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    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forums, but am super interested in starting to RP!!!


    • Catarla
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      Hello, and welcome to the RP community! Hope you enjoy your stay here, and may you sweep us all away with your roleplaying and broom (hehe totally intended that pun).

    • Cam Boulder
      Cam Boulder commented
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      Hi Loona!
      I'm super late to this but welcome to the RPing community! I hope you feel comfortable here and that you have lots of fun

    • EpisodeGirl5678
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      Welcome! I would love for you to join my RP, Fairytale-d!

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    *pokes head round door* Ugh... This is going to be tough...
    *shuffles up to a small podeum in the middle of the room.* Whelp, I am me, so I'm doing this my way. if I can, best go out with laughter and tears... *cough*
    May I have my friend's attentions!
    and those of you I don't know, but wish I did. Cuz why not.

    This is pretty tough, and I'm not good with words, so... yeah. I'm... I'm leaving.

    Not the forums! I'll still be on here running my lil' review thread, offering my weekly suggestions and even writing long and random help articles on Tips and Trix, but I will be stopping RPing. I feel terrible for doing this. I've had some of the best laughs, and you guys have made my day, every day. I wish I could know you all better, and if you want to chat, I'll still be around to message and stuff. But I need to take a break.

    I have been in a ditch in my life, and I'll admit, I've been using the RP section to combat that. I've used it as a distraction, and while it was a great one, and I wish I didn't have to do this, I do have to face facts. Its not healthy for me. kind of an addiction to storytelling, if you like. So, in an attempt to help sort myself out, I will be stopping this.
    I am hugely sorry to all the RP's I have signed up to. I am sorry for all of you who applied to my first RP MARKED, and never got to see it come to fruition. *wipes a single tear* It was a masterpiece. *coughs*
    I am more then sorry to all of those in the Fairy-tale-d RP. You guys were the best, those stories were the best, and now I will have to call all my characters back. I will make a final post, pulling them all from the fray, and who knows. Should I come back, they may return.
    But I am hugely sorry to EpisodeGirl5678, Mashia, Kittenlove, Chidimma, and @AwesomeAnon

    You guys are the best. And I wish you all the best.
    Again, if you want to chat, just pm me. I'm leaving the RP section, but I'm not leaving the face of the earth, so it's cool. X)

    Wish me goodluck! And again, Sorry!
    If you want to know what my master plans were, I can always add them to the bulletin
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    • Mehek
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      :'( we're gonna miss you here LTea! Good luck sorting your life out, and I hope to be able to see you again here someday.

    • Cam Boulder
      Cam Boulder commented
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      Awww LTea I'm going to miss seeing you around, you know I'm always here if you want to talk ^-^

    • LTea
      LTea commented
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      Mehek - I look forward to hopefully coming back and RPing with you someday! It's a shame MARKED never happened, your characters sounded awesome! ^-^
      Cam Boulder - Thank you! I'll miss you too, though I'll still see you around. I'll still be on the forums, just not on the RPs.

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    The issue of portraying abuse and other sensitive and serious topics in role plays

    Hello everyone, I’m here to claim my position as the Adult™ of the community and call all of you to action concerning an issue that has been plaguing our community for a while now. And yes, I say plaguing because that is what this is, a plague, a phenomenon that nestled in here and is spreading throughout all of our community, causing damage everywhere it goes. This is not a jab to any particular roleplayer so please do not feel offended if you feel like this is directed to you. I am simply writing this because, as one of the eldest people in here, I consider myself to have more experience and expertise at dealing with these things, and I fear for the youngest ones who might grow up with all the wrong ideas in their head, leading them to have an unhealthy mindset in the future
    The situation is simple, roleplayers have been discussing serious topics in an insensitive manner and this has got to stop. The situation is nothing new, I remember that in my very first roleplay, more than a year ago, there was this character who began cutting herself at one point of the roleplay. I’m not going to say any names and I don’t want you guys to go looking for this RP, but I will say that that scene affected me a great deal. I was going through a dark period of my life and I had just began cutting again after almost a year of being clean, and the post didn’t help my situation. The image just wouldn’t leave my head, and I am not an impressionable twelve year old. In fact, at seventeen I prided myself in being hard to disturb and it is difficult for anyone to really leave me thinking about anything, much less give me an image that won’t leave my head. The fact that this issue has been around for so long has made me think about a way to stop it, and the only way we can stop it is being conscious of that issue and help each other as a community, calling each other out if needed, learning and teaching how to portray issues properly, and making things better in general for everyone.

