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  • Share your stories here

    Alright. I got unlimited passes for the next 30 days. So share your stories and I will check them out. I'll try to read as many stories as I can since I got to school work to do.
    If you have any time on your belt, check out one of my three stories:

    Title: Mysterious: Cry of Fear
    Author: Five Star Equilibrium
    Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Horror
    Episodes: 3 (Complete)
    Description: You're a young man named Ryan who must navigate his way through a nightmarish, deserted city while slowly descending into madness.


    Title: Like A Dog Chasing Cars
    Author: Five Star Equilibrium
    Genre: Drama, Romance, Crime, Action, Realistic Fiction
    Episodes: 15 (Complete)
    Description: A heartbreaking chronicle of the adolescence and adulthood of a young homosexual woman growing up in inner-city Detroit; one of the most dangerous places in the United States.


    Title: DSC: East St. Louis
    Author: Five Star Equilibrium
    Episodes: 3 (complete)
    Genre: Drama, Crime, Action
    Description: A raw look at the everyday experiences of people who live in the murder capital of the USA... East St. Louis.


    This is of course if you have any time to do so. Your feedback and reviews will be greatly appreciated. If you want a straight up honest review from me just tell me so. I'll PM you a review.
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    It would be nice if you could check out my story! I would like it if you are COMPLETELY honest, no sugar coding. Here's the information:

    Title: Dreams Of A Fashion Designer
    Author: Kzlittlove
    Genre: Drama
    Episodes: 33 (ongoing)
    Description: This is the story of three unknown fashion designers, that have a shot at their fashion dreams. Will they make it?

    Social Media: @episode_fashion on Twitter


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    This is my first story.

    Title: True Love Never Dies
    Author: EliH
    Genre: Romance
    Description: Sky has just finished high school and lives a normal life. But things take a turn for the worst when her mother dies.



    • Five Star Equilibrium
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      I read 2 chapters of your story and I left you a fanmail.

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    Hi Five Star Equilibrium Thank you for starting this thread, I will love it if you could give my story a try. I will also read your story and get back to you. My first few chapters may not be too well-done with little directing skills, but still, I hope you stay with me. My first illustrated animal started appearing in chapter 4, hope you can see it.

    Title: In Love with the Whisperer
    Author: Ruby L. Lee
    Genre: Fantasy/Romance
    No. of Episode: 16 (ongoing)
    Style: Ink
    Story Description:
    Lara Raines is the Whisperer. But will her unique ability help or hinder her in finding true love? Are things as simple as they seem or are there more than meet the eyes? Meet lots of animals (illustrated by me) along the way, some are cute, the others, maybe not so much. This story is fantasy mixed with romance and a little bit of humor.
    Instagram: @rubyllee.episode

    Thank you so much! Hope you like it.


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    Thank you for doing this!

    Here's my story:
    Title: Mysterious: The Crime of The Rose
    Author: Trisa
    Genre: Mystery Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
    Story description: The greatest detective of Malonia City finally receives her 100th case. Can you find out the truth beneath the rose?


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    Hi there! I'd love to get an honest and detailed feedback from you! I'll read your story as well Thank you for this!

    Here are my story details! I'll go and read your story now and be right back with a review.

    Author Name: N. Shakirah
    Story Name/Title: Bittersweet
    Genre: Romance
    Style: INK
    Episodes: 5 (Ongoing)
    Story Description: Ever felt that love brings colors back to life? Follow Amber as she goes through life filled with bittersweet events.

    Cover Art:


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    Five Star Equilibrium I'd love to get an honest and detailed feedback about the areas that I could improve on. I will read your story today and send you a PM later today.
    Author Name: Eliza S Royalia
    Story Name/Title: Mysterious: Beyond The Grave
    Genre: Mystery, comedy
    Style: INK
    Episodes: 3 (complete)
    Story Description: Everything is going all right until past memories are provoked, threats arise and the dead revive. *Unexpected ending*
    Thank you for reviewing my story!
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    Author: J.noel
    Title:A Twisted Stimulation
    Genre: Mystery (with a combination of Romance, Drama and Thriller)
    Summary: Secrets, lies and deceptions can lead to many questions. Who are the Golden Gates and Do you believe the devil is real?
    Episodes: 6 (ongoing)

    LINK >>>


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    This is my story for the mysterious contest. It's a mystery/romance genre. I hope you'll like it

    Mysterious: Purple envelope
    Author: Kose
    Genre/s: Mystery
    Episodes: 4 (completed)
    Description: Offer to good to be true. Rules she never questioned. Until he came and made her fight for her life and their love.
    Instagram: kose.episode


    • Five Star Equilibrium
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      PMed you a review

    • Kose
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      Thank you!

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    Here is my story:

    Title: Cupid's Arrow Corporation
    Author: Charlotte G.
    Genre: Romance / Comedy
    Episodes: 4 (on going)
    Style: INK
    Description: Working for Cupid's Arrow Corporation, Chance has dedicated his life to helping people find love. On his newest mission, his job is to make YOU fall in love.
    Instagram: @charlottegwrites

    Which of your stories would you like feedback on the most?


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    Hi, I had added your story, will play it soon as my passes reload! This is mine, do drop a fanmail if you enjoy it! Thank you!
    Author Name: betweentherainbow aka Bow
    Story Name/Title: Mysterious: Phantom Drawings
    Genre: Mystery
    Style: Classic
    Episodes: 3 (Complete)
    Story Description: Mysterious drawings appears out of nowhere, can Natalie solves what those drawings mean before its too late?

    Cover Art:
    WhatsApp Image 2017-03-09 at 4.22.20 PM.jpeg


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    HI, Id love to share my story with you, its not finished I work on ep. 13 now. Its called Chronicles of dragon. Fantasy story.

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    Hello! Thank you in advance! I will check out your stories as well when I have time/

    Title: Midnight Encounters
    Genre: Fantasy
    Episodes: 3
    Author: Evelyn
    Summary: Nikki finds herself in the Werecat Nation and must deal with magic, mystery, and oppressive forces beyond her control.


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    Hi Five Star Equilibrium I hope you read my story I worked hard on it

    AUTHOR: Noble.Lady.
    STORY TITLE: Who's Under The Mask
    GENRE: Romance/ Fantasy
    CHAPTERS: 6 (going on)
    SUMMARY/Description: Her Life Change When She Met The Stranger In A Mask And Tell Her That She's A Special & Meet Boys Who'll You Fall For?
    NOTE: the
    first chapter are little polite
    Style: Ink
    Sounds and Effects: YES

    Instagram: noble.lady_episode

    This's the new cover so if you didn't see it because I didn't publish yet the new chapter with the new cover


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    Title: Who killed Emily?

    Author: Madeline

    Genre: Mystery

    Style: Ink

    Episodes: I'm aiming to do 15 episodes, so far I have 6 episodes out.

    Description: Two best friend detectives celebrate a job well done, when suddenly their celebration is cut short, because they have to reopen the case!


    Instagram: You can find me on Instagram @thetalk_maddie