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  • Promote your story here!!

    I'm a new writer and would love for people to check out my story. Promoting a story can be hard trust me I know lol. So here is a place to drop your instagram/ facebook/ twitter or whatever you have so your fans can see updates on your story. Or if they simply want to give you a shout out! And post your story info incase people want to check you out! And don't be afraid to show some people love on their story! I'd love to give you guys a shout out on my instagram so go follow me and I'll follow back (Episode.Stephi) And check out my story! I'd love to check out yours!

    Title: "Loving Famous"
    Author: Stephanie T.
    Genre: Romance
    Episodes: 12 (more to come)
    Summery: You move to L.A where you are living with your best friend. Will you fall for the new Celebrity student? What secrets are your best friend and other love interest hiding?
    Will you get caught up in all the secrets, lies, and betrayals?

    Let me know what you think!!
    Link below

    Follow me on instagram Episode.stephi

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    Hey! Added your story to favorites and will check it out as soon as my passes refill. I also followed you on insta!

    My info:

    Title: Hiraeth
    Author: Noelani
    Genre: Drama/Romance
    Episode count: 4 (on-going)
    Description: Anivia's mother is an ex-prostitute, and her father runs a shady business. Will Anivia follow a different path? +Romance
    Story style: INK
    Sounds and Music: Yes!
    Instagram (for updates, sneak peaks, etc): noelani.episode (I follow back)


    • Miss K.
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      hey Noelani, you up for a read4read??

    • Noelani
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      Miss K., I'm always up for read4read! Just let me know what your story is called and I will add it to my list.

    • MissJour
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      Hello dear!
      I wanted to read your story but all I can see in the description is that you're not happy with the results.
      I will read it anyway!!!!!! Because:
      1. Your description here sounds cool, interesting and innovative.
      2. Sound and Music?! LOVE IT!
      3. We all starts small, girl! Your next story will be cool <3

      Here's mine, fresh meat if you like :*
      It's name is Scars and it's about kidnapping and also the "s*x" business
      I am writing episode 5 now

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    I'm new to this as well! Your comments are needed! I would love feedback from anyone willing to read my story! I will also read yours in return so don't worry xx! Thanks
    Title: The Vagary
    Author: Nis
    Genre: Drama
    Summary: When you were given a second chance to live your perfect life and to fall in love again, what would you do?
    Episodes: 7 (( there will be more episodes soon so chill ))


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      Hey guys go and check my new story and leave love

      Title: In Love With a Church Girl
      Author: Janily
      Genre: Drama/Romance
      Summary: Miles has it all - cars, boats, good looks, mansion, money, women, but more importantly, he has a past. Miles is a retired high level drug trafficker who is now completely legitimate. Even though Miles has turned over a new leaf, the DEA can't seem to let him out of their sights. Miles' only downfall is that he is extremely loyal to his circle of friends and former colleagues who are not retired from the lucrative business. Struggling to keep on the right side of the law, Miles meets the one girl of his dreams but she's not the usual type of girl that he's used to dating. (In the app is much short)
      Episodes: 3 (I just released the story so there will be more)


      • Charris
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        sounds good, I think I might have to check it out.

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      Title: Who killed Emily?

      Author: Madeline

      Genre: Mystery

      Style: Ink

      Episodes: I'm aiming to do 15 episodes, so far I have 6 episodes out.

      Description: Two best friend detectives celebrate a job well done, when suddenly their celebration is cut short, because they have to reopen the case!


      Instagram: You can find me on Instagram @thetalk_maddie


      • MissJour
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        Wooow it sounds really cool!
        I am reading it now <3
        I am on instagram and I am posting there screenshots from stories and comment it. If you like to read and get feedback than you're welcome!

        If you like, my story's name is Scars. It's about kidnapping, police officers, sexy detective and the s*x business


      • lovelymaddie
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        What's your Instagram username?

      • MissJour
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      Heres my story!

