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    Hi everyone. I would love if people would read my second story! It’s only 3 episodes and complete. The episodes are long, it includes full double customization , advanced directing, 2 endings, sounds & music , and many more great things. It’s partly for Halloween.
    I could also do read for reads whenever I have time.

    Title: Revenge Is Best Served With... [COMPLETE]

    Genre: Thriller

    Style : ink

    Description : You initiate a deadly revenge on your cheating boyfriend, but will you regret it and save him at the last minute?

    Checkout this story, on the Episode App! If you like it, support the story by passing it along!


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      Title- Thorne
      Author- Skye Winters
      Style- Ink
      Genre- Sci-fi/fantasy
      Episodes- 31, 24 live, waiting on a few image approvals and then it will be marked as complete with the remaining episodes.

      Link -\

      Details: Tons of custom overlays/backgrounds. Months of spot directing. Custom art, several mini games, especially in the later episodes.


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        For Wattpad readers:
        Being A Boxer's Girl

        Info: ♡|BWWM|Romance|Drama|♡ Michelle Anderson is a beautiful and successful MMA fighter and the soon to be fiancee of a handsome and famous champion boxer; Blake Jacobs. On the outside, they are the perfect couple and everyone idolizes them. But a lot of things are going on behind closed doors.


        For Episode readers:
        The Venomous Vixens

        Info: Three lethal ex-assassins are forced back into their vicious lifestyle when deadly revenge is on their minds.*CC*



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          Hey! I uploaded my first story yesterday! I already added your to favourites to read it, could you read mine and maybe give me some feedback?

          Title: Untamed Royalty
          Author: GalaInfinitia
          Chapters: 3 (ongoing)
          Style: Ink
          Genre: Drama/Romance
          Description: An untamed princess, a beautiful handmaiden, a perfect prince and his abdicated brother. Will this have a happy ending?

          Thank you so much! Hope you like it


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            Hey girl, i'm a new writter and i really need feedback..

            Read for a read ?

            Title: Death The Girl
            Author: Catthegirl
            Description: You have been trained all your life to avenge the death of your parents. But will you fall in love with the enemy?
            Genre: Drama/Romance
            Style: Ink
            CHAPTERS: Four (ongoing)
            Instagram: catthegirl.episode

            DM on ig, i do read for a read to everybody !!!


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              Hey! I'm a new episode writer too!

              I'd love to read your story in exchange for reading my story and providing feedback

              My Story is:

              Title: Anarchy
              Author: LithStories
              Description: At 21, Arya finds herself selling drugs to get by. Will she survive the gang lifestyle or will it eat her alive?
              Genre: Romance/Drama
              Style: Ink
              Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
              Instagram: LithStories_Episode

              Your support and feedback will be very much appreciated!


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                Hey there! I'm a new episode writer! Feel free to check out my first story! I'll read yours in exchange of course

                Title: Involved
                Chapters: 5 (out)
                Style: Ink
                Bio: You discover that you're involved with the strongest mafia. But when you realize it, the war has already started.
                Instagram: twisb.episode

                Hope you will like it we all deserve to have a chance! Thanks
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                  I have recently written a story which is unlike a lot of stories on Episode. It'd be great if you could read and give suggestions if any.

                  The link to the story is this:

                  The details of the story are:
                  Title: Roses in the warzone
                  Author: M. Roosevelt
                  Genre: Romance, action and I plan to put suspense in the upcoming episodes.
                  No. of Episodes : 3 so far.
                  Style: INK
                  Description:*Little does Sienna know that her latest assignment is going to change her life......FOREVER!!!

                  Thank you!


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                    Hey there!
                    We just published and it would be awesome if you check it out!

                    The link to our story:

                    Title: Deep Desire
                    Author. Jalen
                    Genre: Romance/Drama

                    Innocent girl meets powerful and attractive CEO.
                    Is she able to resist his charme or will she hopelessly fall for him?



                    • Hii guys, I'm a new writter on the episode app, and I need some feedback and advice ...

                      It's hard enough for someone new to promote your story and I need help in that regard.

                      I'm happy to help you if you need , If you are interensted in read for read, comment your stories below and I will read your story and send screenshots.

                      Title: Death The Girl
                      Author: Catthegirl
                      Description: You have been trained all your life to avenge the death of your parents. But will you fall in love with the enemy?
                      Genre: Drama/Romance
                      Style: Ink
                      CHAPTERS: Five (ongoing)
                      Instagram: catthegirl.episode

                      Thank u so much guys <3


                      • Hey! Give a try to my new hot story about slavery, love, betrayal and thirst for freedom!
                        Promise you'll enjoy it!

                        Story: Through Hardship to the Stars
                        Author: Claire
                        Bio: From slave to strong beautiful woman Adele finds herself in cruel world. Will she able to resist her handsome owner?
                        Genre: Drama \ Romance
                        Chapters:11 (12-15 coming soon)
                        Style: Ink


                        • Author:.Anielle Show
                          Story title: If it was meant...
                          Genre: Drama
                          Summary: The love of your life leaves for another state and is never coming back and you found yourself alone with your evil adoptive mother. How will things turn out for you..
                          Why should we read your story (explain): Because it's full of twists and turns!


                          • Title: Addiced
                            Author: Raven Simone
                            Description: What happens when Kashmiris' parents end up missing and moves in with the family who doesn't see her worth? What happens when she meets someone whose connected to her parents disappearance. Will she be able to figure out the truth? Or will she end up Addicted?
                            Genre: Romance/Mystery/Drama
                            Style: Limelight
                            CHAPTERS: 3 (Until October 31 then 5)
                            Instagram: episode.rae.simone


                            • STORY: A DEFLECTION OF LIES!
                              DESCRIPTION: Eldon Mcclain, an ex gang leader has been in prison for over twenty five years for a murder. A series of murders continue to happen after his release from prison, his wife and children are missing and his gang is now at war with the fallen Angels. Eldon is now caught in a web of lies, murder and much drama to come? SOUNDS INTERESTING?????? Check it out!
                              Episodes (1-3 ongoing)
                              GENRE: Action (mix of mystery, drama, romance, thriller)



                              • Read for Read! I'll leave fan mail for feedback! And welcome any in return!
                                Thanks in advance!

                                Title- A Girl Can Dream
                                Author- Raven
                                Style- Ink
                                Genre- Romance/Drama
                                Episodes- 4 (in progress)
                                Description- You're trying to forget your past and start afresh. New friends, new loves, new enemies. CUSTOMISE CHARACTERS!