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Happy to share MY story, and READ yours!

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    I'm a new author here so I'd love for people to read my story so far and tell me what they think!
    I'm open to constructive criticism and tips.

    Thanks, everyone!

    The Past of You

    Author: WowSophie

    Description: In a place where the past is easily forgotten, You have a problem staying away from your own. Love is but a memory. *CC*

    Genre: Drama/Romance

    Style: Limelight



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      I have unlimited passes and would love to do a read for read.

      I am asking for proof that you read some episodes before I read because
      I am reading so many stories and my count is not even going up. Please understand.
      Thank you

      STORY TITLE: Fairytale Bliss

      AUTHOR: Angelique

      GENRE: Romance

      STYLE: INK ***(Warning: Adult subjects and mature language.)***


      STORY DESCRIPTION:We follow Autumn's last year of High school and start of College. She is reluctant about love and romance. She does not want a relationship at a young age, looking to just have some fun. Will she meet someone who is able to change her mind?

      EPISODES RELEASED: 28 (ongoing)


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        Title: Widened Eyes
        Author: miss robee
        Genre: Romance/Drama
        Style: Limelight
        Episodes: 5 (ongoing)
        Description: A surprise encounter shakes up Mila's quiet life and it looks like that surprise is determined not to let her get away.

        IG: missrobee.episode
        Twitter: missrobee_ep


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          Apocalypse Destination check it out is a mysteru


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            Here's my story!

            Title: A Royal Arrangement
            Author: Bells.C
            Genre: Romance
            Style: INK
            Episodes: 5 (ongoing)
            Description: Being a Princess has its expectations but what happens when those expectations change completely?

            Instagram: @bellsepisodes
            Thank you in advance
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              Title: The Most Powerful Scream
              Author: CatEyedGoddess
              Genre: Drama
              Style: Ink
              Chapters: 1-3 out now
              Instagram: @cateyedgoddess_writes
              Tally is a mute trying to find her voice again. She suddenly gains the attention of the whole school when she starts speaking again and befriends Alexander Crawford.

              I'll follow you on insta and add your story to my list


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                This is my first story I hope you will like it :P
                On this, have a nice day

                By the way I'm french so I'm sorry in advance if there is anything I always check but you know a mistake is human xP

                Title: There was time...

                Author: Mikawa

                Genre: Drama, Romance

                No. of Episode: 5 (ongoing)

                Style: INK

                Story Description: "This is a new beginning!" they says.
                But secret like this, never fade away...
                They only kill you slowly...
                By the way, I'm a new author so if you take the time to read my story I always appreciate any review or help, anything