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  • "Did he now?" Sam said as he gripped Mateo's arm and dragged him in front of the kid. "Why don't we have a little chat then?" He asked as he released Mateo and gripped the other boy's shoulder. "Do you want to be held accountable for murder?" He said in the most strict voice he could.


    • ~ Kass ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      Kass looks up at the duo, "Uh, hi."

      ~ Krysti ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (random girl character)

      "Hmm? What?"

      ~ Mateo ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      Mateo starts to fake cry.


      • "The little miss here," Sam began as he gestured to Mateo, "told me you made her drink some of the chemicals in my laboratory," he explained. "Do you have anything to say about that matter? Or do I need to call Mister Kent to solve this matter?"


        • .: Brooklyn :.
          "Sorry. But I'm a biiiiiiiiig nerd," she frowned before closing the door to her dorm and collapsing onto her bed.

          .: Lauren :.
          "Christopher.." she warned, taking a step forward.

          "Vat do you think you're doing, little boy?" She asked, showing no fear in her eyes at all. "You think I am some mindless minion who has no skills at all except recklessness and stupidity?" She laughed. "I am your worst fears personified and if you think pitiful words and threats will work wait till I get my hands on your allies, friends, family." The woman cackled as she stared straight into his eyes.

          "I'll make sure they suffer slowly and perhaps even make you help me. I'll grant them a slow death and allow their last sight to be you, helpless to stop me. I will break you."


          • Hanna
            "No biggie I guess," I said as I continued to look around.

            "Yes I have, and I've decorated already. I could help you decorate if you'd like."

            "Let's go, hear hold my h-h-hand and I'll turn us invisible," I said as I let out my hand for him to hold.


            • ORP:
              Time Skip Warning 1/2

              Okay, I'm going to do a time skip everyone. The time skip will have a mini plot for some characters not all. So don't get upset if you didn't receive a plot, you'll probably receive one the following time skip. This RP has lots of posts, but I keep restrain myself from time skips which doesn't get the plot moving, so I'm planning on doing more. Anyway, this is just a warning, and on warning 2/2, I will request all of you to comment below if you are ready.
              So far just comment who your characters are with and who's approachable.

              I've decided to give these user's characters up for adoption:

              hknfantasy LusciousLavenderxox Mathili
              They have not been on for month(s) now, so if you'd like to adopt them, plz tag comment me below

              Would anyone like to play as
              SydneyC2007 's characters for now, because she told me she is gonna be on a break for the forums for a while.
              IF you're interested and you have less than 4 characters, plz tag comment me below.

              If you'd like requests for your plots, then plz pm me.

              Additional Info:
              Please tell me what your characters would like as electives so that I can make out who is in which elective class. If you were in my previous RP Mount Olympus High, then you know what I mean. The clubs are the same as well. Here are the clubs:
              Look only at the 3 last slides. (Don't look at the last one)
              BTW, no flying club
              Electives are on the face claim
              Next warning will be in a max of 36 hours.

              FallenAngelNight13 Cam Boulder LHT Fate TheBluGeek MADEpisodeCretor

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              • LHT
                LHT commented
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                Jonathan is with Derek

              • FallenAngelNight13
                FallenAngelNight13 commented
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                Mateo is with Sam
                Kass is with Sam
                Kirby is with Myst
                Everett is at the party #alone

              • MADEpisodeCretor
                MADEpisodeCretor commented
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                NYX is with Matt and Everett at the party
                MATT is with Nyx and Everett at the party
                FallenAngelNight13 you're not alone

            • Laurel's voice and the woman's words let Christopher know he had screwed up at that, but his pride wouldn't let him back down easily. With anger in his eyes he let go slightly of the woman. "Your threat means nothing to us," he snarled. "You come here, charging at me with a knife before letting yourself be pinned against a wall? That doesn't make any sense. But what makes any less sense is the fact that you mentioned having a superior before threatening us. And here I thought you had some intel purposes in here," he laughed, "you are not making any sense."

              "I could use your help!" Evelyn said with excitement as she walked away from the mall, expecting Krystal to follow her. "That way we can make our sides of the room to combine, that would be interesting!"


              • .: Eddison :.
                "This place is super cool! I can't believe the teachers are hiding this from us," he huffed.

                .: Lauren :.
                "Christopher Stark, calm your fat ego," she snapped as the stranger spoke.

                She thought about his words for a second before smirking at the clock. "I don't need sense," she cackled before suddenly people in dark suits appeared out of seemingly nowhere and surrounded Laurel and Christopher. "I just needed to distract you!" She smiled evilly.

                ORP: Action timeeer! If you'd like to wait and let Chris threaten more I'll edit it


                • ORP: "Christopher Stark, calm your fat ego," is probably what people will need to tell him ALL the time. I literally began laughing when I thought about how many times he has been told something similar. Thanks for putting him in his place

                  In a second, Christopher's expression changed into one of surprise as he looked at the suits surrounding them. He had fallen right into her trap, all because of his pride. "Well, this changes things," he said as he hit the woman on the head, making it crash against the wall in hopes of knocking her down. "Just for the record, this is clearly not done by your own hands so your threat is still empty," he said before going next to Laurel and setting into a battle stance as a smile settled on his face once again. "Do you think we can take on them, Little Red?"


                  • .: Laurel :.
                    "Yes, Big Wolf," she said rolling her eyes before leaping towards the nearest one and taking him out with a high kick. She turned to the next one and hit his pressure points perfectly before smacking him to the ground.


                    • Hanna
                      "Yep. I wonder if they'll ever reveal this to anyone else."
                      Then we hear footsteps coming. I dart my eyes at the door.
                      "Hide!" I say as I slide under a desk.
                      The door creaks open.

                      I follow her happily.


                      • .: Eddison :.
                        He zooms to a good hiding spot behind a cabinet, and peers slightly behind it to see who the intruder was.


                        • The intruder was a sly teenage boy who looked their age.

                          I observed the boy, but the boy looked around the files, rather than snoop around the teachers' lounge. He was stationed at one desk, the principal's. He was looking through the files. That was bugging me.


                          • ORP : hot damn a time skip


                            "Who the actual hell is this girl Kass?"

                            ~ Kass ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                            "Wait, hold on. I don't know this girl." Kass points to Mateo, "its probably that student that tried to like rob a girl by changing his ugly face into someone else."


                            • ~ Kirby ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                              Kirby takes her hand, "wait, maybe we should wait a day? To let his guard down."

                              orp : bc the time skip