropped. There were two beds. He was supposed to share a room with someone. Sam Lokison, the prince of Asgard and the son of one of the most hated Asgardians of all time, was supposed to live with some random mortal who'd probably not let him do his best. That was impossible, there had to be some kind of mistake. Leaving his stuff over both empty beds he took off to the school administration, he needed a room for himself.

              He flew into the school with his boots and gauntlets. He was still mad at his mother, Pepper Potts, for making him go to that 'stupid school', he wanted to finish his suit and to go to MIT, he felt like he didn't have time to repeat high school, not when he had already graduated once. He cursed Coulson and the whole S.H.I.EL.D. team for making him go there when he didn't even intend to be a superhero in the future. Sure, he was a genius and the possible heir of Tony Stark. But that didn't mean he wanted to work for the government agency and be a superhero. He just wanted to be himself.

              He landed once he found the door to his room. The sight of two beds made him feel slightly more hopeful at this school, at least he could distract himself socialising, he was sure that many people there would love him, who wouldn't? He was smart, rich, a party animal and the son of one of the most beloved superheroes in America. Sure, that could mean he could also get some enemies there since the children of villains were going to assist there. But that would only make his stance there more entertaining. After leaving his stuff on his bed, he walked out of the room, wanting to get a precise map of how the school was on his phone.

              She skipped happily into the school, she would finally have a chance to learn about all the people who had made her feel like she wasn't so alone in the world, the people who showed her that the world was a very unfair world and who had suffered because of this injustice. She had a chance to finally make justice for herself, so the city would be afraid of her. Because she had seen it's true face. The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout "Save us!" And she would look down at them, and whisper "no." Because that's what they had done with her, see her suffering and looked away. At least their suffering would be something fair.

              She walked inside her room and began setting up her stuff in her half of the room, having a roommate made her happy, she wouldn't be alone, she could have a partner in crime. After she finished organising everything neatly she walked out, eager to meet the people there.

              She walked into the school nervously in her human form, J'onn had told her that she didn't have to keep that form all of the time since people would still know who she was, and she didn't have to feel ashamed of that. But she still kept that form, she didn't want to be looked at a weirdo, not on her first day. She had agreed with going to the school as soon as J'onn proposed it, she needed to learn more about Earth and what could be better than learning from the ones who fought to defend it or to destroy it? They were interesting and they could probably teach her all she needed to know. She reached into her pocked for some Reese's pieces and began eating them to calm herself down.

              She quickly found her room and smiled to herself at the fact that she would live with someone else, that could be her best chance to learn about usual human things. The first thing she did was putting up a photograph of J'onn and her on the nightstand near the bed she had chosen and another picture of Mars, her home planet. After making sure everything was in the perfect spot she walked outside, ready to explore the school.

              ORP: All of them are approachable
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                After walking around and trying to memorise how all the halls at the school went I went back to one of the rooms I had first visited, the meet and greet area, that seemed to be a good place to make some friends. She found an empty seat at the couch and looked for someone who would catch her eye. A girl with blonde hair seemed to stand out, maybe she could help her to get acquinted to human beings. "Hello," she said into her head, she was used to communicate telepathically.

                ORP: Fate also, I love how Sam and Sol already are against each other even though it's the first day


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                  Solfrid suddenly jumped when someone else's voice rang in her mind and instantly turned around trying to find the owner. "Hello...?" She said aloud slowly, hoping that she didn't look too crazy as she kept turning around.

                  ORP: I know right? xD Solfrids so lost right now


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                    She tried to smile at the girl, knowing that she had her attention and she was willing to talk to her. "I'm Oyarsa," she said in her mind once again. "It's nice to meet you," she said, believing that was the right thing to say after meeting someone.
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                      Solfrid stopped spinning before smiling when she heard the voice again, knowing that she wasn't crazy. "It's nice to meet you too Oyarsa... I'm Solfrid," she replied and slowly began walking, hoping to find the girl who was in her mind. "Umm... Where are you? If you don't mind me asking."


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                        She felt that the girl's question was strange, but not as strange as the fact that she was talking out loud. "I'm at the couch on your left," she replied. "Why are you talking out loud?" She asked with curiosity, she didn't seem to be the type who wanted everyone's attention.


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                          Solfrid turned to her left to see a girl sitting down and smiled before she made her way over to her. "I'm not telepathic," she told the girl sheepishly as she looked at her and tilted her head slightly. "But you are, is that your preferred form of communication?"


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                            ~ Kirby ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                            Kirby senses an object hit the ground and picks it up, then pokes a girls shoulder, "Is this yours?"

                            ORP :Evelyn Cam Boulder

                            ~ Mateo ~ ~ ~ ~

                            Mateo stares at a boy. He looks . . . odd . . . Mateo tilts his head, "Are you okay??"

                            ​​​​​​​ORP : Fate Laith



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                              She blushed profusely, realising her mistake. "It's the form of communication I'm used to," she said out loud for once. "J- Father and I... we tend to speak that way," she said apologetically, leaving out the fact that they didn't tend to speak in English.