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Drop your stories for leisure reading + my story updates (In Love with the Whisperer)

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  • Drop your stories for leisure reading + my story updates (In Love with the Whisperer)


    Hi everyone, I'm starting this topic to share my first story on Episode and to provide updates here for those who are more active in the Forum. Also, I hope to encourage fellow writers to drop their stories here for leisure reading. Please note that this is NOT a read-for-read or review-for-review topic. You are welcomed to drop your stories here to gain a little more exposure without the stress of having to exchange reads. If I have read your stories, I will be sure to let you know. I do understand that while read-for-read is an amazing way to promote stories and gain reads, there are also Episodians who wish to have just stress-free leisure reading. So feel free to share your stories below or just browse through to see which story catches your eyes! If there are stories that interest you or you have read them before, why not leave a positive comment to cheer up the writers? I'm sure we all need a little motivation sometimes.

    My story

    This is my first story on Episode that is specially dedicated to pets and animal lovers. Animals are self-illustrated by myself. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I do.

    Title: In Love with the Whisperer
    Author: Ruby L. Lee
    Genre: Fantasy/Romance
    No. of Episode: 25 (ongoing)
    Style: Ink
    Story Description:
    Lara Raines is the Whisperer. But will her unique ability help or hinder her in finding true love? Are things as simple as they seem or are there more than meet the eyes? Meet lots of animals (illustrated by me) along the way, some are cute, the others, maybe not so much. This story is fantasy mixed with romance and a little bit of humor.
    Instagram: @rubyllee.episode

    Updates (14 Nov 2017): Chapter 25 is out!
    Hey, do check out my latest post in this thread for the updates of In Love with the Whisperer. Whisperer will be continued for sure. Thank you and do drop your stories here if you like!
    ~ Ruby. L
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    Title: Secrets and Surprises

    Description: Two pairs of friend find their lives entangled. What secrets and surprises await them?

    Type: Ink

    Chapters: 8 (ongoing)


    Chapters are generally updated once a week ☺️


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      Hi, I had actually read some of your chapters previously! I like all the animals you illustrated, they are so cute! Your pitu profile picture looks great too! This is my story, hope you can give it a try!

      Title: The Time Between Us
      Author: betweentherainbow
      Genre: Drama/ Romance/ Fantasy
      Summary: Step into the world of chronic illness, family drama, messy relationships and lastly, time travel. (CC)
      Episodes: 8 (On-going).
      Instagram: @between.the.rainbow

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      • Ruby L. Lee
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        Hi betweentherainbow, thank you for reading my story! I hope you find it not too bad. Thanks for sharing your story, I let you know when I read it. Oh my pitu profile picture! haha thanks :P

      • betweentherainbow
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        Ruby L. Lee yeah I enjoyed it! Will definitely catch up with your story real soon (I am lagging behind!)

      • Ruby L. Lee
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        Hey betweentherainbow, no worries take your time! I just started on your story and I love it! I had sent you a DM on instagram :P

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      • The title is DSC: Unlocked
      • Author is Nuni B.
      • Genre is Romance/Drama
      • Quote is "The key unlocks more than the heart"
      • It centers around a young businesswoman who has two potential love interests while trying to evade her crazed ex who will do anything to get her back.
      • There are 7 episodes!

      Link is


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        Title: Playful Kiss 😘
        Author: Black Shadow
        Style: INK
        Genre: Romance
        Episodes (7 - and continuing)
        Description: Liam hates Emily but she adores him. What will happen when she moves in with him? Will love bloom?


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          Title: It Girls
          Author: ByFantita
          Style: INK
          Description: In a world full of pretty faces, ugly secrets are more lethal than bullets. Try not to have too many.
          Genre: Drama/ Mystery
          Episodes Published: 3 (ongoing)


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            Here's mine. It is my first story, so feedback would be appreciated.


            Title: The Darkness Within
            Author: Zayen
            Description: As a non-human, you have been anticipating the day your ability develop. But when it did, something else emerged as well
            Genre: Fantasy/Action
            Episodes: 14 (ongoing)

            This story is about people with abilities/powers, similar to that of X men.
            Hope you will enjoy my story!
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              Hi! I'd be happy if you read my newest story...

              Title: "Adiel: A Pregnant Princess"
              Genre: Romance/ Drama
              Episode: 8 (ongoing)
              Style: Ink
              Summary: A young girl who doesn't know her significance... what will happen if their people find out about THEIR secret?
              Instagram: @curlie_tops

              Thank you so much! ..


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                Author Name: Kate Alice
                Story Title: My Sister's Ex
                Genre: Romance
                Style: INK
                Episodes: 4 (Ongoing)
                Story Description: Find out what happens when your sister's ex-boyfriend comes back to town... *character customisation*
                Instagram: @katealice.episode


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                  Title: Dream Job: The Chance to Dance
                  Author: Abbey
                  Description: All your life you've wanted to be a dancer, and you finally get a shot at your dream job. Will you make it or break it?
                  Genre: Drama
                  Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
                  Style: Ink


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                    Author name: Hila
                    Story name: Age Is Just a Number
                    Genre: Drama/Romance
                    Style: Ink
                    No. of episodes: 15+
                    Description: Haley has a heated affair with PVHS's hot new algebra teacher from Australia. Can they keep their relationship a secret?


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                      Hi! My name is Safi and I just published my first story! I am very nervous, but also excited at the same time! I would love for you to check it out and also, if possible, give me feedback so I can improve! Here are the details:

                      Story name: A Traveler's Dream
                      Author name: Safi
                      Genre: Romance
                      Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
                      Description: Sarah has faced every challenge with dedication and passion. What happens when her next challenge involves her heart?

                      Also, if you like my story, please share with your friends!

                      ​​​​​​​Thank you so much!!


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                        Hi guys..
                        It's so good to see people having such diverse ideas. The ideas you guys have posted are so lovely.. It definitely makes me wanna read them..
                        I, too, published my story a few days ago.. And i would love to get some thoughts and insights.. And a read for a read sounds good too..!!
                        If anyone is interested..
                        Title: The Spell of Invisibility.
                        Author: Aisha
                        Instagram: aisha_episode
                        Genre: Rom-com-fantasy.
                        Description: What happens when Brooke's sister mysteriously becomes invisible..? How do they cope up with their lives..? Will they find love in this journey..?
                        I have 3 episodes so far.. and i'm working on the 4th one right now..

                        Thank you..


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                          Title: The Chase
                          Author: Caggie
                          Episodes: 6 and ongoing
                          Genre: Drama
                          Style: INK
                          Summary: Petra is on the run with the brooding Isaac to escape enslavement after being abducted by a growing underground business.


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                            I just published my first one!
                            Love Falls by Lauryn J
                            4 episodes rn, I'm starting the 5th
                            romance genre I suppose, it's based on Effy, the main character. Something happens to her and she meets someone..interesting..and then without going into specifics something else potentially happens to her.