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    ~Stay Quiet~

    You live in the small town of Willcrest and attend Willcrest High School. It's October of your junior year and you're determined to make it better than the last. Everything seems fairly normal until everyone in the grade gets a mysterious email. It's from someone called "The GameMaster." They claim to know everyone's deepest secrets, including yours. Now, the GameMaster would like to play a game with you all. If you respond to their email, you will be assigned a secret. IF you find out who's secret it is by the end of the year, you will receive one wish that the GameMaster will grant. There are a fair amount of rules that you have to follow to win, and you're determined. Within a week of the email being sent out, the entire grade is swept up in the drama that follows. A tense atmosphere looms over the halls of Willcrest. People are suspicious of former friends and no one can be trusted. Whether you're finding a secret or not, your secret is out there, and someone is getting closer and closer to finding out that it's yours.


    Dear Student,

    If you have received this email, that means that I know your secret. I am the GameMaster. I am a fellow junior at Willcrest High, and I know everyone in the grade's deepest darkest secret. I know who's done what, who's done who, and everything else in between. Now, I'm sure you wouldn't want your secret getting out, so play my game and it won't.

    Now, whether you decide to play or not, know that your secret will be assigned to someone, but they will not know that it's yours. If you decide to play, you will also be assigned an anonymous secret. Your job is to find out who's secret it is by the end of May. That gives you eight months to complete this task. If you find out who's secret you have, you will be granted one wish. The only limit for your wish is that it must be realistic. I may be a genius, but I am not magical.

    Of course, every game has its rules. This one is no exception. Here are your rules.

    1. You cannot tell anyone the secret you have been assigned. This will result in you being disqualified and having your personal secret revealed to the whole grade.

    2. If you overhear anyone telling someone their assigned secret or someone tells you their assigned secret, then you must tell the GameMaster. Doing this may result in a hint to help you on your way, but only if the GameMaster chooses.

    3. There is a deadline of May 1st. If you do not submit your final guess by that date, you will not win the prize of one wish.

    4. You may use any method to find out who's secret you have. (unless the method breaks rule #1)

    5. Final guesses must be submitted to the GameMaster by email. If your final guess is incorrect, there is a possibility that your personal secret will be publicly revealed.

    It is possible that the owner of your assigned secret will break one of these rules, and have their secret revealed. If this happens, email the GameMaster and depending on the circumstances, you will be assigned a new secret. Updates on the game will be announced at meetings held every Friday after school in the auditorium. Attendance is mandatory. If you miss three meetings, your secret will be announced to the grade at the next meeting. Meetings are held by your fellow peer Lottie Reynolds, who will act as my secretary and play in the game. If you have any concerns and you cannot contact me, ask Ms. Reynolds and she will help you.

    ☐ Please check this box if you are completely aware of this game's intentions and are willing to play

    ☐ Please check this box if you are aware that receiving this email allows the GameMaster to share your secret with one person without your name attached to it Please email me if you will be a player so I can assign you a secret. The next email you receive from me will contain your assigned secret if you choose to be a player. You will also receive a notification when your secret is officially assigned.

    Thank you for playing my game. I'm sure we will have a delightful time.


    The GameMaster


    Please be warned that this rp contains sensitive topics that might be triggering to some people! Please contact me about topics that you think might trigger you and I will do my best to help! If I assign you a secret and it contains a seriously triggering topic, please tell me and I will assign you a new one! Also, if a topic comes up in the rp that you find uncomfortable, please message me and I will talk to the person who brought it up. Some things can seriously mess people up and I don't want to cause anyone possible harm. I care about everyone's well being and want you to be comfortable rping here and having fun. If you have to drop out for any reason, let me know and I'll adjust accordingly. I want everyone to enjoy this rp and have a good time!

    ~Sign Up Post~

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    She was scrolling through her email like she did on any other normal day when she noticed something amiss. An email from a ‘GameMaster’. She concluded it was
    most likely spam, but she decided to click on it anyway. As she read the email, she immediately came up with so many questions. Who was the GameMaster? Well, it’s not me, I know that much. Maybe it’s Lottie? She could be trying to throw suspicious off of herself by acting like she’s a secretary. Definitely a top suspect. She thought. Once she got to the end of the email, she decided to click that she would participate in the game. If nothing else, it’s a good chance to put my skills to work! She thought, clapping her hands and spinning around in her desk chair. Although she wasn’t too excited for some other random person to learn her secret (What even was the secret that this GameMaster person was using for her?) but she had to admit she was going to have fun trying to figure out whose secret she’d receive. She also had to wonder what the whole point of this was...


