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    I will totally read Freshman Year Gone Wrong, and in advance thanks for reading my story!

    Title: Haunted: Stop Writing Episode Stories
    Author: Haesu K

    Style: Limelight

    Genre: Horror/Psychological

    Episodes: 3 episodes

    Summary: A girl called Viscera is from a alternate reality that is tormented by monsters that we think up of. Everytime we write a story and publish it to Episode, the subject of terror enters Viscera's world.

    Sounds like she's pretty screwed, right?

    But when you accidentally send yourself to her alternate reality, you become wrapped up in Viscera's world too, and you have to find your way out while fighting an unusual enemy... the Episode App itself.



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      Hey, guys! I hope you guys consider reading my story

      Story: Both of Us

      Author: Zoe K.

      Style: Ink

      Episodes: 9 (ongoing)

      Genre: Drama

      Description: Marie wanted the truth, but she wasn't prepared to unearth her family's dangerous secrets... or to find love.



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        Author: Hazel Weldan
        Story: Death Of A Superstar!
        Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Drama, a lil bit of romance
        Episodes:1-7 (Ongoing)
        Storyline: Ava Duran,Hollywood's biggest superstar has it all, the looks &the talent. One question, who would want to murder her?
        If you haven't seen what this story is about, then I think you should check it out!


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          Hello, I've been using the writer's portal for 2 years now, but since I was so busy with my life I recently got a chance to publish.
          Full-option character customization is available, and there are no directing errors, I guarantee!
          Please read and tell me what you thinkπŸ˜ƒ And follow me on Instagram @episodesharons!

          Title : Dogs {INK}
          Author : Sharon S.
          Style : Ink
          Genre : Comedy / Romance
          Episodes : 3 (Currently working on 4)
          Description : You never had any boyfriends your entire life. But what happens when your dogs change into hot guys? OMG, drama awaits!
          Link :


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            Give my first story a try!

            Story: Starting Over
            Author: Adelaide
            Style: Ink
            Genre: Romance/Action
            Episodes: 5 (ongoing)
            Synopsis: "Serena" witnesses a murder and is placed in witness protection. What awaits her in this new life?


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              My first story! Give it a go 😌

              Story Title : Retribution

              Author : katiexbabydoll

              Style : Ink

              Episodes : 3 (Ongoing)

              Genre: Action

              Story Description : My name follows the definition of danger, sin, impracticality, and broken. And my name is not to be taken lightly.

              Link to the story :


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                Title: Mafia Blood

                Description: They say blood is thicker than water but what happens when your blood gets you in the mafia? (customizable characters)

                Author: simpleerebekah

                Episodes: 4 (updating today! )



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                  I've been looking for some unique stories to read! Please have a look at my new story and maybe give some feedback. Thanks!

                  Title: Changed
                  Author: G. Lambent
                  Genre: Drama/Romance
                  Chapters: 4 (ongoing)
                  Style: Ink

                  Description: Forever trapped. Forever engulfed in darkness. How do you find your identity when you've been stripped of one? Battles stereotypical views society holds on individuals and how perfection is in the eye of the beholder.


                  Last edited by G. Lambent; 10-03-2017, 08:55 PM.


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                    Read for read! I'll send you screenshots when done. Please message me when done reading- or if you want to take up my offer, either on here or on instagram :
                    Title: Saving Enchantilis
                    Author: CeceEpisode
                    Genre: Fantasy
                    Chapters: 5 (ongoing)
                    Style: Classic
                    Story Description: Enter the magical world of Enchantilis; A world equivalent yet superior to our world Earth in many ways. In this world, cultures are admired, not hated. Sexualities of all kinds are welcomed, not frowned upon. Studies of medicine and science have gone beyond successful, and millions of effective cures for all kinds of diseases have been created. This word is the definition of a realistic paradise, until a strange force brings danger to Enchantilis. When six teenagers are chosen to save their world, what will happen? Will they succeed?
                    I hope you enjoy reading my story


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                      Title: Hopeless Hearts
                      Author: Naya C.
                      Chapters- 7 ongoing
                      Genre- Drama/Romantic Suspense

                      You're forced to leave your old life behind after being placed into the witness protection program. Just when you think you've finally settled in, your past catches up to you, and cause you to change your identity again and leave the love of your life at the altar. Will fate bring you back together again, or will you be forced to live in fear of the unknown?



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                        Story: The Unexpected Magic
                        Author: Ellyn
                        Sypnosis: Adelynn never thought her life will change forever when she found out that her mother was murdered..
                        ​​​Genre: Mystery / Fantasy / Romance
                        Chapters: 3 (Ongoing)
                        Style: Ink

                        Please support my very first story.. Thanks


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                          Hi it'll be amazing if someone can try and read my first story on episode?
                          Title: Prey
                          Author: Anne Pancho
                          Genre: Adventure/Romance
                          Story info: Valerie Porter sees her parents dead on the floor the moment she arrives home. Unknowingly meeting the killers face to face at the same time. Realizing that the true objective was to kill her, she makes a decision to keep herself alive. She runs for her life with nothing else but the small amount of courage she has left. Along the way she asks for help. Slowly she finds reasons to why she's being hunted. It's an adventure of a lifetime to seek out the truth and to fight back. Hoping to avenge her family and possibly meet a man who will mend her grieving heart.
                          Chapters: 5 (on going)
                          Style: Limelight

                          I am open to suggestions and recommendations.
                          I also would love to read your story in exchange.Thank you!


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                            Will you share the link of my story?
                            It'd help a LOT!
                            I'll share yours in return!

                            Title: Escaping Death
                            Genre: Mystery/Horror/Thriller


                            Thx again! (FEEDBACK WELCOME!!!!)


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                              Hello, I have recently written my first story, well, pilot. I have 4 live episode right now and would love to get some views and will view others as well! I have been reading on episodes for a while!

                              Title: The Rescue
                              Author: Jo7679
                              Style: Ink
                              Genre: romance, adventure
                              Episodes: 4 with more in store
                              Description: When Jimmy comes to the aid of a damsel in distress, he has no idea that she may be the thief of his heart.

                              I appreciate any feedback and constructive criticism. I know that it is a little rough but I am getting much better at it as time goes on! Thanks!!!


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                                Title: A Witches Conflict
                                Author: Miss SJL
                                Chapters: 5- on going
                                Style: INK
                                Story Description: A soon to be witch is coming into her own. When she gets her powers will she be good or will the darkness take over?
                                Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Drama.
                                Follow me on Instagram @ miss.sjl.episode