    I need to remind you guys that even though the forums are for people who are thirteen years old or more, there are underage users around, I myself became acquainted with some, and there is absolutely no way I want these children to be around something so dangerous as the incorrect portrayals of serious topics. I’m sure some of you remember that time we had a nine-year-old around the forums, do you? I want all of you to think back to when you were nine, I want you to try to understand how your nine-year-old brain would react at something like domestic abuse portrayed as something that doesn’t matter that much, or how some characters abuse of substances like drugs or alcohol like it’s nothing, or how there are victims of sexual assault that can just “get over it” as if nothing had happened. I want you to imagine your nine year old self being told that these real problems are nothing, I dare you to act as if they were nothing.

    Now, to you, thirteen-year-olds, I understand, you are teenagers now, you feel mature enough to deal with this. Newsflash: you are not. Your brain is not fully developed, even my brain isn’t fully developed yet! Your brain finishes developing at twenty one years old. That’s right, twenty one, you still have eight years to go so get off your high horse. Yes, you may have critical thinking skills, but just like any other skill it takes time and practice to develop. You are not born knowing anything, and just like you can’t tell that Twilight is bad literature if you’ve never read anything else, you can’t tell if how a situation is being handled is good or bad if you don’t have enough information about it. Harold Bloom, in his essay The Standard of Taste said that experience is proportional to the capability one has to judge anything, therefore only a man with experience in tasting wines can tell that there is a key at the bottom of the jar. Some of you are like those who are simply tasting wine for the first time, or who are not accustomed to drinking wine, so you probably won’t notice what’s really in the wine. Meanwhile, an experienced taster will immediately notice something off about it. I don’t want you guys to swallow that key only because you don’t have experience, so I’m trying to help you identify what should be wrong in our community.

    “But Cam, it’s responsibility of the parents to keep their children away of inappropriate content” NO. Parents cannot be hovering over their children all the time! They have their lives and the most they can do is teach us and guide us, not force us to leave in a way or another. There’s a reason I was reading very graphic smut and bullshit that romanticised abusive relationships at thirteen. “You what?! Then why are you doing this?” Because I want you to grow up better than I did, I want you to stay away from dangerous relationships and I want you to be able to identify what should be and what shouldn’t. After all, one of the reasons I got abused was the fact that I kept a friendship with some idiot because of how idealised it seemed in those crappy fanfics. This is part of my personal story so you can skip it if you want: the boy who sexually abused of me was my friend. Why? Just because. He is an asshole, sleeping around, a huge liar, tricking girls into giving him things, he didn’t care about his friends and constantly disrespected them and leaving them after finding someone “better”, disrespectful of his parents. But he was also a great actor who could get you to like him, he is smart (probably the smarted man I’ve ever met), loves literature, can teach you a lot of things, and knows how to have a good time. He reminded me of Harry Styles in After. But I didn’t see myself as Tessa, I thought I was Molly. For those of you who haven’t read After (please don’t ever read that crap, it was a huge mistake from my part) Molly is Harry’s friend, the girl he went to when he had troubles and vice versa. And somewhere in my thirteen year old brain that relationship seemed good! I couldn’t tell that Harry was the ass he is, just like I couldn’t tell that my “friend” was with me because he wanted to have sex all those years later. It is our job as a community to keep this community safe for all of its users, and our duty as consumers to respect the PG-13 rating this site has got. This includes me, I know I swear a lot and I am working on toning it down.

    Now, this doesn’t mean I want you people to stop writing about serious topics, that wouldn’t make sense since I have written about them lately. Writing about serious topics is not bad if it’s done properly, quite the opposite actually, it helps raise awareness. But doing it properly is not an easy task. Before I go any further I want to state that the topics I mean when I’m talking are all kinds of abuse (psychological, verbal, physical, domestic, substance, sexual, etc.) as well as mental health issues (depression, eating disorders, self-harm, ADHD, Anxiety, OCD, BPD, ASD, etc.), health issues and anything that may affect a person’s life in general. All of these topics are great to write about, they are interesting and it has to do with us, but that doesn’t mean everyone can use them as they please. There are steps to write this, and I had them illustrated in a flowchart but I couldn’t attach it so here you go:

