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Drop your stories for leisure reading + my story updates (In Love with the Whisperer)

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    Story: The Past Shapes Us
    Author: Solete
    Genre: Mystery
    Plot: Samuel is a troubled detective trying to find the truth about a mass of murders , while he tries to find himself in the process
    Chapters: 8 (ongoing)
    Style: Ink

    Hope you all like it!!


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      It is my first story and I hope you all enjoy it

      The Past Shapes Us
      Author: Solete
      Genre: Mystery/Crime
      Plot: Samuel is a troubled detective trying to find the truth about a mass of murders , while he tries to find himself in the process
      Chapters: 8 (ongoing)
      Style: Ink

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        This is my new story. I would love any feedback on it!

        Title: Changed
        Author: G. Lambent
        Genre: Drama/Romance
        Chapters: 5 (ongoing)
        Style: Ink

        Description: Forever trapped. Forever engulfed in darkness. How do you find your identity when you've been stripped of one? Battles stereotypical views society holds on individuals and how perfection is in the eye of the beholder.




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          Hello! I'd love to drop my story by too! Hope you enjoy

          TITLE: My Kingdom South
          GENRE: fantasy, romance, drama
          CHAPTERS: 3 for now
          DESCRIPTION: You are a young princess from the southern kingdom and you travel to the western kingdom for humanitarian relief efforts, only to discover something sinister is brewing. You have 2 potential love interests and close friends who help you navigate these muddy waters.
          STYLE: Ink


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            Iā€™d love for some of you to take a look at my story!
            Title: Spy Chronicles
            Author: Savvy.episode
            Style: Ink
            Genre: Romance/mystery
            Episodes: 3
            Summary: After your mom's death anger was all you felt, but that was before he came along. What are his plans? Is it really love
            Checkout this story, on the Episode App! If you like it, support the story by passing it along!


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              Hello! I have published my new story today! I would happily read yours if you read mine? Could also give each other feedback? Thanks!

              Here are my details:
              Title: Monster In Law
              Author: Dreamgirl18
              Style: Ink
              Episodes: 3 ongoing
              Genre: Drama/Romance/Thriller
              Description: You meet the love of your life, Only problem is his mother is a psycho! How far is she willing to go to split you up?


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                Title: Hopeless Hearts
                Author: Naya C.
                Chapters- 7 ongoing
                Genre- Drama/Romantic Suspense
                Instagram: Nayac.writes

                You're forced to leave your old life behind after being placed into the witness protection program. Just when you think you've finally settled in, your past catches up to you, and cause you to change your identity again and leave the love of your life at the altar. Will fate bring you back together again, or will you be forced to live in fear of the unknown?


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                  Hey there everyone. Here's my story. Comments and feedback are welcome.
                  Title: Falling for a Superstar
                  Author: Ni
                  Genre: Romance
                  Episode: 5(ongoing)
                  Description: Nicole unknowingly kisses a Superstar. Revelation,Differences, Acceptance! In the world of fame, can true love win?

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                    Story: The Unexpected Magic
                    Author: Ellyn
                    Sypnosis: Adelynn never thought her life will change forever when she found out that her mother was murdered..
                    ā€‹ā€‹ā€‹Genre: Mystery / Fantasy / Romance
                    Chapters: 3 (Ongoing)
                    Style: Ink

                    Please support my very first story.. Thanks


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                      Hi everyone, thank you for dropping your stories here!
                      *bump bump* (14 Nov 17)

                      Updates for In Love with the Whisper: Chapter 25 is out!

                      Thank you if you have been reading Whisperer. I hope you will enjoy Chapter 25 as well. As some of you may have noticed, there are a handful of animals in my story since they belong to the main plot. I have also been creating some animal overlays, like these:

                      I'm starting to make some for you all to use, so if you like them, do drop by my Instagram to see more of them. My Instagram: @rubyllee.episode

                      ~ Ruby.


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                        Feel free to check out my story!

                        Titile: Right and Wrong
                        Genre: Romance
                        Style: INK
                        Episodes: 7 (Ongoing)
                        Brief description: The story takes place from Jessie's POV. She has just moved from LA to New York for college to become an Architect and is moving in with her brother (Jaden) and his bestfriend (Linc). A year after Jaden first moved to New York, they're parents were in an accident and died. That caused him to become estranged so they weren't in contact with eachother as much. It's a story that follows Jessie's life through college, boys, and maybe a little drama. There will be 3 possible love interests -- Linc (the bestfriend), Zeke (the Engineer), and Sin (the heir of Zeckler Ind.). Let me know what you think if you choose to read!

                        Here's my Instagram if you want to see some clips from current episodes or sneak peeks:
                        IG: episode.mars

                        Link to my story:
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                          Hey! This is my first story

                          Title: COMA
                          Genre: drama
                          Style: Ink
                          Episodes: 6 (NOT FINISHED!)

                          Description: You'd do anything to study at the college of your dreams. But what happens when 'anything' makes someone fall into coma?

                          Instagram: @anys.episode

                          • MC customization
                          • Male & Female love interests
                          • Use of music & sounds
                          • Advanced directing
                          • Choices matter!
                          Thanks for reading!