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Galileo School of Magic ~ OFFICIAL ROLE PLAY ~

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  • .: Luther :.
    "Do I have to?" He rolled his eyes, acting bored and uninterested. "I really don't know if hunting people can fit in my schedule."

    ORP: Priorties


    • AKRSNA

      "Its called multi-tasking." Arksna rolls his eyes


      • ~ Bad News ~

        I've decided I am going to end Galileo before the move. So that I can make a second in the future.

        ~ Good News ~

        I am going to put almost all my 'cards' on the table

        (Slowly Posting Unposted Scenes)


        • The Election :

          The Election between Grant and Lucas clearly showed who was favored to win. Grant was favored, but . . . it was a tie.
          Now how could that be?

          Now with two headmasters, the school was very split. Most of the older kids loved Grant, whereas most of the first years liked Aristotle. Even with all his secrets he clearly protected them several times. To screw with Aristotle, Grant publicly reveals that Aristotle has a secret army of students.

          Post Election :

          Haley (preferably) and maybe two others return to the caves to find out answers. They find Thea, chained to a wall by her arms, feet and neck. She's obviously been down here for awhile, but most importantly she's no longer blue. To torture Haley (idealy she liked Grant), she reveals he is the one who payed for her hit. . .

          Idealy Oliver or Cousin would find out about their father's (uncles) secret dealings with the Talons through something or someone.

          Grant pays for the Talon's. He earned his money illegally and has only been in power to cover up Talon's members deaths / murders and secrets.


          • Meanwhile

            Luther with Arksna would be finding out what students know, so he shrink the circle that knows the Talons are ruling the school. Askrna would eventually ask Luther to report to him any known members of Aristotle's army . . . and well, Robin is one. (Hopefully there will be like this whole drama I love you scene before they make up kiss [hopefully?? D:])

            Aaron, being a spy and ol, reports to the Dracomancers about the school falling appart. . .maybe Simon attacks again? Maybe Aaron goes to help him revive the grant dragon . . . hadn't decided yet.

            Jack would break the man free of the ice. The carcus would fall the ground, and Kari would like magically take place of that body. Kari, is a Dorderra who was sealed away in Ice because he's a psycho, and it was Jacks' ancesetors that locked him there, thus only Jack could break him free. He attacks and such . . . maybe attacks the school? maybe Jack locks him back up? or he goes off to revive more Dorderras. Or even goes to Arksna <- if that one, Arksna would be forced to lock him up / kill him again.

            Amalia is about to be sacrificed, but something goes wrong and Atalo is killed. Azura goes crazy, and Amalia stops her. Azura returns to 'normal' having been under a influence like Amalia was. . . or is that just another lie


            • Somehow . . . either

              A) Group plans to destroy Aristotle
              B) kill Aristotle
              C) confront him as a group

              either way right before the group (s?) do, Suzy - Sue appears and tells them not to do it. Aristotle is amused at this, mainly because he had figured the real Suzy - Sue was still alive. Suzy - Sue explains to the group that she didn't die, it was a future version of her that attempted to change the future. That michi was her future self. So future Suzy handed Suzy a note, with a Tempumancer book and is trying to prevent the future. The body disappeared because Suzy - Sue changed the future, and could do so without the Talons worrying about Suzy - Sue snooping around. The old future, she explains, the Talons destroy the world . . .

              Aristotle is the only one who can stop them . . .