      Title: CopyCat
      Author: Trisa
      Genre: Drama
      Sounds?: Yes
      Style: INK
      Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
      Description: You're playing as an insecure girl that faces problem of a copycat. Will you be able to get rid of the copier?
      Instagram: @trisa_episode


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        This is my story:

        Title: Cupid's Arrow Corporation
        Author: Charlotte G.
        Genre: Romance / Comedy
        Episodes: 4 (on going)
        Style: INK
        Description: Working for Cupid's Arrow Corporation, Chance has dedicated his life to helping people find love. On his newest mission, his job is to make YOU fall in love.
        Instagram: @charlottegwrites

        I'll check yours out now
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          Here's my story!
          I'll check yours out, too!
          Title: Consequences
          Author: Unknown
          Genre: Romance/Horror
          Episodes: 5 (on going)
          Description: Aria gets a job as a live in maid, but will this job do her more bad than it does good?


          • MissJour
            MissJour commented
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            OMG!!! It sounds like "devious maids" AAAAAND I will DEFINITELY read it
            Romance Horror - you got me there already <3

            I hope you like to read my story, too. It's name is Scars and it's about kidnapping. sexy detective and all cool stuff


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          Title: My Aunt's Boyfriend
          Author: Charris
          Genre: Romance/Drama
          Episodes: 7 (on going)
          Description: Your whole summer break is altered once you and your aunt's boyfriend lay eyes on each other.
          User profile: Charris
          Instagram: Charris.Episode
          Checkout this story, on the Episode App! If you like it, support the story by passing it along!
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            Title: Oh, Pumpkin!
            Author: Carolin
            Genre: Mystery
            Episodes: 6 so far
            Summery: Louise accepts her first job ever at a farm far away from home. Slowly she discovers that things aren't the way they appear to be. Was this job an opportunity or a disaster?

            Instagram: carolin_episode



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              Hi I've read all your story from another forum chat we had, I love it. I just read chapter 14! I'm so excited for more. I really like Damon, actually to be honest they are all really sweet! I don't know how she's going to decide between the 3

              Here's my new story:
              My Teachers Secret
              style: INK
              genre: drama
              chapters: 5 ( more to come)
              description: The final year of high school, you are in Mr. Adams math class. He was always your sisters favorite teacher, what happens when you have his class? What secrets are hidden?



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                Hi hope you like my story

                Story Name - Revenge is Bitter Sweet

                Author Name - Scarlet Mask

                No of Episodes - 2 and more coming soon

                Genre - Mystery/Romance

                Description - Don't hold it against me, don't hold it against us cause You don't know what we've been through.

                Ink link -

                Classic link -



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                  Title: "The new Era"
                  Author: Sabrina D.
                  Genre: Drama
                  Episodes: 3 (more coming)
                  Summery: You are chosen to help Planet T from Planet X in war to save Earth and all the people on it. Will you survive?
                  Link :


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                    I already read your story! Can't wait for chapter 16!

                    Title: My New Boss
                    Author: Rita R.
                    Genre: Romance
                    Sounds?: Not Yet
                    Style: INK
                    Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
                    Description: Your new boss is the most mysterious and interesting guy you ever met. Will you be able to stay out of trouble?
                    Instagram: @rita_episode


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                      I just added you on Instagram, and read 6 episodes of your story, i will give you my completely honest opinion and hope to get yours. I've given a few feed backs but never received any!

                      I love the main idea of two boys inflicting with each other over a girl, the first two episodes sounded like a diary rather than a story, but i loved how things escalated in episode 6. My favorite scene so far is the one where Amber tricked Aiden and Skye into a fight. I loved the relationship between Skye and Bella as well. it was very interesting when you made Skye uninterested in Kalin the famous boy in the beginning, it made her look untypical and rational, despite the fact that i loved the moment they had when Kalin saw her crying in the hallways. This gave a sense of back story on his personality and made me wonder what he's like even more, even though I'm very interested in knowing more about Aiden and where had he gone in the morning. For a moment there i thought Aiden and Kalin were the same people and it reminded me of Hannah Montanah, but then, they showed up to class together and I started wondering all over again.
                      You should give us more of that juicy stuff, and less of the casual scenes like "i just woke up" or "I need to hurry to school" kind of dialogue.

