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    read for read drop your story names below in the comment section

    READ my story : Sister Cities

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    Hey! I'm a new writer and I would love it if you could read my story!
    I will also start reading your story right now and I hope you can give me some feedback on mine.

    The link to my story:

    Title: Feel again
    Author: Sof
    Genre: Romance
    Style: Ink
    Description: To almost everyone in LA, Nalia Peters was dead. But what they don't know is she leaves behind a journal for 7 people to read. The journal explains the 7 reasons why she faked her death.

    Contains mature themes and strong language.


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      I'll read your story later tonight and give you some fan mail.

      Dream Job: The Professional
      Romance (drama, comedy)
      Samantha McDaniel
      3 episodes
      He wants to hire you for a job. You need to be professional. But, he has bigger plans than just being professional.
      Twitter: samrover18
      Instagram: 10gymnastics


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        Hello my name is Nunie

        Author of : Sister Cities
        Instagram : Episode.Nunie

        I'm fairly new to this ( episode forums )
        But please check out my story I would love to check out yours as well ❤️❤️❤️💜💜💜 #read for read 🌸


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          Would be interested in getting feedback for my story!

          Title: Welcome to the billionaire matchmaker club.
          (I do have an older story that I am retelling through this one that is called; Billionaire Matchmaker)
          It's a romance game that you control. Meet potential clients, Meet love interests, You control it all.



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            Hello! I would love to read your story, and I would love it if you read mine as well!
            I'll leave you some fan mail once I am done!

            Here's the information for my story:
            Title: Beauty and the Felon
            Author: Shanna
            Genre: Drama
            Description: Beautiful college student Sage is on the run from the cops with a handsome man she just met! What will she do?
            Episodes: 8
            Not completed



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              Heres my story : Walking Disaster by A.T
              features special art scenes and language options for my Latin mamis out there


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                Hey, I'll read your story a little bit later after I've read the current stories I'm reviewing!

                Story name: Love Watch
                Author name: Tiffany
                App summary: Mafia, Agents, and a countdown to the moment soul mates meet. What could possibly go wrong or cause a scandal?
                Episode: 6 (unfinished and continuing)
                Instagram: episode.lovewatch
                Profile: Tiffany


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                  This is my first story, I hope you'll like it!

                  Title: True Love Never Dies
                  Author: EliH
                  Genre: Romance



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                    Check out my new story if you’d like

                    MCV teaser.jpg ​​​​​​​
                    Title: My Charming Vampire

                    Author: BEA

                    Genre: Fantasy

                    Chapters: 16 published, ongoing

                    Release date: 23/04/17

                    Currently at 15th place in Fantasy section



                    • Starwxrs_
                      Starwxrs_ commented
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                      Hey, your story has captured my eye! I wondered if you'd like to do a read for read?

                      Title: Love Watch
                      Author: Tiffany
                      Style: INK
                      Genre: Action, romance, drama
                      Episodes: 7 (unfinished and continuing with a new episode each week)
                      Summary: Lyla is a Special Agent and lives in a time when countdowns to moment soulmates meet exist. But sometimes, love is dangerous, and not worth the risk. With Agents, Mafia and lots of drama what could possibly go wrong or cause a scandal?
                      Instagram: episode.lovewatch
                      Profile: Tiffany

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                    Hey episode.nunie, I would love to read your story! Mind reading my story too
                    Title: The Vagary
                    Author: Nis
                    Genre: Drama
                    Summary: If you were given a second chance to live your perfect life and to fall in love again, what would you do?
                    Episodes: 10 (( there will be more episodes soon so chill ))


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                      "Melt Me"
                      Summary: Saliha told herself she wouldn't fall in love. But what happens when she's partnered up with a handsome young man who is determined to make the cold Saliha melt?
                      Story style: ink
                      I just published it, it would mean a lot if you could review it or just read it. Thank you!!


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                          Hey check out a story I'm working on!!!

                          Title: Hard Evidence
                          Author: Nilaja J.
                          Style: Ink
                          Genre: Romance/Drama
                          Episode: 5 and counting (Episode 6 will be out by Friday)
                          Summary: India is used to living life on the edge. Office Gordon comes into her life and shows her a new kind of love.
                          Instagram: NilajaJ_Episode



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                            I'd really appreciate reads and honest feedback, this is my first story!
                            Having 0 views is kind of depressing ;P
                            Title: Order of Brenton
                            Author: Elle
                            Style: Ink
                            Genre: Drama/Fantasy/Mystery
                            Episodes: 4 (will continue if I get readers.)
                            Summary: A torn family. A secret and ancient Order. New love, old revenge, and mythical beings. Adele's life is about to change drastically.


                            • __adrianaa_x
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                              Hey! Your story sounds interesting. I'll read it for you! Would you like to read mine too? I totally feel you on the 0 views thing lol.