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  • "How sweet of him," Sam said, hoping that sarcasm wasn't notorious in his voice. Once a decent illusion of a shield appeared in his hand he began examining it. "Is that all you use to fight?" He asked, wondering how she did it.

    "Uh-huh, whatever you say. We both know none of them have shapeshifting abilities," Evelyn said, back to her sweet tone. "Let's try this again. Who are you?" She asked as pressed harder on the person's throat.

    Christopher rolled his eyes, too much for being interesting. "I guess I'll just have to use that pretty mask of yours huh?" He said as he tried to reach it.

    ORP: You choose if he reaches it or not but I'm warning you, he already knows what he'd do with that.


    • Solfrid
      I pursed my lips and shook my head slowly. "Forgive me, I tend to think in my mind a lot anyways," I explained quietly to the girl before crossing my arms. "Although, right now I was just searching... Searching for a shapeshifter," I told the girl and waited for her reaction. I decided to keep things vague but Sam would know that I would be on the look out for him anyways so seeing other people's reacting to this could help me tell if it was him or not.

      I raised my eyebrow when I noticed a boy scanning me and clicked my tongue, not trying to hide how annoyed I was.

      "What?" I hissed as I narrowed my eyes at him.



      • Great, this was just great. She was the first person Oyarsa had met yet and they seemed to get along well. That was before she mentioned shapeshifters, did she have anything against them? Oyarsa certainly hoped she didn't because that would make her first interaction the worst she would have. "Are shapeshifters bad?" She asked, deciding that that would be the most appropiate way to address the subject.


        • HANNA
          I slap his hand out of his reach and swifted her hand slightly and the mask disappeared.
          "Ha ha," she said.


          • It took a second for Christopher to process what had happened, but once he had he immediately grabbed the girl's hands. "Now I seriously want that mask," he said as he checked her hands and sleeves.


            • Hanna wondered, "why?"
              "Wait, why do you even need it Mr. Smarty Pants?" I ask.
              "You seem to know nearly everything," I say sarcastically.
              Does he really think he can take stuff from me that easily, I'm the master of tricks and illusions like my mom and dad.


              • "Nearly! That's the key work, I want to know everything! Nearly is simply not enough!" Christopher claimed as he began looking for any kinds of pockets in her outfit, still looking for wherever the mask had gone. The fact that she had hidden her mask away from him was enough for him to want to have a better look at it.


                • Hanna merely chuckled.
                  "And what is everything," she said with a smirk.


                  • "Everything! I will leave no mystery or question unsolved!" Christopher said dramatically. "But for starters I will find out what you did with the mask."


                    • Chuckling once more, Hanna swifted her hand by her eyes softly and the mask reappeared. Then she smiled.
                      "Here, if you wanna know something, I'll read that person or supernatural'ind for you!" I say. "You aren't getting ahold of this mask Chris."
                      She then swifted her hand across her eyes once more and then the mask disappeared once more. She grinned.
                      "So," I ask.


                      • Also everyone, second shout out to Cam, for making this new and improved Faceclaim for HAVS! WOW! Ur awesome!
                        @Cam Boulder


                        • Cam Boulder
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                          Again, I'm glad to help and you can contact me if you ever need help ^-^

                      • ~ Mateo ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                        Mateo turns into his favorite form, and flutters his eyes, "I'm Mateo, Can you let me breath now?"

                        ~ Everett ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                        "Dude." Everett scans him another time, "Get in the right century, your outfit is . . . emo."


                        • .: Brooklyn :.
                          "Of course not! I can use a sword as well," she answered. "Just a shield? That'd be weird!"


                          • Solfrid
                            I aided my eyebrows and shook my head. "Not at all," I reassured the girl before letting out a sigh. "But let's just say I'm on a certain shapeshifter's blacklist..." I muttered quietly and pursed my lips before shaking my head. "Ah, nevermind. I'm sure he'll reveal himself when he feels as though the time is right."

                            "Emo?" I repeated and raised my eyebrow curiously, wanting to know what the heck this boy was going on about. "Style is not nearly as important as usefulness. It's almost as if you know nothing..."


                            • "You made a terrible mistake in offering me your help, Han. Because I'll take it," Christopher said as he took a challenging step to her. "Even though I'll also accept the challenge of getting a hold of that mask. And I'll have you to know, I never lose," he continued with a smirk. "I'm going to get your pretty Colombina mask, be warned Hanna," his voice was close to a playful growl, but he was serious, he needed to get that mask in some way, he needed to know how it worked.

                              Evelyn pursed her lips and let the kid's throat free, but she didn't move from her position in his abdomen. "How can I tell you're not lying?" She asked as she raised an eyebrow, it wouldn't be wise to believe someone who had already lied to her multiple times.

                              A chuckle escaped Sam's lips. "Well, correct me if I'm wrong but I think your father uses just a shield," he said as the shield in his hand changed into a sword. "Say, would you like to spar?" He asked, hoping that the girl didn't know that the illusion was just that, an intangible optical illusion.

                              "Is there a way to identify shapeshifters if they don't change their looks in front of you?" Oyarsa asked, still cautious about her abilities. "Because maybe I can help you with that," she offered, not wanting to intrude in her life and ask her what had made her a part of a student's blacklist on the first day of class.

                              ORP: When the time is right xD I'm sure the right time for Sam is very different from Sol's right time