                      A rule of thumb, always end your episode with a scene that your reader can't resist to complete, and finish it with the next episode.

                      As for what needed a little more effort, first you need to animate every single line of dialogue so that your characters won't look awkward, plus, ALWAYS review your animations and check if they make sense.
                      Also beware the animations ending in an unfitting position at the end, try to set the character into an idle state after every line accompanied by such an animation, such as when Skye and Aiden where in class in episode 2 and the narrator stated that class was over.

                      Secondly, I would enjoy it even more if you had used the zooming technique to acquaint your characters with us, readers. However, i think you should allow your story to characterize in actions, reactions, thoughts, or even gossip rather than characterizing through reader-directed lines such as when Amber entered the scene, you could have made a gossip scene after she leaves, and what you stated in the introduction of Amber could be said by Bella to Skye.

                      It would look even more interesting if you have used SKYE's name or the narrating character's name as the narrator (using NARRATOR (SKYE) ) or had her thoughts in the thought bubble. As for clothing comments, you should make a different comment at each outfit, it would give the feel of choice a better weight. also try layering your characters so that the right one is closest to the camera using the code:

                      @ CHARACTER moves to layer 0 AND CHARACTER2 moves to layer1

                      or vice versa. In addition, you can always use the @CHARACTER stands (position) instead of making them enter to a position you needed to replay, like when Amber entered and you made the introduction scene. Moreover, some readers may get tedious when reading lengthy lines that have little action, try to make every line of dialogue count.

                      In the scene after Aiden picks up Skye for their first date, you used a looping background, you should note that using these acquires you to use the walking animations only, unless you meant to show them in an electric stairway. Also, It was weird when they went to the mall and Skye bought the same outfit (I chose previously) that was also Bella's outfit (by accident), so you should be more abstract when dressing up the characters, make outfits for each of them separately, unless they tend to loan them to the main character. Furthermore, your readers are already connected to you, you don't have to reassure that connection at each beginning and ending of each episode, they will get used to you, and most likely to skip what you wrote in that part because it would be predictable, make your connection count.

                      Finally, the kissing scene between Aiden and Skye was bruised with a tiny positioning avoidable mistake, you should never publish before you read your story and correct the coding or grammatical flaws.

                      Alas, I'm waiting for my passes to refill and will definitely continue reading this story, thanks for this thread and i hope you read mine and give me YOUR feedback. I also don't mind giving feed backs to whom ever asks.

                      I wish you the best of luck, and to all those talented people here all around Episode. You are a talented author and a very nice one too.

                      My story's details below, please read it and tell me what you think. Also, please note that the first 5 episodes are sort of introductory:

                      Name of the story : Espalia's Essence
                      Number of Episodes: 6 (incomplete)
                      Short Summary: Espalia is a world with a lot of different rules. You can be a part of it. i can't wait to meet you.
                      Long Summary: Espalia is a world, very different than ours. Elana/You are being the princess, and Cruwella being the girl from earth that will join the madness in Espalia in a very complicated fantasy/romance situation. Magic and powers, complicated love stories, plot twists, and much more here in Espalia where everything is possible. EVERYTHING.

                      Instagram: Episode_espalias.essence
                      Snapchat: espalia


                      • Trisa
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                        Sent the DM and reviewd your story!

                      • Episode.stephi
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                        wardayaak checking out your story right now! And thank you for the suggestions! it was extremely helpful!

                      • wardayaak
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                        OMG, one of my favorite writers is reading my story. WOOHOO Episode.stephi thank you sweetie...