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    So I know there's a few rp's going on right now, but don't worry, I will spend a long time deciding on which one to actually do and plus the sign up process so it won't actually start anytime soon. So I have a sg going on right now but I also want to start a rp too. I've had some ideas in the past, and didn't know which one people would actually like, so I'll list them here and you can vote for the ones you like. I'm keeping it as multiple choice but please just don't vote for all the choices. If you are waiting for Warring Kingdoms or Fortuna to start, sorry to tell you but I probably won't continue on with it as there weren't enough people signing up. However, if enough interest generates from this then I might do it again however I most likely will start over.

    Here are the options in detail:

    Warring Kingdoms:

    The Kingdom of Camelia. A kingdom in the West. Famous for the fierce fighters that were born there, willing to fight for their country even if it means death. With large areas of land covered in tall mountains, it is said to be the barrier that no one can cross.

    The Kingdom of Orchaia. A kingdom in the East. Famous for the way they welcome anyone with open arms and the peacefulness of the people living there. With beautiful scenery all around the kingdom, it is said to be the place everyone must see in their life.

    One slight misunderstanding caused by a much darker power behind them causes the two kingdoms to go to war, and as a part of your kingdom, you will do anything to stop it and bring them back to what they once were.

    Fortuna School for Royals and Nobles:

    Dear Your Highness/Mister/Madame,

    Than you for your interest to enrol your son/daughter into Fortuna School for Royals and Nobles. At our school, your son/daughter will learn all the skills needed in the future when they take on your role, whether it be leading a country or helping those leading a country. At our school, your son/daughter will also have the opportunity to find their one true love that will be their partner in the future. You will also have the chance to help your son/daughter if they fail to do so themselves. At our school, your son/daughter will receive the best education there is.

    Once again, thank you for expressing your interest!

    Best regards,

    The Principle


    There are 7 billion humans in this world. We meet 10,000 people in a lifetime. Only one of them is the one destined to be with you. "The world is black and white until you meet your soulmate. Maybe the world turns to colour the first time you see them. Maybe it’s the first or hundredth time you touch them. Or maybe it’s after years of knowing them and the world turns to colour slowly and everything falls into place."

    I know it's a very vague description but basically characters finding their soulmates and stuff.

    Past Lives:

    Eight people. One dream. All calling them to one place. When the eight of them meet at the little cafe, they find out they aren't who they seem to be. Discovering the stories of their past lives, they work together to find out who they were in those tragic stories and finally be together with the one they are destined to be.

    Sorry for another vague description but basically I will use 4 historically famous couples (I'm thinking of Xiang Yu & Consort Yu and Cleopatra & Anthony plus two more couples) that had tragic endings and each of the characters will be one of them in their past life, and will have to figure out who they are and be together.


    Don't have a full on description of this yet but basically a school where there are different departments of learning (acting, dancing, music, design etc) and students go there in hopes of becoming famous.

    The Iron Bond:

    In (place name to be decided), two exciting things happen to everyone's lives: one is when everyone receives their talents from the gods of (place name) when they turn 16, and one is when the selected lucky few gets to visit the gods of (place name). These are the things each member of the society looks forwards to. However, little do they know: the gods aren't real, the powers are just to fight against the enemies of (place name) and the rebellious ones within the society where they could die at any moment, and the "lucky" people are sent off by the government to get killed because their talents are either too ineffective for any use or too powerful to control.

    In (place name) however, resides a group called "The Iron Bond" in which the members identify by iron rings. They work together to fight against the government. Will you find out what the government is hiding and reveal their secrets and lies?

    Half Angel Half Demon:

    Before humans, there were angels and demons who roamed the land. After one great battle between the angels and demons, they ceased to exist. Centuries later, only myths remain. As challenges and problems rise, the characters slowly discovers their true heritage (of being half angel / demon). Will another great battle happen once more, or will everyone live in peace?


    No exact description but a society where there are normal people and 'gifted' people who has control over one of the four elements (fire, water, earth, air). However some people developed to have control over two elements, and while some oblivious people got taken to the government to train to fight, often for wrong purposes, while others got recruited by a secret group to rescue those taken by the government.


    This is pretty self explanatory if you have read Cassandra Clare's books but basically a rp in that setting.

    Willow Town:

    Willow Town has been long governed by a line of nobles, the Willows. It's a peaceful little town, however things go crazy when sudden unexplained deaths occur in town.

    I know this is yet another very vague description but this involves vampires and stuff.


    No exact description but the characters are on a cruise ship and they go travel together. RP will be half on the cruise ship and half at places all around the world.

    Stars Align:

    Inspired by Fighter of Destiny (the concept of the storyline was good but the show was bad, although it had Luhan in it)

    Everyone has a soul, the only difference is to what extent do you use it. There are 9 stages:

    Cantrip -- simple tricks of the eye
    Incantator -- able to do small tricks
    Star gazer -- can tie their soul to a star
    Thaumaturge -- can use the elements of nature
    Hex -- can cast magic spells
    Channeller -- can channel magic to and from other objects or beings
    Sorcerer(ess) -- can make their own spells
    Celestial -- powerful enough to be godlike
    God(ess) -- literally a god(ess)

    Of course, there are the simple people that don't have any aspirations to have any magical power.

    There will be 3 different schools where the character can train in (more details later) and also a skills competition with a ranking system (or not).

    This is multiple choice so you can pick more than one (:

    Thank you
    Warring Kingdoms
    Fortuna School for Royals and Nobles
    Past Lives
    The Iron Bond
    Half Angel Half Demon
    Willow Town
    Stars Align
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    Although I low-key hate this sometimes but just gonna tag some people:
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    Once again sorry for bothering you (:
    Also, I have a spot opened up in my SG Crime Scene, so if you want to take the role of the Investor please say so (:


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