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  • Replies to Chidimma :

    💖 Valentina💖 (Candice's Dorm)
    I wasn't even halfway done. "Um, kond of..." I lie, nervously and guiltily.

    ◀ Ace LaBouff▶
    I roll my eges, knowing this fake politeness, and surprised he knew them, if he was telling the truth about that or not. "You can laugh if you want. I know my family isn't as powerful as yours."

    🎵 CALLIE🎵
    I laugh. "Clip the carabiner, or the 'clippy thing' to the line, then slide down." I tell him.

    ❄ ELANA❄
    Her touch feels so good. I smile. "Its because I really, really like you, Rae Rae." I admit, embarrassed at what I had just said.

    📍 Pablo📍
    I fake smile, as this grosses me out entirely. Love. Gross. "I understand. Just don't kiss or flirt at the workplace. Anne won't handle PDA very well. Shell fire one of you, most likely Lilliana, since she seems to like you more. Be careful."


    • ✦Ishaani✦

      She raises an eyebrow, but says, "No, you don't have to meet him if you don't want to. He doesn't bite, though." She chuckles. "He's still like a kid on the inside."



      • Livana

        She wanted to look away from him. The eyes were the windows to the mind. He would be able to read her like an open book. But she couldn't look anywhere but back at him. He had captured. Trying to leave as little emotion in her eyes she said, "I know exactly what you mean, being pushed to be someone that you aren't. Guess we have that in common huh?" Except my mother has imprisoned and tortured dozens. She smile weakly and tried changing the topic, "Is the only reason you didn't kick me out to rebel against your brother? I think I might like you Adrianus." She winked at him before going back to her chair, and letting her dress fall on the ground beside her.



        • ~~>Roxy<~~
          "Ha! Right. I'm sure the cat can talk or something," the waitress scoffed.

          "Actually, I can, now could I order a plate of shrimp?" I asked. The waitress spluttered, then sighed. "I really need to get paid more for what I do," I heard her mutter.

          "That must've been lonely. Will you have to go back to your lamp once school lets out?" I ask.

          "Maybe a juice bottle? Then again, Wonderland magic is backwards." I sipped on my drink.


          • >>Max<<
            "Nothing much happened with me either." It's not like I'm going to tell you I got a girlfriend.

            "Sure. That sounds nice." I stand up, setting down my book.



            • 💖 Valentina💖
              I grin, looking around for some potential suitors. There were plenty of nice looking guys. "See anyone?" I ask her. I see a blonde guy in the Castleteria, alond. (Oliver) "Oh, what about him?" I offer.

              ORP: Purple Rose Hope you don't mind that I just placed Oliver somewhere! XD

              💚 TIARA💚
              I feel bad for my reaction to meeting her brother, but there's no,way I can trust him, especially if he has powers like her. I manage a weak chuckle. "I'll hold off for now." I say, feeling like a jerk.

              🎀 CARA🎀
              I smile, glad this conversation was going so well. "Did you attend the dance last month?" I ask him, remembering the Fall Formal.

              ◀ Ace LaBouff▶
              I grin at her. "Great. I have a place in mind. Just close your eyes, it's a surprise." This will make her like me. Trust me. Then, the alliance will be mine. It was so close. And I didn't mind this girl so much. She was hot, and pretty nice.

              👉Purple Rose


            • ~Cameron Canes~

              I slightly stiffened as she wrapped her leg around me but soon relaxed. "Hey, Sea," I said, smiling softly.


              "Wow, Starr! You're so good at singing!" Peanut said honestly as she jumped around to his singing.

              --Mihi Waialiki--

              "Well, you've just got to trust me," I said, pointing my finger at him.

              EpisodeGirl5678 ScarletSwanHunter


              • EpisodeGirl5678
                EpisodeGirl5678 commented
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                XD glad Peanut likes it she is so funny LMBO!

            • 🐚 Seashell🐚
              When he stiffens slightly, I wince, and release my leg, not wanting to make him uncomfortable. I smile up at him. "Morning, handsome."

              ⭐ STARR⭐
              Happy that someone thought I was good, and pleased by tbe compliment, I woof happily, and continue:

              "OoOH, PeAaaaaNUTT and NOoDLES! oHhOooOHHHH!" I wail happily, still off key.

              Mashia XD


              • ~Cameron Canes~

                "How was your sleep?" I asked, hoping her nightmare didn't make her stay up.


                Peanut started bobbing her head. "StttaaAAAAaarRrrRRrrRR and NoooOodDdDlLLlESSSS!"

                EpisodeGirl5678 XD


                • 🐚 Seashell🐚
                  "Oh, it was so much better after you came over." I asmjt, blushing happily. "I forgot all about the dream. Until now."

                  ⭐ STARR⭐
                  I happily jump to her angelic singing.

                  "I LiKE To SinGgG NOoDles and PEEeanuttttttttt! THey aRe SO NICe..." I sing loudly.

                  "We should start a bad." I tell Peanut.

                  Mashia They are so cute


                  • ~Cameron Canes~

                    I looked at her sheepishly. "Sorry...."


                    "Yes! A band! How do we turn into elastic bands?" Peanut asked, hoping there was more of Starr's magic.

                    EpisodeGirl5678I know, right?


                    • "Oh," Alana rolled her eyes, but smiled too.


                      • Issac

                        "Course I trust you." He said, "But, you should really see how amazing you are sometimes."


                        She chuckled, "I'll have what she's having." She grinned when the waitress left, "Well ain't that waitress having a great day,"


                        She nodded, frowning, "Yeah, that's why I want to see everything now. All the things that I read in books I can now see in person." In all her excitement to see the world, she gripped his arm and beamed, "And I can try everything. All those food from around the world." She pulled her hand away quickly, "Sorry."


                        "Well, better than nothing." He took a sip and look out across the school grounds.


                        "Um, you're the love expert. I really don't know." She stated, her eyes still wondering the caf in order to try and see if anyone was there. Oh please, don't let them see me here.



                        • 👉ORP👈
                          I know I said Valentina would leave on Valentine's Day, which for me, is today. But I might have her be a permanant character, or make her stay longer. Thoughts?


                          • Kittenlove
                            Kittenlove commented
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                            No, let her stay. Love doesn't stop with Valentines Day.

                          • Chidimma
                            Chidimma commented
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                            That sounded deep to me. :3

                            But yeah I agree with Kitten.

                        • 🐚 Seashell🐚
                          I shake my head. "Don't worry, it's fine!" I brush my hair out of my face.

                          ⭐ STARR⭐
                          I snort, laughing, but then realise she actually thought we were to turn into rubber bands. "Oh, no, Peanut, not that kind of band," I tell her.

                          Mashia Lol XD

                          🎆 KADEN🎆
                          "So have you met your sister yet?" I ask, thinking of MCKenzie. Maybe they were friends?

                          Ellaaaxp Can you tag me when you reply to me?

                          💖 Valentina💖
                          I grin, and then say, "Okay, then. Let's go over." Taking her hand, I drag her over to the guy (Oliver). I smile at him.

                          Purple Rose ScarletSwanHunter