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      He jumped when his alarm went off. The sheets of papers he had fallen asleep on stuck to his cheek as he looked around lazily. He shouldn't have finished that indie game last night. Why did he do this to himself? He slammed the snooze button and peeled the paper from his face.

      "Adam! Get down here." His aunt yelled from the kitchen.

      He throw on a some clothes he found laying around his room, that didn't smell too bad and raced into the kitchen. The smell of eggs and bacon was swimming through the house, causing him to go made with hunger.

      "When did you go to sleep last night?" His aunt Sonya asked, placing a plate of food on the table for him.

      He sat down and started digging in. "Somewhere around 5."

      "That was a hour ago."

      He nodded, "Yup."

      "What am I going to do with you?" She sighed, sitting down before him with her cup of coffee. "Have you gotten any news from your tennis couch? Are you playing next week?"

      "No, haven't checked my email." He said, staring at the coffee cup and licking his lips, "Are you going to drink that?"

      She looked at him for a moment then pushed the cup over, "You need it more than I do. Now check you email before you go to school alright."

      He nodded as he chucked the cup of caffeine, knowing that it wouldn't be enough to keep him awake all day. He would grab another two cups from the cafe near the school if he had time. "Will do captain."

      Sonya laughed, looking down at her watch and shooting to her feet, "Oh god. I have to go. I love you, be safe, don't do drugs, don't die and don't be late." She kissed his forehead and ran out the door.

      He smiled to himself, knowing that she would be late. If he was correct this would be her second time this year and her boss was not happy about it. And to think she was scowling him for staying up all night when she herself stayed up watching soap operas. He brought out his phone and check his email. When he saw the unknown sender he opened the message and read it seven times before realizing what he had just read. There was a good chance for this to be a prank, a silly little joke. But if it wasn't, he was it trouble. If it was the it wouldn't matter which of the choices he would choose. Even with this though his finger trembled as he chose the top option. As soon as he did, he messaged the person with a responds, asking who this was and what kind of joke it was. With his heart still racing at the though of someone having hold of his past and secrets, he walked to school and into the small Cafe.

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        Lottie groaned as the buzzing of her phone notified her of a new email, probably from the GameMaster. She recieved their request for help about a week ago and she still had no clue who they were. She leaned over to reach her phone on the nightstand and grabbed it. She quickly opened her email. Yup, the email adress of her sort of employer was in bold at the top of her screen. Lottie tapped the screen and scanned the email.

        Dear Lottie,

        The game has commenced. Your first meeting will be held in two days. Don't worry about teachers interrupting. I already took care of that. They know that it will be used for the grade. That's about as much as I can tell you. I'll tell you what secret you've been assigned soon.


        She let out a shaky breath. This entire game was ridiculous. The GameMaster was smart, this was probably a ploy to turn people on eachother. When she first heard about this, she almost decided to refuse, but the GameMaster threatened to reveal her secret immediately. The idea of her secret getting out sent chills down her spine.

        "It's okay, Lottie," she thought to herself. Oh god, she was even terrible at lying to herself. This was a disaster.

        She jumped off of her bed and grabbed her bag. There was still a little while before school started, but she enjoyed her personal time in the cafe, where she could write out little stories on her laptop in peace. Lottie gave each of her parents a quick kiss on the cheek and her kitten Toby a little pat on the head before she slipped out of the door and to the school.