    1. Why do you want to write it?
    • To elicit sympathy for the character - do not write it
    • To shock readers - do not write it
    • It just feels right - do not write it
    • It makes the character more interesting - do not write it
    • As a plot point - go to question 2
    • For cathartic purposes - go to question 3
    • To raise awareness - go to question 4
    2. Is it absolutely necessary for the plot or can you get to that same point through other means?
    • Yes - go to question 4
    • No, but it would be harder - do not write it
    • No, but- stop making excuses -do not write it
    • No - do not write it
    3. Do you have to make it super detailed, graphic and possibly disturbing it to finish the cathartic process?
    • No - write what is needed - go to question 7
    • I need to tell someone - tell someone you trust, you can spare the details for others - go to question 7
    • Yes, everyone needs to know - no they don’t and you don’t need to tell everything either, retelling the experiences, leaving them out for everyone, and having them there as a reminder can give you a hard time healing and may cause some unwanted flashbacks
    4. Does it have to do with a character or character development?
    • No - then you probably don’t need it - do not write it
    • Yes - go to question 5
    5. Do you have all the information to portray the situation properly?
    • No - time for research!
    • Yes - Everything? - Yes, Cam, stop nagging - go to question 6
    6. Can’t you make it implicit?
    • No - improve your writing and try again
    • Yes - make it implicit
    Time to begin writing!

    After writing what you want to write you will have to ask yourself a new set of questions.
    (optional) get a proofreader! They can help you notice things you didn’t notice before!

    7. Do you want to publish that?
    • Yes - go to question 8
    • No - keep it to yourself
    Revise it and make sure it portrays properly what you want to portray.
    8. Does it?
    • Yes - go to question 9
    • No - rewrite and try again
    9. Is what you are going to publish adequate for the platform you are going to publish it in?
    • Yes - publish it!
    • No - look for another platform
    After publishing:
    Be on the lookout for feedback and people’s reactions, if you get the feeling there is something wrong, act out!

    Now, you may be annoyed because you have never written about these topics and you feel there is nothing wrong with what you have done. This may be true but this doesn’t mean you are not part of a community with a problem, so you have things to do as well. The first and more important: don’t be afraid to speak up! You may be new to the community and you may be afraid to talk to the living legends in here, don’t be! We are all dorks investing our time in fictional characters and stories! We are all equals. If you see there is something wrong I encourage you to call the person out, it doesn’t have to be in public but via a PM works too. Now, if you are going to say something don’t just stop at pointing out what’s wrong, help the others see how they can improve. If you are too shy to talk to them then you can always reach me and tell me about the issue, I’ll do my best to see it resolved. Now, if calling that person out didn’t work you have to talk to other members of the community, sometimes having a lot of people talk to you about the same subject is just what others need to see their mistakes. I don’t like the next step but sometimes it’s necessary, if the person won’t help and keeps damaging the community you can always report and/or block them, sometimes you have to pull the weeds out so the garden grows healthy.

    I know this is a long thing to read so thank you if you read it all, I hope you understand the importance of what I’m saying here and that you will help me and all your fellow forumers to enjoy the Story Games and roleplaying section.

    If you have any problem with what I just said, wish to add something or want to ask a question, go ahead, I hope I can read you soon.

    Cam Boulder
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    • Ellaaaxp
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      I understand all of this, and I agree with it all - don't get me wrong. But I feel like when submitting a character, when it comes to 'biography', its almost as if it's saying 'write sad backstory', because it seems like everyone writes something sad/depressing/emotional about their character, and they all have to have this tragic background - do you know what I mean? Almost as if, if they don't have an interesting, sad, background, they just seem boring?

      I'm not saying any of what you said was wrong, or that I don't agree with it, and I think everyone can learn from this.

