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D O L L H O U S E: the recreation ~ official roleplay thread ~

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  • D O L L H O U S E: the recreation ~ official roleplay thread ~




    ~ C R Y B A B Y ~

    she comes in when we start interacting with eachother

    ~ the rest of us ~

    we wake up in a pink room.


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    >>Caitlyn Sterling- Carousel<<
    I wake up in a pink room. What happened? This doesn't look like my room... there are others spread around on the floor. I recognize a few faces, but I don't bother with them yet. I jump up and head to a window. This doesn't look like any place I've been before. It's mostly pink, and I don't like it. I can't remember what happened, and I don't like the feeling of dread.

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      < Emily Camp - Teddy Bear >
      I open my eyes and see a pink room. What is this? I don't like the room or the color of it. Why am I even here? I see a few other people that I know. I walk up to one of them (Caitlyn, Carousel).

      "Do you know where we are?" I ask her.

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        Casmyn O’Sullivan - Dolly

        She wakes up in a pink room and smiles; she always loved the colour pink. She got up and looked around, wondering where she was and why there were so many other people there sprawled across the floor. She knows everyone in this room but she’s wonders why they’re all here. Maybe she had been kidnapped! She gasps and lays back down on the floor, pretending to still be asleep.

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          >>Caitlyn - Carousel<<
          "No idea." I turn and face the girl. "You're Emily, right?" I ask. I'd met her and talked to her a few times. She was dating my best friend after all. I give her a smile, feeling especially nice right now.



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            Jonathan woke up an immediately looked around the room. His first instinct was fear but he sat up and looked around the room thinking. There was bound to be a reasonable explanation why he was here. He started walking around wondering what to do.

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              ~ KIANA DOVE ~ SOAP ~

              She opened her eyes, groaning. She noticed she was in a pink room that looked nothing like her own. "What the f*ck?" she asked out loud as she noticed all the other people there with her. "Where the hell am I? Don't tell me I got drunk again," she said with a dramatic eye-roll. She stepped over someone sleeping closest to her and looked around the room. "Is this a f*cking prank?" she wondered out loud, glaring at everything in her sight.

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                😫 Evelyn Falls ~ Crybaby 😰
                I watch them interact, and cackle. "Hello, my little dolls. Welcome to the Dollhouse."



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                  P A R I S

                  She woke up with a major headache, leaving the room a blur. Once everything came into clear vision, her eyes danced around the room. She stood up and stretched, she thought someone was behind her. Her eyes rolled to the side, and she saw Jonathan. She turned around, and looked at him, a confused look was stained on her pale face. She ran her hands through her ginger colored hair, "Where are we?"


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                    ~ KIANA DOVE ~ SOAP ~

                    "Okay, I am def drunk," she said as she heard a voice say 'Welcome to the Dollhouse'. She pinched herself, thinking she would wake up from this dream/nightmare/whatever it was. Let's just go along with this. she thought, wondering what would happen if she went along with the voice. "I'm not a goddamn doll, thank you very much. But who might you be?" she asked and looked up towards the ceiling.

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                      Chandler Hart -Pity Party

                      He woke with a start, his vision blurry and his voice groggy. “Mum, I’ll be done in a second.” He whispered as he sat up, rubbing his eyes. He blinked a few times and started to survey the room, a frown printed in his face. What the- where the hell am I??? As he looked around he noticed that there were other people there too. People he knew. He quickly stood up, now fully awake and focused. He walked to the centre of the room, hands on hips, with a state of confusion perspiring off him.

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                        < Emily Camp - Teddy Bear >
                        "Who are you?" I asked the voice. Turning away from my conversation with Caitlyn, I arched my eyebrows. A lot of people call me the tough one, but I was beginning the feel a little scared. I put away my scared emotions and looked up. "You better not hurt me." I said.



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                          Chandler Hart - Pity Party

                          Still in shock he tried to see who else was here. He gaze locked into his best friend Caitlyn Sterling and his eyes widened. She was here too?!? He went to walk over to her when he stopped in his tracks as he caught sight of his girlfriend Emily Camp. He felt his jaw dropped before he quickly snapped his mouth shut. “Emily. Caitlyn.” He sang out. He felt as if he were floating in a dream.

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                            I say to Kiana, "You're definitely not as pretty as one, if that's what you mean."
                            I speak towards Emily when I say, "No can do, Miss Camp." I cackle loudly. I use a tiny lighter to make a long burn across her arm. "Oops, I think,I just did."

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                              He wakes up with full ache in the back of his head. His limbs stiff from not moving. He sits up slowly taking in his surroundings. He sees a bunch of other people he knows. Where am I?
                              He sees chandler first and walks over to him.
                              ”What’s going on?”
                              Mia Turner