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  • Hey guys!
    This is my first story here, I would really appreciate if you guys read it and give me feedback in the form of consecutive criticism!
    Thank you!

    Author: Ritu D
    Title: The Raven's Shadow
    Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
    Description: VJ is a highly successful assassin who runs an all-female recruiting agency. What happens when she has to work with an all-male group to save the world?
    Genre: Action/Thriller/Romance


    • I’d love for some of you to take a look at my story!
      Title: Spy Chronicles
      Author: Savvy.episode
      Style: Ink
      Genre: Romance/mystery
      Episodes: 3
      Summary: After your mom's death anger was all you felt, but that was before he came along. What are his plans? Is it really love?
      Checkout this story, on the Episode App! If you like it, support the story by passing it along!


      • My first story is up and called "Help". Its about a Girl named Jade Richards who is abused my her step father, and no one knows. She is the new girl to town and in her new school she catches the eye of bad boy, and secret Agent, Ryder Grey. They start new beginnings together and exciting adventures!

        Genre- Romance/Drama

        I would really love more readers, and I post decently. I also have an Instagram where I post about my updates!

        Please read!


        • Hello! I have published my new story today! I would happily read yours if you read mine? Could also give each other feedback? Thanks

          Here are my details:
          Title: Monster In Law
          Author: Dreamgirl18
          Style: Ink
          Episodes: 3 ongoing
          Genre: Drama/Romance/Thriller
          Description: You meet the love of your life, Only problem is his mother is a psycho! How far is she willing to go to split you up?


          • Title: Saving Enchantilis
            Author: CeceEpisode
            Genre: Fantasy
            Chapters: 5 (ongoing)
            Style: Classic
            Story Description: Enter the magical world of Enchantilis; A world equivalent yet superior to our world Earth in many ways. In this world, cultures are admired, not hated. Sexualities of all kinds are welcomed, not frowned upon. Studies of medicine and science have gone beyond successful, and millions of effective cures for all kinds of diseases have been created. This word is the definition of a realistic paradise, until a strange force brings danger to Enchantilis. When six teenagers are chosen to save their world, what will happen? Will they succeed?


            • Title: Hacking Love

              Author: Lilly S.

              Genre: Romance

              Style: Ink

              Description: Can you outrun your rock &roll past and survive working for the hottest tech CEO or will your past catch up with you?


              Episodes: 46 (there will be 49 chapters total)

              INSTAGRAM: lillys.episode



              • Story: The Unexpected Magic
                Synopsis: Adelynn never thought that her life will change forever until she found out that her mother was murdered...
                Genre: Mystery / Fantasy / Romance
                Author: Ellyn
                Chapters: 3 (Ongoing)
                Style: Ink

                This is my very first story! I hope that everyone will support my story.. Thanks
                Your support will be very much appreciated!


                • Heya, i would like my story to be reviewed🌚🖤

                  NAME: Troublesome Temptations
                  AUTHOR: Ivyn G (aka meh)
                  GENRE: Action/ Drama/ Low-Romance
                  STYLE: Classic
                  CHAPTERS: Three (ongoing)
                  DESCRIPTION: How can a bad man be so sweet; how can a caring man be ever so vile? Why did I let my temptations cause so much trouble?
                  INSTAGRAM: @ivynthewriter / @ivynthewriter.backup

                  thank you very much🖤


                  • Here's my story. Comments and feedback are welcome.
                    Title: Falling for a Superstar
                    Author: Ni
                    Genre: Romance
                    Episode: 5(ongoing)
                    Description: Nicole unknowingly kisses a Superstar. Revelation,Differences, Acceptance! In the world of fame, can true love win?

                    Attached Files