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  • ~Fairy Tale-d~ {OFFICIAL RP THREAD}


    Congratulations! You have been accepted to Once Upon A High, the school especially for the offspring of the famous fairy tale characters!

    There is a dark magic lurking around Once Upon A High.
    Secret romances, flipping the script,
    What will happen in your years at fairy tale high?

    1. If you are going to swear, use *'s, please. Sex scenes are allowed, but no rape, and the scenes can't be SUPER disturbing and descriptive.
    2. Try to be active at least once every two days, tell me if you will be absent for a long period of time. If you haven't been active for over 2 weeks, and you haven't told me anything, then I will put your RP character up for adoption, or kill them off.
    3. No God modding or Mary Sues. You must receive permission from the other character if you want to kill their character.
    4. No MAJOR plot twists, only I can do plot twists (sorry). You have to ask me first before a major plot twist.
    5. Have fun, and be respectful and kind!
    Sign ups are still available!:


    The Bulletin :

    The Guidebook:

    The role play starts off with your character(s) receiving a letter that says they have been accepted to OUH (Once Upon A High). How do they react? Do they want to go?
    I will post the invitation's words below.

    Happy Roleplaying!
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    donutlover05 laughingaleksiel DanicaBescae Ellaaaxp ChloeDraws Chidimma
    The roleplay has started!


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      You forgot me.

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      Kittenlove I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry! How can I make it up to you?

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    Congratulations! You have been accepted into Once Upon A High, our prestigious school.
    Our school has stood proudly for seventy years, and we are very excited for our seventy-first year.
    Your schedule:
    1st period- Pre-Algebra
    2nd period- ELA
    3rd period- Chemistry
    4th period- Kingdom History
    5th period- Lunch/Study Hall
    6th period- Dark Magic/ Light Magic (Your choice)
    7th period- Gown Design/Poisons (Your choice)
    8th period- Art/Theatre/Robotics/Band (Your choice)
    School starts on Monday, September 25. Meet at the corner of Baker street and Middleton street. Don't be late!

    Inside the package is your school uniform and a copy of the student handbook:


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      Does it mean meet right then or meet on the 25th?

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      Question: Is OUH a boarding school or nope?

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    ORP: yiff yiff it started

    (will make an actual post soon)


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      Oh okay. I'll tag Ellaaaxp to let her know to change her post

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      Don't worry, it will be Sept 25 now

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      Oh okay

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    Alexander Rose

    I wake up slowly and unwillingly. The narcolepsy messed with my sleep cycles and made me drowsy more often than not in the mornings. It was also unfortunate when my brain decided it was nap time in the middle of a meal or game. I yawn, get dressed, and hop down the stairs. I'm greeted by a note on the fridge and a letter on the table.

    Philip and I will be gone today for a session. Don't stay up too late. Love u ~ Mom

    I roll my eyes and open the envelope. It's a fancy letter with big print and an invitation to a school called Once Upon A High. I raise an eyebrow. What kind of junk mail is this? And why was I even getting this? Then again, I hadn't had anything else to do for the past few days, so what did I have to lose? I jog to the address.

    Lilliana Hood

    I wake up to my set alarm and hurriedly get out of bed. I throw on my cloak as a sign of honor, then knock on my mom's door to wake her up as usual. I slide down the stair rail and begin cooking breakfast for us two Eventually my dad drags himself down the stairs and throws on his hat before going to the office. Before he leaves, he tosses a letter onto the counter and bids me goodbye. I put the mixing spoon in my mouth and rip open the letter with my hands. I quickly skim over the intricate letter. It seems to be an invitation for some sort of academy. Good! I was running out of scholarship application forms. The uniform looked nice too - a difference from my limited wardrobe. I quickly finish up the eggs and leave a steaming plate on the table for my mom. I grab a granola bar and an apple, shove them in my basket, and bike to the address.

    OOC: Both approachable!
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      Maybe Alana doesn't know her surname at the moment

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    In the morning, she wakes up, and quietly walks upstairs. She goes outside, which is something she's allowed to do, because the entirety of the garen is fenced off, with the fences being about 10ft tall, with no doors, because Maleficent could just fly out.

    She goes to the post box, which is in a small hole in the fence. She opens it, and finds the package in there, addressed for her. This was unusual because there was never any mail - she just checked the post box for an excuse to go outside.

    She starts walking back inside, while opening the package. She sees the uniform, then reads the letter. She almost dropped the letter onto the muddly floor in surprise. At first, she was excited about going, but then a second later, she realised How am I going to get out of here? She looked up at the fence.


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      Tiara walks out of bed. Her bare feet touch the cold floor, and she shivers. She walks out to the kitchen, and leafs through the morning's mail.
      Her eyes fall on the package addressed to "Tiara Naveen". Huh, that's kind of weird... She thinks to herself. She almost never gets any mail...

      She opens the package to find a beautiful uniform, and a letter. She scans the letter and gasps. A secret school? She wonders what makes her so special, why she should be invited to such a school...


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        Maddox woke up, still fuming from his fight with Rain, his sort of adoptive mother. He wasn’t used to walking with two legs, he was more used to pushing through the water with his tentacles. He slept on a bench and his neck was sore. He sat up and as he did an envelope floated towards him.

