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  • ~Stay Quiet~ (RP Sign Ups)

    You go to Willcrest High School along with your other classmates. It's the beginning of your junior year when everyone in your grade sees a mysterious article on the junior news website. The article claims that there is a "GameMaster" who knows every junior's deepest, darkest secret. They would like to play a game with all of you. Out of sheer curiosity, you use the email provided to contact the GameMaster. The email you recieve tells you that your secret will be shared with another student. They will have to find out that it is your secret before the time runs out. If you respond to the email, you will be assigned a secret. If you are one of the first seven people to discover the owner of your assigned secret, you will get a wish granted by the GameMaster. Within days the entire grade is swept up in the drama of this new game. A tense atmosphere looms over the halls of Willcrest. Everyone is suspicious of everyone and no one can be trusted. Whether you're finding a secret or not, your secret is out there, and someone is getting closer and closer to finding out that it's yours.

    Hello! Welcome to the sign ups for Stay Quiet. This is an RP about a game where students have to find out each other's secrets while hiding their own. There are a few rules for the game by the way. Here they are:

    1. You can not tell anyone your secret or you will be disqualified and your secret will be announced publicly
    2. You must tell the GameMaster if you hear someone telling others their assigned secret. If they decide to do so, the GameMaster might reward you with a hint to help you proceed in your journey to find the secret.
    3. If you don't find the owner of your assigned secret by the set deadline or you find the owner after the first seven, you will not win the prize of one wish.
    4. You may use any method to finding the owner of your assigned secret that do not break rule #1
    5. Final guesses on who is the owner of your assigned secret must be emailed to the GameMaster. If your guess is incorrect, you will be disqualified and oyur secret will be publicly announced.
    6. If the owner of your secret ends up being disqualified and having their secret publicly announced, you might be able to be assigned a new secret.
    7. Wishes must be realistic and achievable for the GameMaster

    If you have any questions about these rules, you can ask and I'll be happy to clarify! These rules do not apply to spectators of the game (people who aren't playing the game, but have had their secret assigned to a student). I will include the email that the GameMaster sends you in the official rp thread, by the way, so you'll know what that is.

    Sign Ups!
    Faceclaims And Character Bios!

    You don't need a faceclaim to be included on the character page by the way, just fill out the sign up form and I'll make you a thing!

    If you are a player, I will assign you a secret through personal messaging. The secrets will most likely be randomly assigned. I will also message you when your secret is assigned to a student. You can enter the rp at anytime, but I can't guarantee if your secret will be assigned or you will be assigned a secret as quick as you would like. It really depends on the amount of people in the rp and how many people are joining.

    In this rp I will be playing as the GameMaster and another character named Lottie. You can email the GameMaster at anytime to ask questions or provide information. They will respond, but they aren't very detailed so be warned! You can only contact the GameMaster through emails. They are a student in the school, but no one knows who they are so it is impossible for you to talk to them in person. Their identity will not be revealed in the rp and no, you can not be the GameMaster's secret identity for drama, in case you were wondering. Lottie is a student at the school who is a spectator. She acts as the GameMaster's secretary of some sort. She runs the meetings held every Friday after school to discuss the game's events. Lottie recieves direct information from the GameMaster about who has found secrets, people who have been disqualified, and other information they deem to be useful. The meetings will be where secret's will be announced publicly if students have been disqualified. All players and spectators are encouraged to come to the meetings.

    Thanks for considering rping in Stay Quiet! Hope to rp with you soon!


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    Reserve for a boy and girl ~

    how dark can the secrets be? O.o


    • night_owls
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      As dark as you want! Nothing supernatural is my only request!

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    Reserve for 1 or 2, I'm not sure ATM...

    I'm excited for this! I think it'll be fun toying around with secrets...


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      Reserveeeeeeeee! This sounds really cool


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        Reserve for a girl.
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          Reserve for a girl please


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            reserve for a girl


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                Reserve for now!


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                  Not sure if I want to reserve for one or two, but reserve!


                  • AwesomeAnon
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                    Yeah, I’m just going to reserve for a female

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                  Reserve for a boy!


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                    night_owls did something went wrong with my sign-up? Because there seem to be a couple things missing from my characters description


                    • night_owls
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                      Hmm, not that I know of. What is missing? I'll put it in asap

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                    Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that if you want something changed on your character's bio after I put it on the slides, just tell me on here or message me! Also before I assign your secret, which I will do once we have enough people to begin rp, message me to tell me if you want it worded a certain way. If you want your secret to be shorter with less detail or longer, just tell me and I'll do it! I'll message you before I assign your secret and show you how I worded your secret so you can edit them to your taste. The secret's are all in first person by the way. If you don't want them to be like this, let me know. I don't want to make some things too obvious right away by writing every detail. So far I have six characters including Lottie and the GameMaster, so once we get at least four more characters I think I'll start the rp. Since this is my first time organizing and rp on this forum, I'm open to suggestions and tips! Thanks guys!


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                      Bumping this, and I'm going to tag a few people that might be interested~
                      Once Upon A Time Mehek Mia the Duckling LHT Darling_episode TheBluGeek donutlover05 Hail the Stxrs Arabella Fate


                      • Mehek
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                        I rEALLY WANT TO but I can't think of a secret I like so I'm holding off on reserving until/unless I can figure it out

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                      Reserve!! This sounds amazing!