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    Heya! I wrote my latest story to hop on the "Pregnant By My..." memewagon that I'm totally not addicted to, lmao. I'm trying to make it as dramatic and funny as possible, because I'm a sucker for cliches!

    Title: Pregnant By My Nemesis
    Author: Lindsey R
    Style: INK
    Genre: Romance/Drama
    Episodes: 3/20ish
    Description: There's only one guy who knows how to make your blood boil... so what happens when he gets you pregnant? (customize your mc and baby daddy!)

    Thanks so much for reading my story, I'll start reading yours, too!! ;D


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      Hey there. Here is my brand new story!

      Title - The Fire Draco's Destiny
      Genre- Fantasy/Romance
      Plot - Talina is not a normal shifter. In a world where good fights evil, will good prevail, or will darkness taint the world?
      Style - Ink
      Episode- 7 (ongoing and frequently update)
      Link -
      Instagram - official.abbyb.episode

      I would love to hear any constructive criticism to improve my story!

      If you like the story, please share, it means a lot, and I will read your story too!


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        Hi I would love if anyone could review my story!
        This is my first story so I would appreciate any feedback.
        I will try and read yours as well.

        Title: First True Love
        Author: Kait
        Genre: Romance
        Episodes: 4 and counting
        Description: Sally thought she knew what love was. Will someone show her what it's really about?

        Thank you!


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          This is my story

          Story title: Traces of the Past
          Author: Vale D.F.
          Style: INK
          Episodes: 3 (working on the 4th)
          Genre: Mix of Romance / Drama and Action
          Customise: yes
          Description: A new neighbour makes your heart beat, a family secret turns your world upside down.

          Let me know what you think, any suggestion, comment or criticism is more than welcome!
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            This is my story its my first one! Feedback would be great!
            Title: The princess and the poor boy
            Author: Katie T
            Description: Forbidden love when a princess falls for a poor boy, what could go wrong? Oh yeah everything!
            Style: Ink
            Episodes: 5 (More to be added)
            Instagram: episode.katiet


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              Apocalypse Destination you will be identified


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                Title: The Most Powerful Scream
                Author: CatEyedGoddess
                Genre: Drama
                Style: Ink
                Chapters: 1-3 out now
                Instagram: @cateyedgoddess_writes
                Tally is a mute trying to find her voice again. She suddenly gains the attention of the whole school when she starts speaking again and befriends Alexander Crawford.

                I'm going to read yours right now. I'll send you a fan mail when I am done.


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                  I tried to leave you a fan mail but it says you aren't accepting fanmail right now

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                This is my first story I hope you will like it :P

                On this, have a nice day

                Title: There was time...

                Author: Mikawa

                Genre: Drama, Romance

                No. of Episode: 5 (ongoing)

                Style: INK

                Story Description: "This is a new beginning!" they says.
                But secret like this, never fade away...
                They only kill you slowly...

                Review? : Yes my friend it's always welcome



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                  Author: Malila
                  Story: Destiny (Limelight)
                  Story description: Little did Leah know what destiny had in store for her when she accepted her dad's job offer.
                  Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
                  Genre: Romance

                  Instagram: @malila.episode


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                    Would anyone be interested in a read for read?
                    DM me if you are interested.
                    Here's my story!

                    Title: A Royal Arrangement
                    Author: Bells.C
                    Genre: Romance
                    Style: INK
                    Episodes: 5 (ongoing)
                    Description: Being a Princess has its expectations but what happens when those expectations change completely?

                    Instagram: @bellsepisodes

                    Thank you in advance
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