        He picked it up and looked at it, surprised to see that it said his name in fancy lettering on the back of the envelope. He hesitantly opened it and read the letter. He got in to OUH. The uniforms looked nice, but where was he supposed to get the money to afford them? He sighed: they must’ve made a mistake. His clothes were torn, and he was pretty sure he stunk. Why would they accept a dude that was practically homeless into their school?

        He started walking towards the direction, hoping that he’d be greeted with a random flow of cash. Or maybe just being able to see Rain and her kids again.

        ORP: Maddox is approchable. Somewhere on the streets, I guess.


        ORP: Will edit these later..
        EpisodeGirl5678 Can some of my characters be returning students?
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        Alya yawned, stretching. She got out of bed, well, she got out of the white, giant, fuzzy flower that she slept on. She yawned again, and then she heard a loud squawking voice saying "Mail! Mail!" Before Alya could even move, a bird holding a letter swooped down from the trees and dropped the letter at her feet, squawking "Mail!" all the while. As the bird took off again, Alya wondered what this letter was. For a split second, she wondered if it was the Queen of Hearts or some other royal figure demanding her presence in court for she had been caught and she was getting justice for all the pranks she pulled. Then she realized that was impossible; if they were ever going to catch her, she would have been caught long ago.

        Alya opened the letter and discovered it was from somewhere called OUH: Once Upon a High. Alya laughed at the pun in the name and continued reading, her eyes widening as she continued to read. She had been accepted into a school? A SCHOOL?! Alya put the letter down, then took a deep breath. She had never gone to school before. She was nervous but excited. She had to tell her father!


        Alya stood in front of the portal to Earth, her heart pounding. She was so nervous; after all, she was heading to an entirely different world of which she didn't know much about. She looked to the side, where her father was sitting on a near tree branch, watching her. She turned back to the portal and took a deep breath. Before she went in, she turned back to say goodbye and give her father a hug. Then she grabbed her bags and jumped through the portal.

        She felt like she was falling... falling... falling...

        And then she landed... right on top of someone.

        ORP: Anyone! Since this was the first post, I was a little extra, haha.
        EpisodeGirl5678 DanicaBescae


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        I screamed as I felt a heavy body land on top of me.
        It felt like a girl. I fell down to the ground.
        I got up.
        "Hey, what the heck?!"



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          Darlene woke up in her dorm room missing her father. She knew this was the best school she could ever be accepted into, but she still felt the pang of being so far away from home. The letter of admittance lay on her dresser, opened. She swung her legs over the bed and quickly changed into something comfortable. She felt Lola Ann materialize beside her. Lola Ann was her friend that she had made years ago when she was young, to substitute as an imaginary friend. Imaginary friend being the key word---nobody else could see her except for Darlene.

          "C'mon Lola Ann. The letter said to meet them at the address today." She said as she quickly grabbed her purse and everything she thought she would need.
          "I don't really feel like going." Lola Ann replied as she yawned. "Oh yeah?" Darlene muttered. "You say that about everything and you still show up eventually." She summoned herself a quick breakfast, then teleported to the address they were supposed to meet at.

          She waited for a few minutes then felt Lola Ann appear at her side. Told you so. She thought to herself and looked towards Lola Ann with a smug smile on her face. Lola Ann huffed and Darlene turned away from her, getting her phone out of her bag so she could listen to some beats while waiting for everyone else. "Are you serious about the whole no more somewhat illegal activity thing?" Lola Ann asked her. Darlene popped an earbud out of her ear and nodded, an attempt to look normal. Lola Ann harrumphed at her response. Then she said. "Well, it's not like you're going to keep it for a year anyway." Darlene snorted. "I'm going to keep it longer than you will if you said you weren't going to do anymore stupid things." Lola Ann retaliated and they got into a argument.

          ORP: Approachable. Also, nobody can see or hear Lola Ann besides Darlene herself. When I type in
          this colour it means that Lola Ann is speaking to Darlene or saying something that nobody else can hear. This means that if somebody approached Darlene right now, they would thinks she's a little cuckoo because they would be seeing her talking to nobody. Just something to note.

          EDIT: And for some reason I couldn't post my post for Darlene on the other thread, so here it is. I CAN"T EVEN EDIT MY OTHER POST???


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            I love Darlene and Lola Anne so much. They crack me up!

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          She got up as quickly as she could and brushed off her clothes. She looked at the girl, unsure what to say, so she just said, "Sorry, I didn't think that I'd fall on someone! I thought the portal was supposed to take me straight to the school!" She laughed, then stopped, realizing this girl probably didn't know what she was talking about, and that Earth probably didn't have portals.



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            "What do you mean? What portal?"



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              "Ummm," Alya was at a loss for words. This human probably thought she was totally crazy! Alya quickly looked around the room, looking for anything to change the subject. Darn it, I'm in this girl's house! Alya was about to run away when she saw a shiny new uniform on the counter. "Hey, is that the Once Upon a High uniform?" Alya asked, though if it wasn't, she would look even more suspicious.



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                I smile. "Yeah, I'm attending this year."
                I decide to forget her clumsiness.
                I say, "How did you know about OAH?"