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  • .: Brooklyn :.
    "I'm glad they have healthy choices," she smiled before digging into her salad. "Mhmm this is good!"


    • Chef Torro
      Not caring much about how much the boy wanted to be healthy, he dropped his order onto Tyler's plate.

      "Enjoy," he grunted with a fake smile.

      Chef Veronica
      "Well, the pecan pancakes obviously have pecans in it, and the oat muffins contain almond powder," she replied smiling. Veronica placed the order onto her tray.

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      • Krystal
        "Me too, I don't wanna get too fat by the end of this year!" I chuckled.


        • Tyler
          "Thank you! Not." He said quietly so no one could hear him
          He walked over to the back table next to an open window
          with a little breezy side and started to eat.

          Well, thank you for the information miss, and I think that this
          food will be as sweet as you," as she looked at the name tag of the lunch lady,
          she said," Thank you, Ms. Veronica!" With a smile to a return. She spotted these
          three girls and approached their table. For a moment she thought that was the cool table
          like in those movies. When she approached the girl with black hair, saying, "Me too, I don't wanna
          get to fat by the end of this year!" Kayla suddenly tapped on her shoulder and said,"Could I sit here with you
          guys?" She asked with a smile.ChloeDraws


          • .: Brooklyn :.
            "I'm sure you won't get fat but even if you did that'd be ok. You can't judge a book by its cover," she laughed before turning to Kayla. "Sure! Welcome to the table!"


            • Krystal
              I chuckled a little.
              "And your very welcome to sit with us," I replied to a red haired girl. She was quite pretty.


              • ORP: More and More Fun! (Plot Adds)
                I've decided to add a little more to this school with some drama and mystery.

                Chris gets called into the main office for something he didn't even do. (He's in trouble)
                Cam Boulder


                • Offended by this random kid’s comment, Christopher spoke up, not wanting anyone to believe he was not as smart as he considered himself. “Excuse me but I have to ask, how is thinking about various possibilities something shameful?” He asked, raising his voice slightly. “I mean, I get it, you expected me to think of the only possibility your tiny little brain could come up with, so you try to make me feel bad about that. Well guess what, what you should be ashamed of is how little capacity your brain has, don’t take it out of me,” he said as he dropped the case in front of him. Just as he finished this, he heard his name on the announcer.

                  “Now, if you excuse me, I have to go, there’s something more important to attend that… you,” he said inflecting disdain in the last word.

                  In no time, he was at the door of the principal’s office, and he didn’t hesitate to open it. “You wanted to see me, Clark?” He asked, leaning against the wall next to the door. Why on earth would he want to see him? He had no idea, but a small part of him was telling him it was because of his Great Entrance.
                  ORP: Sorry Fallen

                  After sitting down with her friends Evelyn began eating her fruit salad as if she hadn’t eaten in years, which luckily wasn’t true for her.

                  “You are right Brooklyn,” she said after swallowing a piece of her food, “you can’t really judge anyone without knowing them,” she commented, hoping that would be truth. “But I still don’t think getting fat is a good idea for us, we have to be super healthy and fit if we want to kick some ass in the future,” she rambled before noticing the girl next to their table.

                  “Oh hi there!” she greeted her. “What’s your name? I don’t think I’ve talked with you before.”

                  “A big appetite, I see,” Sam said with a small chuckle. “Well, if we take into account your powers then it makes perfect sense. But i have to warn you, my appetite is bigger that most Midgardians’,” he said, almost challenging him. “However, I doubt there will be any kind of grand celebration for the situation, it shall be considered simply as a bonding exercise by those who care about my residence in here.


                  • Superman
                    "Morning Christopher," he greeted Chris as he walked in. "Please take a seat. We have something very serious to talk about."


                    • ORP: How long is Lunch?
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                      • Kayla
                        "Thank you! I am Kayla and you guys are?" She said as she started to eat her toast.
                        TheBluGeekCam Boulder ​​​​​​@ChloeDraws
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                        • .: Brooklyn :.
                          "Brooklyn Rogers, it's nice to meet you Kayla," she smiled before taking a bite of her food.

                          .: Eddison :.
                          "Sounds fun. And y'know you can say humans right," he said curiously. "Midgardians sounds too special. Also I'm going to assume you are an alien since you used that word."


                          • Feeling confused by Superman’s behaviour, Christopher say down in front of him with a small frown. “What is so urgent, Clark? Is something wrong?” He asked. “I mean, I know this is probably important but it’s still too early and I haven’t had breakfast so you may understand why I’m asking this,” He babbled as he crossed his ankle over his knee and leaned back on the chair.

                            ”You can call me Evelyn,” she introduced herself. “It’s very nice to meet you, Kayla, how have you been?” She asked before taking a sip from her drink.

                            It took Oyarsa a few seconds to find her roommate, but after a while she finally found her sitting with other girls. “That’s where you went,” she said before looking at the other girls and giving them a smile.

                            “I find Midgardians to be a broader term, you can also apply it to non-humans and beings outside this planet that still inhabit this realm,” Sam explained. “And whereas I can be considered an alien if you consider an alien to be any outsider, I find the term Asgardians to apply better.”


                            • .: Eddison :.
                              "Asgardians, huh?" He said, thinking for a moment. "Oh! That's right!" He smiled. "You must be from Asgard, one of the Norse realms. I read about Asgard a while ago so that means.. you are a kid of a god right?"


                              • (ORP so there is not writing class )


                                I run into the cafeteria with messy hair , no makeup ,pajamas bottoms still on with a hangover and black circles under eyes .
                                I apologize for "the show" and stand at the end of the line .