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Let's make some unlogical stories {GAME}

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  • Let's make some unlogical stories {GAME}

    Here how it's go, I start with once upon a time.... and the next person continues the story with an unlogical way
    Person 1: Once upon a time it was a lady named Mellissa and she went to the supermarket
    Person 2: While she was walking at the corridor she saw a goldfish in the fridge
    Person 3: She pulls it out and the goldfish ate her THE END
    Remember every time that you complete the story write THE END with bold capital

    Let's start
    Once upon a time was a woman named Matilda and she was swimming at the beach

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    While she was swimming, she noticed that there was a mermaid swimming next to her.


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      The mermaid, whose name was Mariana, looked over at the human, scared because she'd never been noticed before.


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        Then Mariana tuned into a dog, and drowned in the water, and then the woman started to randomly drown, but then floated out of the water, because the dog had come back to life, and became a fairy, and it flew with wet wings, then they disappeared, and the fairy fell down. And then she dies, because she has turned back to a mermaid, and drowned. And then Matilda continues to fly, and lives inside the moon for the rest of her life. THE END
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          Oops, I had NO idea that she had started it. LOL
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        Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Mary, while Mary was walking to go to school she...


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          wouldn't this go in the general chat??


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            I think it suits better in story games and role play