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Share your stories here ! :)

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  • Share your stories here ! :)

    Hi everyone ! Share your work here! Doing read for reads aswell

    Title: Dark Secrets
    Author: Kayla Marie
    Description: Olivia's life is as normal as any teenager's, until a new student comes to town who holds a very dark secret.
    Insta: dark_secrets_real
    Please send fanmail


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    I'll check out your story when I get a chance.
    Here's my story
    Tittle: Mysterious: Sister's In Crime {Complete}
    Author: Pc & Jc
    Genre: Mystery
    Description: You and your sister are on a murder mystery. Will you find the killer before it's too late? Create characters.
    Hope you like it!!


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      Hi, this is my story. It is still new

      Title: The harder you fall
      Author: Renee
      Style: Ink
      Episodes: Right now 5 are published. I am working on new episodes.
      Description: Catherine went on a 6 month trip overseas only to come home and realise her best friend is now dating a control freak.

      I am happy to receive any feedback whether it is positive or constructive.
      Send fan mail if you like it

      I hope you enjoy it!


      • nadina_7
        nadina_7 commented
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        Hi, I just read your story! I think it is cute. It's fast pace but it makes sense. Keep up the good work!

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      Hello, my story is:

      Title: Pregnant by my famous best friend
      INK style
      Genre: Drama/Romance
      Summary: Your best friend gets you pregnant, five weeks later, he gets famous. Will you tell him about your child or will you keep it a secret? How will fame turn out for him? Will everyone stay in touch?
      Author: NinaEpisodes
      Episodes: 3 (Ongoing)

      I will read your story and comment a review. Thanks.


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        Kisforkayla Hi, I just read the first episode of your story and I think it's very interesting. That new guy even scared me lol. Like you said you're still new so you're adjusting but you did well. Keep up the good work!


        • Kisforkayla
          Kisforkayla commented
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          Thank you <3 I have adjusted! The episodes get so much better. I just published 15 and I even began adding sound affects.

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        nadina_7 Thank you for reading! I will check your's out soon!
        I didn't make the episodes long yet because I'm not sure if it will take off.


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          This is my story I just started writing so it's my First. My story is about a girl that is hiding a secret from her friends but also finds out her parents have been lying to her.
          There is more to come tho that's so far what it's been about. It also doesn't have a cover picture I'm still working on that.

          Title: Secrets, Lies And Fake Friends
          Author: Iza.B
          Genre: mystery
          Style: Ink
          Episode: 7 (writing more)
          Description: Bella falls out with her best friend. She meets Mike a hot and rich teen. She is also hiding a family secre.
          Warning: The story uses swear words!
          Instagram: Izab.episode


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            Please check mine out!!

            Send me a fan mail when you've read mine so I will make sure to read yours back!

            Story Title : Please Find Me
            Author : Haley
            Style : Ink
            Episodes : 3 (Ongoing)
            Story Description : When you get kidnapped, your BFF has to work with the police to find you before it's too late. *CUSTOM CHARACTERS*
            Link to the story :


            • nadina_7
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              I'm loving this story keep writing ))

            • hn929
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              Aw thank you!!!

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            Kisforkayla are you able to read and review my story? Thanks!


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              Title: Girls around the space
              Author: pikachuladyshahar
              Style: INK
              Genre: Adventure, Drama, Romance
              Episodes: 4 (ongoing)
              Summary: When you decided to go to the reality show of 2217, you didn't expect to find yourself in the middle of a war. *CC*
              Instagram: shahar_episode
              Profile: Shahar


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                Hi! If you have a chance I would love for you to check out my story.

                Title: Hard Evidence
                Author: Nilaja J.
                Style: Ink
                Genre: Romance/Drama

                Episode: 6 (Ongoing)
                Summary: India is used to living life on the edge. Officer Ace Gordon comes into her life and shows her a new kind of love.
                Customize: You can customize India & Ace in Episode 6
                Instagram: NilajaJ_Episode


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                  Title: Glitz 'N Glam

                  Author: Tiffany Santos

                  Genre: Drama.

                  Chapters: 1 so far. (do not read 2-3)

                  Status: ONGOING

                  Customization: You'll be able to customize her in chapter 2. I recommend you let her stay the way she is, though.

                  Style: INK

                  Summary: Tiffany runs away from home because of her stepfather's cruelty and his constant attempts to exploit her in various ways.
                  She finds herself in the street homeless. She starts adapting to her new situation and looking for an opportunity to help herself and her family.


                  Instagram: episode.yiff

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                    Title: Who killed Emily?

                    Author: Madeline

                    Genre: Mystery

                    Style: Ink

                    Episodes: I'm aiming to do 15 episodes, so far I have 13 episodes out.

                    Description: Two best friend detectives celebrate a job well done, when suddenly their celebration is cut short, because they have to reopen the case!


                    Instagram: You can find me on Instagram @thetalk_maddie


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                      Hey I am currently writing an episode story for the new contest! I would really love it if people could read it and constructive feedback is welcome!

                      Title: Dream Job: Scripts and Tears
                      Author: Beckyxox
                      Genre: Drama
                      Description: Can a young girl from Oakdale leave everything she has for something bigger?
                      Style: Ink
                      Episodes: 5 (ongoing)


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                        TITLE: New Places
                        GENRE: Romance (LGBTQ)
                        AUTHOR: L. Guyton
                        STYLE: INK
                        NUMBER OF EPISODES: 5; new episode every two weeks
                        DESCRIPTION: Grace is the new girl at Bayshore High. As she goes through her junior year, she discovers a secret about herself.

                        COVER PHOTO


                        Feedback and constructive criticism is much appreciated! I want this story to be realistic and relatable to the readers.