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The Badboy Next Door

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    He laughed, "Well ain't that rude."


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      I sighed. "Can you please just leave me alone?"


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        "As if Daydream,"he laughed.
        That's when I had enough. I smacked him as hard as I can. It made a really loud pinging sound that everyone nearby turned around and saw what happened.
        They all gasped.


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          Some people start whistling and laughing and I hear someone yell, "SAVAGE!" from across the yard.

          I step backward and open my mouth to apologize, but Brad starts talking before I can say anything.

          "Ooh, you really are a feisty one, Daydream," he says with a laugh. I scowl. Can't he take anything seriously?

          I duck my head and run back into the Queen B's house. I need a drink... I think to myself. I told Suzy I wouldn't be drinking tonight, but honestly... I hadn't expected things to go like this. One drink then I decide I'm going to leave. I stopped by the drink table and took a cup, not even bothering to look what was inside it.

          As I stood there drinking, Veronica, the Queen B, came up to me.


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            She just stood there glaring at me for a good 5 minutes. Finally I turned to face her. "What do you want?" I snapped, exasperated. Her lip curled upwards as if the very thought of speaking to me made her sick. "I want you too back off. Brad is mine!"

            She tossed her hair in my direction and sashayed off. I hated it when she sashayed. I roll my eyes at her back. "I wasn't interested in him in the first place," I muttered.
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              She stopped walking and turned around and marched right up to me so close that I could smell her stupid perfume.
              "You weren't interested?"she asked.
              "YOU LIAR!" she screamed.
              "Since you denied that you were interested in him... "
              She slapped me. Like really super duper hard; so hard that my face started bleeding.
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                Um, shouldn't you make it a little more realistic? Not to be rude or anything, I'm just guessing that doesn't usually happen at high school parties.

              • COVERS_just_for_you
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                Yah, I'll change it.

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              I heard her 'humph' before stomping off with her heels.
              "Hey are you alright?" A boy asked next to me. I was starting to see stars.