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          She doesn’t even know how someone got hold of her email address. It isn’t something she shares to the class – she much rather prefers texting. So she comes to the conclusion that “GameMaster” must be a game that she signed up to years ago. Cerys clicks on the email, just to check its content before inevitably stowing it into the junk folder.
          Her breath is shaky when she’s finished reading the email. Surely it must be a sick, twisted joke. Otherwise... she doesn’t like to think of the consequences. She’s about to write a 500-word email, scolding the supposed GameMaster for deciding to prank the grade this way, until she remembers the two options. Well, if someone was going to get her secret, surely it gave her the right to find out theirs.
          She clicks the box, closes the laptop and exits the library as she sees students filing into the halls in time for the start of school.
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            I was just minding my own business, playing Minecraft on my computer, when that little email pop up came up in the corner of the screen. I would've ignored it, but as I glanced at it, it said unknown sender. Unknown sender? I haven't given my email to anyone recently, have I? I was now faced with a problem. I could either check out the email, or finish this round of cake wars that my team was winning. I went with the latter. After silently celebrating my victory, I clicked out of the server and checked my emails. There it was. I open it, and quickly read it through. My mouth opened in horror. My secret could not get out. It couldn't! I quickly clicked the top option and sent a reply, not doubting this person for a second. Afterwards, I took a deep breath. I had to win this.

            - several hours later -

            I got dressed, grabbed my bag and headed out the door. As I walked to school, I admired the beautiful scenery. I often wondered why I was the only one who could see the world like this. In high definition color. I was quite tired though, from getting up at five to play Minecraft. I decided to get a frappe, so I walked into the small cafe near school. My eyes closed as I yawned, I slammed into someone (Adam) after taking another step. My eyes popped open as I windmilled my arms, trying to keep my balance.



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              The person who slammed into him, snapped him out of his thought on what to do about this joke. If it was one. He grabbed her arm and pull her towards him, to make sure she didn't fall. "Are you okay?" He asked with a tilt to his head. Did he know her? He was so sure he had seen her around the school a few times here and there. She looked as tired as her felt so it made sense she wasn't looking where she was going.

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                "Ack, thanks, sorry, huh?" I shook my head to clear it. I needed to live in the real world right now. "Yeah, I'm fine," I told him, answering his question as the words started to make sense. I feel like I've seen him around. Probably, it's a big school.



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                  K A T E R I N A

                  As usual, she got up early enough to make breakfast for her sister, Adriana, and her grandmother. She made sure that she got dressed and that Adriana had caught her bus before she sent a reply to the email she had gotten the night before. She decided to do it, because she knew that she couldn't wait around for her secret to be revealed. She had to win, and then maybe she could help her family live a little better. She headed out to school, stopping at the cafeteria to get herself a smoothie---like she did every school morning.

                  J A Y D E N

                  As soon as the email was sent last night, he quickly replied to it. Now, this morning, he wondered if he had been too hasty to make that decision. No. This was what he had to do. If anyone found out his secret, his rep would be ruined. It took him awhile for him to become this awesome, and he wasn't going to let some stupid game ruin it for him. Jayden got changed into something cool, said bye to his parents, then got his driver, Hans, to drive him to school. He waved briefly to anyone who looked his way, then headed to the courtyard to practice shooting some hoops.

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                    "Don't worry about it." He smiled. "Been up all night huh?" he asked her getting back in line. He should be worry about the email. He should be, but he wasn't going to. He didn't want to. Just as all his other problems in life he was going to forget they exist for a little while.

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                      I smiled. "No, but I got up at 5 to play Minecraft.... and went to bed at 1 because I wasn't paying attention to the time." I shrugged. "Oops?"



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                        I woke up that morning with the wonderful sound of my mom yelling at
                        my younger
                        brother Victor. I looked at the hour and saw that I was already late for school: "Nice job Jake. Lets start the day right". I rushed out of bed, put on the first clothes I saw and ran out of the house, grabbing an apple from the kitchen counter on my way out. "Bye mom! I love you!" I shouted while sprinting past the doorway.
                        On my way to school, I slowed down a little to check my mobile phone and saw that I had a new mail from an unknown user. "Who the hell does still use the email to communicate?" I opened it and felt how my heart started sinking while reading it. "No way, no way, no way" I thought "This cannot be happening" I quickly accepted the game, I didn't know if it would stop my secret from spreading but I definitely needed to try. After, I switched off my mobile and ran the rest of the way to school. I was still late after all.


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                          He chuckled, "Still better than me. I when to sleep and 5 and woke up at 6. Wasn't playing Minecraft but some Indie game with some creatures with mugs and tea cups for heads. Can't remember the name of it now."

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                            "Bravo," I said, laughing. "1 hour of sleep. I can see why you'd need a coffee or two."