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  • l| Nathaniel |l
    Son of Nemesis and Erebus

    "What do I want?" He asked as his former smile curved into a frown. He was a bit perplexed at how this girl had managed to guess his intentions weren't for friendly chit chat but for his own benefit. "I simply wish to talk and converse with you," he answered without being fazed at all. Nathaniel had gotten used to lying to people, it was what he was trained for by his parents after all and it had been a... habit of his ever since. What was a small lie if it helped him reach his and his parent's goal? "Why? Do I seem sarcastic or bored?" Nathaniel asked Ashlynn, curious if his facial expressions or speech had portrayed some sort of negative emotion. He certainly didn't want to lose a potentially good connection this fast. The social ladder was made of whoever was connected to who after all, and he intended to climb to the top.

    ORP: Sorry for being inactive and for this being so short!


    • Ebony

      "Me too," she admitted. "Did you read myths a lot? How does it feel knowing that the things in them actually exist?" she asked.

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      • Quinten Lyrca

        He was sure Mel saw his hesitation when talking about his goals. Quinten was however relieved when Mel didn't question him about it, he didn't want to lie more than he had to. Basic goals this year? Her goals were certainly... interesting. When he notices Mel's strong negative reaction about this school, he creases is brows in disbelief. "Burn this place?" He asks incredulously, curiosity arising. "Why?"


        • ~ Mel ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

          "Everyone here is mean, crazy or just stupid and they blame it on their lack of parent guidence." She rolls her eyes, I believe you are a hypocrite her thoughts tell her, "I once met a kid who wanted to punch my jaw out because I pranked him. Can you believe that?" Mel may have broken his jaw during the prank. Eye for an eye they say, "Nevertheless, its something you are bound to experience. Just wait till your first kiss here, and the next thing you know, its the gladiator battles all over again. That would be actually super cool to watch.'