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Galileo School of Magic ~ OFFICIAL ROLE PLAY ~

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  • Galileo School of Magic ~ OFFICIAL ROLE PLAY ~

    And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.

    It's the First Day of School, you're all unpacked and ready to explore the school. Classes are canceled today for "weather" reasons. I guess you'll find out your Mage - Class

    For the school, just place things where ever, it's magic is going to change anyway. If you aren't sure if the school has it, then it most likely does. School rules? The only one that affects you is that you can't leave campus.

    Reminders : It's your first year (of four!). You are Mages, different from Wizards / Witches, you use hands symbols,wands and staffs to make magic circles (THIS) So no fancy words that don't make sense. As of now, you know basic hand magic, like levitation, transformation etc. You don't have a staff yet, only masters get staffs.

    Also don't control / start your plot add's yet. I'll let you know when it happens (evil laugh)

    Rules :
    1. No OP Characters.
    2. No Sex scenes
    3. No leaving campus
    4. No controlling other characters.
    5. No Ditching Characters until 36 hours have passed.

    (Also if you were wondering what I got my powers from and what i'm basing the actions / personalities off here is that link!)

    Also MotherFricknut is Co - Owner because she is bae <3
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      She takes a deep breathe, then she walks into the school. This is my chance, to be me. She thought.

      He doesn't hesitate, he just walks into the school, like it's no big deal.

      ORP: both approachable!!


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        ~ Suzy - Sue ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

        "Look who walks around like he owns the school!" Suz compliments some random guy, "You got alot of pep in your step boy."

        ORP : Uriah Ellaaaxp


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          Parker immediately headed to the library. He pulled out a book, and climbed up the wall to a high window sill, and decided to read there.


          Tara wandered the halls, lost in thought. She noticed odd cracks or small engravings in the walls, and hall measurements.

          OOC: Both approachable!


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            ~ Dinu ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

            Dinu sits in the library and sees a boy head up to a high window sill, that such a great idea, "Hey, nice idea." Dinu walks over to the window sill, "The light is perfect for reading." He hops up on the sill as well, "I'm Dinu."

            ORP : Parker SillyCupcake22233


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              I sit in the cafeteria awkwardly.


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                Cassandra Shade (Location: In the hallways)

                I grin, chewing my stale piece of gum, while elbowing my brother in the ribs.
                "Adrien." I whisper, "Adrien..."
                No response. My brother was too busy listening to music and was deep in thought. He closes his eyes as if ignoring me.
                "Adrien..!" I sing cheerfully. "Open your eyes and see the wonderful world around us!" I throw my arms out as to gesture the wonderfulness of it all. And end up smacking him in the face.
                On the flip side, I did manage to make him open his piercing blue eyes. If only to glare a me. He closes them again.
                I huff, annoyed. "Adrien... Adrien." I warn. "Don't make me..!" No response. I tug on his earbuds to pull it out. Adrien's eyes flip open as if to shout at me, but he never gets the chance.
                His earbuds go flying out of my hands, and lands in the floor a few feet away from us. I feign innocence. "...Whoops again!" I say.

                Adrien Shade (Location: In the hallways)

                One Word. Or actually, a few words. My. Sister. Is. Annoying. As. Hell. But that's why I love her.
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                "Parker." He replies, setting down the book. "So, what brings you here?" He asked.

                As Tara walked the halls, she saw two people talking. Based on their body language they were really close. Either siblings or dating. She walked up to them. She noticed the headphones on the floor. One point seven feet away from them. She knelt down and picked up the headphones. "I'm Tara." She said, holding out the headphones.

                Once Upon A Time


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                  "Didn't mean for it to seem that way.." He put his hands in his pockets, awkwardly.


                  She starts walking down the hallways and sees a boy (Adrien). "Hey." She says, smiling.

                  Once Upon A Time


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                    She plugged in her headphone cord to her freestyle and heard the sweet and familiar tones of Beethovens Piano Sonata no. 5 in C minor. The freestyle was at least twenty years old by now, and used to be her mothers, but neither of them were sloppy, and didn't break things, so it still looked brand new. Still, Noora knew how old and out of fashion it was, so she hid it under her skirt. This was a brand new school, and she didn't want people to have a reason not to like her already. She had arrived a bit earlier than she was supposed to, but she wanted to explore the school before hoards of other people would disturb her. She had stopped looking around once she found the library, and she had picked a book she found interesting and started reading it. She now sat in a chair as far from the more popular bookcases she could, but she began to see people coming closer. She began to think of things she could say to them if they came close enough to talk to her.


                    He quickly wiped his tears away once he reached the school. It had been a surprisingly tearful goodbye between him and Charlotte, they weren't people who usually showed their feelings, and they both knew they would see each other again soon, but they still cried. Xander didn't know how he would make it without her, but he knew how disappointed she would be in him if he returned home without giving this school a real shot. He pulled his diary out of his backpack and sat down on the ground in front of the school, he didn't feel like going inside yet. The diary had been given to him by his psychiatrist to write down all of his feelings in, but Xander found that ridiculous. He used it to doodle in, instead. He started drawing a huge eye and a tear under it. He was pretty pleased with it, but it needed more detail.

                    ORP: Both approachable
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                      ~ Suzy - Sue ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                      "Chill out dude." Suzy shrugs, "I'm telling you in an non direct way, you look the least nervous out of all of us." She giggles

                      ~ Dinu ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                      "Well, I wanted to get start on my reading before classes." Dinu pulls out his bag, pulling out 15 or so miniature books, "I've picked every single mage class there is, just so I am prepared when chosen, I am like so excited though." He enlarges one book, and opens it, "Like look at all these cool spells for Pyromancer - Fire wheels, wings of fire? I think I might be in love."


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                        Parker laughed. "That's pretty smart. I'm assuming you want to be a pyromancer?" He asked


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                          Cassandra Shade

                          As Adrien glares at me once again, I notice a blond haired girl pick up the earbuds, then walking towards us.
                          "Smile!" I mutter to Adrien. "Someone's walking this way!"
                          He groans while I plaster a huge grin on my face. I was going to make friends, and I wasn't about to let Adrien's grumpiness get in my way. The girl offers the headphones, then says "I'm Tara."
                          "I'm Cassandra!" I exclaim loudly. "Thanks for getting the headphones." I punch Adrien lightly. "And this frowning person right here is my dear older twin brother Adrien that has never smiled once in his life."
                          I bump Adrien. "Say 'hi'!" I whisper to him.
                          "Uh. Hi." He grumbles out.


                          Adrien Shade

                          Just like my sister, I think, forcing me to be social. I roll my eyes as my sister chatters on to the blond haired girl. I take my headphones out of my sister's hand and plug it back in my phone. As I begin scrolling through my playlist, another girl approaches me.
                          "Hey," the girl says, smiling. I raise my eyebrows surprise. Who would've thought people would actually approach me? Unplugging the headphones once again, I tuck them in my jacket.
                          "Hi..?" I respond. I hear my sister nudge me again, muttering, "Smile."
                          I attempt a weak smile at the girl.

                          ORP: Ellaaaxp
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                          Tara laughs, glancing at Cassandra's brother. Then, she looked back at Cassandra again. "Nice to meet you."