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  • Gossip Girl {Official RPThread}

    *Gossip Girl Roleplay Thread*

    You have just started high school at River Valley High, which opened up during the summer.
    You, as are the other students, are very excited to start school, but become a little nervous after receiving texts
    from the anonymous Gossip Girl.

    Each week, and sometimes more often, Gossip Girl posts daily gossip and rumors about the students,
    ruthlessly tearing down their confidence, and reputations.
    Ten different students at the school are particularly threatened by Gossip Girl...
    1. The Artist / Artsy Guy or Girl - @Once Upon A Time
    2. The Player / The Flirt - @MusicalVoyager
    3. The Popular Girl (ONLY GIRLS) - @Ellaaaxp
    4. The Nerd / The Geek - @LHT
    5. The Goth / The Emo / The Rocker - @Erkia
    6. The Ditz - @Javertthejollywriter
    7. The Shy Guy / Girl- @CatterPieBlue
    8. The Athlete- @DNA7
    9. The Girl / Boy Next Door (Normal Person) -@Mia Turner
    10. The Fashionista / Lead Cheerleader (ONLY GIRLS)- Pettro33
    *NOTE* If you want to be a character in the story, go here!
    No one knows why these people are mainly targeted (Except Gossip Girl, of course.)
    But after forming alliances with each other, the girls vow to find out her secrets,
    and END her once and for all...


    Rules of the Gossip Girl Thread
    • You must send in one piece of gossip / a secret about yourself once a week. Each week, you must make up a piece of gossip about your character and send it in on the form listed at the bottom of the thread. Gossip Girl will choose one or more pieces of gossip you have sent in, and send it to the whole school!!! If you skip a week, you will be severely punished by gossip girl; she will start a rumor text about you, which will then become a fact about your character. (If you can't be on the thread to post a piece of gossip, tell me within a week's notice and you will be excused. NO LYING...Or else...)
    • Gossip Girl is me, but not on the thread. I will be sending texts from Gossip Girl to you guys on the thread... but I am not Gossip Girl AT ALL! I have made several characters you will meet during the role play, and one of them could be Gossip Girl!!!
    • Don't Hate, Appreciate! Sorry if your gossip was picked that week, but that's life. Please don't hate on me or anyone else because of this.
    • Feel Free to GOSSIP! On this thread, you are a new person, a new character! Change your personality how ever you want!!!

    Faceclaims -

    Gossip Form -

    See you soon!!!


    __________________________________________________ ______________________________________________

    We will start at the first day of school. None of the girls have heard from Gossip Girl... YET!
    Everyone please send in your very first piece of gossip on the gossip sharing thread. It needs to be juicy!
    Submit it hopefully by tomorrow Aug. 8th 2017!

    __________________________________________________ ________________________________________________

    Tagging Users:
    - Erkia

    - Once Upon A Time

    ​​​​​​​- MusicalVoyager

    - Ellaaaxp

    - LHT

    ​​​​​​​- Javertthejollywriter

    ​​​​​​​- CatterPie_Blue

    ​​​​​​​- DNA7

    - Mia Turner

    - Pettro33

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    Welcome to the school, students!
    For some of you , it is your first time, and I wish you luck, and hope you exel at River Valley High.
    Have a fun, educational year!


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      I roll my eyes. Not likely.


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        ~Asher Brooks~
        I notice a girl with multi colored hair. She's pretty hot, and her nose ring gives her an edgy look. I approach her. Maybe I can add her to my collection of broken hearts.
        "Hey, nose ring," I call.



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          "Don't talk to me," I deadpan. "Unless you want to chat about Dan and Phil or MCR, I can't help you."


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            *muttering to self* MCR, huh...


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              I can't get my locker open. What was the code? In a futile attempt, I shake the lock more and more and more.


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                "Besides," I say. "You would not want to sleep with me if you knew..."


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                  Beginning of school. Wow, it's school again? I was enjoying holidays and now badck to this "cage". At least I can show school I have a sense of fashion. I picked a very cool outfit, what matches me very well. I was going through hall and I saw some people from last year. I waved at some of them. I am trying to be friendly. At least if they don't look horrible.


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                    I open my locker grabbing my books for first period. Another ordinary and boring year of high school. I sigh.


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                      As I'm waiting for him to respond, my mind wanders. I notice someone staring at me with a disgusted look on their face. Do they know? My heart starts racing. If someone finds out I'll be dead. Actually, scratch that. I'll be even more emo then I already am, if possible. Nobody can know. Actually, maybe it was just the hair. Or nose ring. DNA7
                      Last edited by Erkia; 08-05-2017, 11:28 PM.


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                        "He-llo River Valley High." She said strutting in the hall. She viewed a person who needed help opening their locker. "Don't feel like helping." She looked at a guy who was flirting with a girl, she walked up and said, "Let's make it clear, I'm the number flirt here, okay?"

                        // EpisodeGirl5678 Erkia


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                          "Another year of Valley High which means another year of seeing her again" Simon silently mutters to himself while walking through the hallway of the school.

                          Hoping this year would be different and he would get her attention this year.As he's been crushing on the girl since freshman year, but was way too shy to talk to her then
                          Last edited by LHT; 08-06-2017, 04:40 AM.


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                            Laura Davidson.jpg LAURA DAVIDSON

                            I walk into school confidently with a seductive look on my face. My hair is curled, and my makeup is flawless. I blow a kiss at some nerd that looks like he's gonna hurl. I approach Skye, another popular, and Cassanita, a flirt.


                            Last edited by EpisodeGirl5678; 08-06-2017, 06:22 AM.


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                              ASHER BROOKS
                              I roll my eyes. Playing hard to get, I see.
                              A random chick scowls at us, and says, "Let's make it clear, I'm the number flirt here, okay?"
                              I roll my eyes. Like I would want to sleep with her. I don't do bossy.

                              I turn back to nose ring. "You'll want me soon enough" I warn her.

                              Erkia MusicalVoyager