    • Mia Turner
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      It can get a bit uncomfortable for me when a character is too tragic, I know there is probably many people in the world whose lives are in fact a case of sad/terrible events, but I feel when a character has only had just a serious of unfortunate events happen to them, it kind of ruins the vibe, especially if it is an upbeat rp and definitely if it is portrayed unrealistically with no research or experience. I guess everyone wants a unique character and for them to have gone through something, I suppose if it was my life as a biography people would find it boring, but I think if you want an interesting character, you don’t have to go all out in the biography department, to make a character interesting, it is how you write them and how they act in a situation, which can be interesting. Sorry don’t know where I was headed with this, but your post has a made a very clear point in which I’m glad it has been put out there😊

    • Cam Boulder
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      Hi, night_owls I'm glad this helped you, and I want to thank you for helping our community ^-^. I hope we can make a difference and I'm excited to see how you manage your RP.


      Ellaaaxp Hi, and thank you for pointing out what some of you believe about tragic backstories, I hadn't considered that and I see now that a lot of people can think like that. However, I have to disagree with you. A sad backstory is not what makes a character interesting. In fact, there is not much about a bio that could make a character more or less interesting, and by saying it does you are valuing more what they've been through than who they are. Sure, what happens in your life can shape your personality, but that is not who you are. Just like Mia Turner said, "I think if you want an interesting character, you don’t have to go all out in the biography department, to make a character interesting, it is how you write them and how they act in a situation, which can be interesting." Thank you Mia for helping me explain this. Imagine you were a fictional character, would you like it if people judged you as boring just because you haven't been through much instead of basing their opinions on your personality? I don't think so. It's the personality what makes them interesting. They could have been through a lot and still be the most plain character on the world, or they could have had a normal life and be the most interesting character ever, it all depends on the personality.

      A lot of writers have that in mind when writing their characters, I suggest you to check out Fate's, Catarla's, Once Upon A Time's, FallenAngelNight13's or Mia the Duckling's for example, All of them are awesome role players and have great characters, and most of them don't have sad backstories. And if you want examples from professional writers I present you Samwise Gamgee, Frodo and Bilbo Baggins, and a lot of of J. R. R. Tolkien's characters. There is also Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes and James Moriarty, Agatha Christie's Miss Marple, Homer's Achilles and Odysseus and Penelope and all of "his" characters, Jane Austen's Elizabeth Bennet, Nabokov's Humbert Humbert, and many, many others.
      If you want to make your characters more interesting I would suggest you to work on shaping their personalities as if they were real people.

      Now, I am afraid you misunderstood what I was talking about and I have to point out I am not asking any of you to stop writing about this topics, I'm just asking you to write them responsibly. Like I said in the main post, "this doesn’t mean I want you people to stop writing about serious topics, that wouldn’t make sense since I have written about them lately. Writing about serious topics is not bad if it’s done properly, quite the opposite actually, it helps raise awareness. But doing it properly is not an easy task." I would suggest you to go back and re-read it all, in case there is anything that's not clear to you, then you are welcome to ask me about it.


      And Mia, I'm glad you liked my post, and I hope I can count on you on improving our community ^-^

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    (Holiday RP's are just one week long. This will take place from the 8th - 15th)

    - What am I? -

    You either Roleplay as yourself or one of your old characters.
    You and a bunch of others are attending a Valentines Day Party, and everyone is playing 'Headbands' / 'What Am I' , in this game, everyone is given an object written on a card that is taped on their head. You (and your character [s]) don't know what object they are --- but everyone else does!

    I will be PM'ing everyone a list of what everyone is (except you know, your characters)

    If interested, just comment your character's name or your username.

    Reference Picture because I can't explain for my life


    • L375
      L375 commented
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      I think I'll play as Lowie (me) & Eclipse (from DICE)
      Hooray for Holiday RPs!

    • FallenAngelNight13
      FallenAngelNight13 commented
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      *reads the people who started*
      awe crap gotta make like . . . idk 18 lists xD

    • Rolo
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      Izzcream (me) and the crazy Mila

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    So I will not be online from Tuesday to Friday (EST), as I have a school trip during those days. I could've just PMed those whose roleplays I'm in right now (like Ypsilon and EpisodeGirl5678), but I also figured that in case any RPs are planning to start during this week and wonder where the heck I've gone, this would be good to let them know I haven't completely disappeared (yet). Speaking of which; if you want to start an RP that I haven't yet signed up for this week, I'm fine with it---you don't have to wait for me to come back.
    So I think that's it.


