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  • Twins ~RP Official Thread~

    “Welcome everyone to the Special Twins Advanced Research Center, or S.T.A.R Center.” A man, wearing a fancy suit and sunglasses said, as you walk off the plane. “Please follow me.” He turned to walk toward the large building.

    “I’m sure you are wondering why you are here.” He said as he walked. “It is because we need your help. I’m sure you’ve all heard about the myths of the Voss Sisters. Well, they are all true.” He explained. The majority of you gasp because of a mixture of confusion, worry and intrigue.

    “And you are special just like them.”

    Welcome finally to the official thread of Twins!

    1- No OP/Godmodding
    2- Please keep swearing and sex scenes to a minimum
    3- Be as active as possible, and notify me if you will ever be gone for a long period of time.
    4- No killing/controlling other characters without permission from their owner and me

    If you go inactive for 3+ Days, I’ll start controlling your character to keep it fair for your twin. If you are still inactive for 7+ Days I’ll still control your character AND put them up for adoption. After 12+ Days, if nobody adopts your character, they will be killed off. (But don’t worry, I will work my magic to make sure it doesn’t to majorly hurt your twin)

    If you tell me that you’ll be gone for a vacation or something, you automatically give permission to me to control your character: I will never do anything extreme, but just keep it fair for your twin.

    I’m sure I forgot something, but it should be fine. You all know how to act in a RP.

    Also, NPCs are all welcomed to be controlled (Unless I say otherwise) besides the Voss Sisters


    (Look at the Faceclaims (

    Without further ado, let’s begin!

    The man ushered the teenagers in the building and through the maze like hallways to find another group of people and a woman waiting there.

    The woman smiled when they walked in. “Look who finally decided to show up. It’s about time you met your other halves or thirds.”
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    ~Tagging People~
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      You forgot me

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      EpisodeGirl5678 I’m sorry, but you never responded when I asked who was still participating. I thought you had disappeared and I didn’t want to pair anyone up with someone who’d already be inactive. Again, I’m sorry and I’ll see what I can maybe do.

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    Peter Harrison and Yvette Clive

    After introducing everyone to their twins, they left everyone to meet and Peter ushered Yvette into the other room. He spoke quietly to try to avoid people listening.

    “Go get Patrícia. We should start training right now before the Voss Sisters catch on” He announced. Yvette looked at him with disapproval. “No. We have to let them acquaint themselves! They just barely figured out that they are twins. How do you expect them to learn their powers if they don’t know each other!”

    “Fine Yvette. But if they killed by the Voss’s it is on your head.” He said, walking away in a huff


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      Andromeda Ru

      A twin..? I have a twin..? My jaw opens in disbelief, as my eyes widen. I think back to all the tales I've ever heard about the Voss Sisters. And all of them are true... of course they are Andromeda! I scolded myself. You're suppose to know everything..! I lift my head up high, and throw my shoulders back, trying to keep a clear head even though I'm failing at doing so. Thoughts scattered in my brain, eyes scanning the crowd. Where was my twin? I grimaced. I hoped my twin wasn't going to be dragging me down. A few seconds later, my eyes caught my twin's. I quickly stroll towards her, my hand outstretched. "Andromeda Ru. You?" My eyes sweep over her, carefully studying her body language. I didn't know what to think of her yet.
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        Once, you forgot to tag me -_-

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        Sorry I'll remember next time.

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      .: Paxton :.
      Im a twin.. He thought, taking it all in. The Voss sisters myths are all true and I'm a twin. He could barely hold on his confusion and turned to his twin. I can see some resemblance between us. "Hi, I'm Paxton," he said with a hint of excitement. "It's nice to meet you," he tried giving off a friendly smile but felt it was a bit too.. aggressive. I've had a secret twin my entire life.


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      ORP: Oh I forgot to mention! If you for any reason don’t like your powers; First you and your twin (or triplets) can switch powers in your grouping if you agree to and tell me OR you can switch powers with another pair of twins if ALL of you agree. However, this offer won’t last long so be fast.

      Also, if you have any questions about your powers PLEASE ask.


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        A twin? Godric didn't know how to feel. Sure, he had found out that his "mother" wasn't really his biological mother, but he still considered her as his mother and her children as his siblings. Having a biological sibling, a twin changed things. However, that didn't mean he wasn't excited at the idea of having a twin, after all what could be better than having someone like him? Someone his age who would be with him? That didn't sound bad at all. He studied his twin before waving at the girl with a smile in his face, not sure if she knew sign language.


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        Yay?! A twin sounded great, but at the same time, scary. I walked around looking for my half or twin. I then I walked around and then found a boy.(Jaeden)
        "Hi!" I sighed smiling.
        ORP: laughingaleksiel I love Jaeden's face claim of Seonho...

        Hands in my pockets, and I walked around casually looking for my twin or triplets.
        ORP: Approachable


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          Iris Trinh

          She looked around, her hands folded complacently in front of her. Though her expression was serene, her heart was racing. Voss Sisters? Twins?! she thought to herself, panicking. She'd thought those had all just been myths that parents told their kids in order to make them behave, but no- apparently the criminal sisters were real, and she was just like them. Oh dear... who could my twin be, I wonder? Or even- triplets?

          ORP: Approachable


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            She looked around for a bit for her twin and jumped slightly as she heard a voice behind her. She turned around to face the boy and smiled brightly. "Hi Paxton! I'm Cathy, it's amazing to finally meet you!" She was actually pretty excited about having a twin she'd never known about- it sounded like something just out of a book, perhaps The Alchemyst or something she couldn't quite remember the name of. He seemed nice enough, she hoped he'd be a better brother than her adoptive one though- she didn't want to deal with the Voss sisters or whatever was happening with someone who wouldn't talk to her. She shook the thought aside though. "So are you excited to be here?" She asked him.

            ORP: TheBluGeek


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              .: Paxton :.
              "Slightly," he said rubbing his arm. "I mean I didn't expect it to be this life changing. I had a twin all this time and I never even knew it," he answered. "Plus the Voss sisters were.. all the things they did are true. I honestly had thought it was just rumors."


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              Twin. The word echoed in her mind, repeating itself over and over until the true magnitude of the of the situation finally hit her. She, Emilia Soleil, had a sibling, but not just any kind of sibling. She had another person just like her who was her biological counterpart. She grinned widely, overcome with glee and excitement. It was as if her wish finally came true. But wait, being a special twin meant that she had powers like the Voss sisters did. That was definitely something she would have to get used to. Emmy found herself alone in the middle of the room and scanned the room, looking for her twin. She spotted a boy waving to her and caught his eye. All at once, a rush of dread ran through her entire body though she disguised it with a small smile. What if he doesn't like me? What if we don't hit it off? What if we become those kinds of siblings that fall out with each other and never say a word? She took a deep breath, calming her nerves, and slowly walked over to Godric. "Hi," she said softly. "My name's Emilia, and I guess you're my twin."

              Cam Boulder


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                I walk around, searching for my twin. I spot a girl with curly hair standing around and approach her. "Hey! I'm Derek."

                I see a girl with a serene look on her face. She looks so innocent, I think to myself. But I suppose I can't pick my twin. I walk over to her and tap her on the shoulder. "Hey, bitch!"


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                  "I- excuse me?" she asked, turning around. Her serene expression dissolved into offended confusion. "I'm sorry, but what did you say?" She was well aware of how her words might be offensive, but she was genuinely confused and didn't even care. Who calls people a b*tch when they meet them?!



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                    "What do think?" I laugh lightly. "I'm Lucy. You are...?" Of course I knew her name, but I wanted to see how she would react.