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Lightfold High ~ OFFICIAL THREAD

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  • Lightfold High ~ OFFICIAL THREAD


    The end of earth is coming

    December 27, 2078 - Four horses rode into Chicago today, all with dead bodies riding them.

    January 3rd, 2079 - We have just gotten the official release of the names and situation that occurred in Chicago. one white horse with a crown nailed into it's body and the body of X - Football Star Bowtian roped onto the horse. The Second, x - president Jackson was roped onto the horse carrying a large sword. That horse was dyed red in the blood of a missing child. DNA confirms that. Then there was a black horse, which was ridden by the famous swimmer, Jessica Robins, who vanished 6 years ago. Then a grey horse, who was ridden by Triton Fanshi, famous x -dictator of Costa Packa who vanished 6 months ago. Some rejoice upon his death, as his nickname was 'death' It's officially a nation of panic, school is canceled.

    February 2nd, 2079 - The 10th instance of this 'death rider' has occurred, once again in the United States with a small town called 'Lightfold'. This is the first town in which the population is below 1000 has had a instance with the 'death rider' murderer (s). People all around the world are saying a hooded figure 'death' took their family members. We have not confirmed this.

    July 2nd, 2079 - It's been 5 whole months with no horse killings, some say that god has corrected the error, and that earth will be alive for years to come.

    September 7th, 2079 - School is starting again all around the world, must of been a one time thing.

    Heaven and Hell are falling apart, Death is killing people left and right, he's causing the apocalypse. Demons and Angels have been sent to earth to judge those before death. They are told not to make connections to the humans, as they are going to die soon, but this is a second chance at life, love, friendship and to truly be a human. Are you able to stick to the rule?

    This takes place in Lightfold High School, where demons and angels are 'spying' in the students. I have lots of plans for this.

    Rules / Notes
    ~ Sign Ups are always open LINK ~
    ~ Humans do not know about Angels / Demons ~
    ~ Angels do not have wings, Demons do not have horns / tails ~

    ANGELS : Immortality* , Cause humans to pass out, High Stamina, Voice Mimicry

    DEMONS : Immortality*, Cause humans to temporarily follow their command**, High Strength, Illusions

    Now if you really want me to go into detail. Immortality is where you can't die, but when you die, the head angel knows and so does god / satan. That's a bad idea!
    Humans will pass out for like 10 minutes or so, run for like really long time at an easy pace, mimic anyones voice.
    following voice command is like 2 minutes or so, and they remember it but unsure why they did so. Don't go crazy,
    For the strength, it's their weight they can lift.
    Illusions don't work on angels very well, but great on humans.

    Ta ~ Da
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    It's the first day of school! Yay? Way to many new students? What's up with that. And some, some look familiar. . . very familiar.

    (Because classes are a hassle to make there is none for now!)

    Angels DO NOT know who is a demon or not. Angels are naturally drawn away from demons, and vice versa. Both sides know Angels / Demons are at the school as well.


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      Lol okay


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      Also, when you get to the face claims, could you add Chastity's necklace? I have a picture so just let me know if it's okay and I'll give it to you.

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      Its okay. Send it or comment it if I dont already have it

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    And Alissa is leaving the forums, her characters are adoptable
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      ~ Oceania ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      "Hellooooo high school!" Oceania steps onto campus, "This is going to be like every other year. Great. SO very great. I should be a senior because this school is like mine."

      ORP : Approachable


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        She walks out of the carehome, after checking that no one was watching her. She walks onto campus and sees other students arrive. To her, it was just another ordinary day, ordinary year. But soon she will find that she is very much mistaken. She walks to her locker and stands alone, getting what she needed from her locker.

        ORP: approachable!


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          ~ Anton ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

          Anton sees Adeline standing alone by her locker, he walks up to Adeline and pops his lips, "What up bby."

          ORP : Ellaaaxp , Adeline


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            Mallory (it says Adriata in the faceclaims, for some reason) Fox

            A cocky smile graced Mallory's face as she walked across the grounds- well, sashaying would be a better word for it. And why not? Freshman year had been easy, and so had sophomore year. Even though she was merely 16 years old compared to some of the seniors' 18, she was smart enough to have been in college for a while already. She deserved to be a queen of this school.

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              fixed thank you for letting me know

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            I enter the school and breath in the air. Being alive again was interesting. It was like being me again. Time for a new start T.
            I was walking around and then accidentally bumped into a blonde haired girl (Mallory).
            "Sorry!" I apologize.

            School. Not the best thing but whatevs.
            ORP: Approachable

            Being alive again was weird, by with Powers? Even though it was great, what was I even looking forward to?
            I sighed and entered.
            ORP: Alive and approachable

            Yay? Nay? School? Not my thing? I entered school happily.
            ORP: Approachable


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              Mallory Fox

              She dusted off her jacket and skirt, before frowning at the girl who had bumped into her. "I'm not mad, but you should watch where you're going," she told her, placing her hands on her hips. "There are some pretty mean people here, you know."



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                "Oh, I am terribly sorry. And yes, there probably is," I gulped knowing there were demons around here somewhere.


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                  Mallory Fox

                  "Well, good." She paused. "I've never seen you around here. Are you new?" Despite looking very youthful and bright, something about her seemed very sad and tired, as if she had seen and been through more than any teenager should.



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                    I sigh as I walk into the school. Although I did fine in school before I died, I still wasn't looking forward to the daily grind. But this time would be different. My last life was just bad, bad luck.

                    ORP: Approachable

                    I head over to my locker and wait for some friendly faces to show up. School is kinda just "eh" to me. You can talk to people in school, but you can talk to people outside of school too, so...

                    ORP: Approachable
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                      He walked onto campus, his face buried in a copy of a book that seemed slightly worn and he had headphones on over his ears and was nodding in tune to the song he was listening to. He glanced up occasionally to make sure he didn't crash into people but was still distracted to the point where he ran into a locker at one point and apologized without looking up once.

                      Ugh, this school was a mess. Completely disgusting- it was like the people here knew nothing about fashion or hygiene or...anything! She couldn't believe she had to be here of all places- she was clearly the only one looking even partially presentable at all and of course, she was fabulous. She walked through the halls, sunglasses on and checked her phone, trying to pretend that all the nobodies around her didn't exist.

                      ORP: both approachable!


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                        I walk onto the campus, excited for the new year. I am suddenly disgusted by the way people dressed. I stand out slightly in my designer clothes but I saw another person with the same sunglasses as me. "Ugh, I'm happy someone isn't a peasant"

                        OOC: Mehek And did we both do the same stereotype xD

                        I walk into the dirty school, it looked pretty chill, I found a wall to lean against and I lit up a cigarette.

                        OOC: Kaleb is approachable


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                          "That makes one of us." She said to the other girl with a slight smirk. This was her way of testing the other girl- if she freaked, she was a loser. If she had a comeback, she was a b*tch, but someone who was at the very least less gross than most of this hellhole.

                          ORP: Mia the Duckling