    • Ypsilon
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      Oh, okay! (10)

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    Yes, I know, this is bad timing on my part. :,)

    I will not be active from Friday (January 19th) to next Monday (January 22nd). After that, I still won't be as active in RPs until most likely the last week of January or the first one or two weeks of February. I have some things in my personal life that came up and that I need to take care of. In addition, it's the start of a new semester so that means more grades to stress about, not counting the tests and exams I have coming up very soon. I'll still try to make sure to turn sign ups in on time, but if I miss the due date or am taking extremely long, just start the RP and don't wait for me.

    Just tagging the RP creators of the ones I am currently in and will be doing sign up soon for:
    Ypsilon (For The End Of The World, feel free to control my characters.)
    FallenAngelNight13 (For Galileo, also feel free to control my characters. For The Hunt, I'll try to get my characters in, but you can start The Hunt without me if I don't turn it in on time.)
    SillyCupcake22233 (For Road Trip, I'll try to turn in my sign ups tonight or tomorrow.)
    TheBluGeek (Apologies if Star Trek starts while I'm not there. And for Queenstrial, I'll try to sign up soon.)
    Cam Boulder (Also sorry if Stairway To Heaven starts while I'm not there, and I'll try to get my characters done as soon as possible.)


    • TheBluGeek
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      You will be missed Once ;-; Good luck with everything

    • Chidimma
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      See you later Once. I hope everything goes well for you, and that you come back when you can.

    • Once Upon A Time
      Once Upon A Time commented
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      Small announcement: I took care of mostly everything, and I should be able to come on the forums regularly now. ^.^

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    Small announcement:

    I'm going to the coast tomorrow so I won't be here to reply to RPs very often. I'll try and check my phone once every few hours or when I have time but there are no guarantees.

    For TEOTR, if anything happens requiring me to respond, tag me continuously until I respond and be prepared to wait. I hope that the likelihood of this happening is small but it is not impossible. The in-RP-time will not go further than lunchtime unless I say so.


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      Small announcement.

      I made a forum game with storytelling aspects to it. I thought some of you may like to check it out. It is a forum game when you look at it, but similarly to 'warring kingdoms' you have the space to write a small bit in between. It's about creating and expanding a settlement, and it's a lot of fun!
      You can check it out here:


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        Small Announcement [edited]

        Not that anyone is actually going to read this...[

        I'm going to be possibly inactive for at least the next week or two.
        And for personal reasons I will not be going onto the forums on the 14th of February.

        Probable haitus period: 29th January to ???
        Last edited by Fate; 01-30-2018, 09:49 AM.


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          I just thought of a very fun (to me at least) and cool idea I hope I can follow.

          📆 The Character Calendar 📆

          For the next 31 characters I make (more than one character in the same roleplay will count towards the goal) I must make something special about them such as...

          - Giving them a disability (paralyzed from the legs down)

          - Mental health condition (social anxiety)

          - An uncommon race or mix of races (Chinese and Black)

          My goal will be to then portray them accurately through research if necessary. I feel like this would help me bring more diversity into roleplays and would assist me in learning more about people!

          Would anyone else be interested in doing this with me? If so, I’d be willing to create an actual calendar with a special perk/quality/condition you must give your next character.

          Mia Turner
          Cam Boulder
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          • Cam Boulder
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            I am soooo in! I love this idea!

          • Mashia
            Mashia commented
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            Yes, I'm definitely in!

          • night_owls
            night_owls commented
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            This sounds awesome! I would do this!

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          Mini Announcement:
          I am changing my RP/SG "Spirit Animals" into a full SG. Just saying. (:


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            Small Announcement:

            I won't be active for all of tomorrow and some of the next day because I'm going on camp


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              Announcement : So I was suppose to do the Valentines Day RP - What am I -, but with the forums moving, and most people busy coping RP's into Google Docs for safe keeping . . . should I even start it, because like everything is going to be lost, so it's like *shrug*

              What do you all think, should I start it even tho it's going to be lost?


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                Originally posted by FallenAngelNight13 View Post
                Announcement : So I was suppose to do the Valentines Day RP - What am I -, but with the forums moving, and most people busy coping RP's into Google Docs for safe keeping . . . should I even start it, because like everything is going to be lost, so it's like *shrug*

                What do you all think, should I start it even tho it's going to be lost?
                I'd say maybe either wait or don't because everyone's super busy archiving rn so I don't know how many people would even be free enough to join (I think Fairytale-d is the only currently active RP rn o_O)