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  • Drop your stories here!

    Hello guys! I've read some amazing stories so far! I would love to read more! I would also like my story to be read aswell! I enjoyed each story I've read so far. Drop your stories below! Here is mine:
    Title: Unexpected Love
    Author: Kaela Ashlee
    Description: Bella obsesses over a boy named Justin. But what will happen when she begins liking someone who has a dark past and present? *CUSTOMIZATION AND OUTFIT CHOICES*
    INSTAGRAM: Kaela.episode
    I hope you guys enjoy it and I would appreciate fanmail, etc!!! Give me more stories!

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    I am nicole

    Title: "new life"
    author: Nicole
    Genre: drama
    Style: Ink
    Episodes: 3 (ongoing) (they are short&i'm really trying to make them more intersting)
    discription: Kim is a girl who died in car accident and became an angel,after 3 years in the heaven the ange has a task, and of course kim's time had come. if she complete the task she will be back to erath, the task is to connect with her family/friends and become closer. Will she succeed?

    *The first episode is short and kind of boring because it's a introduction.
    *i'm only 13 old and my grammar isn't good, and ENGLISH ISN'T MY FIRST LANGUAGE!

    If you see any errors please tell me about it on instagram or in the FAQ!

    Instagram: nicole._.episode

    I hope you enjoy!



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      Pls read my story only has 8 reads :'(

      Title: Operation Nice Guys
      Author: Mary Jane Doe
      Genre: Drama (but also some comedy)
      Style: Ink


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        Hi you´re story sounds interesting. I´m going to check it out.
        Here is mine if you want to read it

        Title: Dangerous Love


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          Hi everyone! Please check out my latest story: Bound By Travesty
          STYLE: INK
          Chapters: 2 (3 is locked.)
          Genre: Romance, Drama, and Comedy
          Descriprion: Luna is a rebel — and rebels don't fall in love. The MC, Luna, has been sent to a program to challenge her behavior. At the program, Luna makes new friends, challenges her attitude, and gets stuck in a love triangle.
          Story features: love, diversity, social issues, diversity, PoC, LGBTQIA*, gender options, character customization, personality and religious options.
          IG: @ts.theauthor.

          DM what you think of my story either here or on IG! ❤️



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            Hey everyone!
            So excited to start giving your stories a read, a lot of my favourite stories I've found on the forums.

            If if you want to check mine out and give me feedback, that would be great!

            It's called 'Pregnant By My EX-Husband'

            I know it sounds cliche, but I have a lot planned for this story to make it insteresting and different!

            Here's the link 😊

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              Hey I just posted my very first story, would really appreciate it if you could read it and give me some feedbacks. Please and thank you so much 🙏
              Title: Vokarth: mystery behind the man in RED
              Author: JeanOrJean
              Episode: 4, still on going
              Genre: Fantasy, action if I could figure out a way to code for it LOL
              describtion: As a survivor of a horrific incident, follow Zerxes and his friends uncover unsettling plots that will destroy the peaceful world that they live in.
              Heres the link:
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                Lol we've already read each other's I'm just sharing mine.

                ​​​​​​Title: I'll Be Watching You
                Author: Emily P
                Genre: Mystery
                Episodes: 2 viewable, 3 total
                Description: Emma's normal life is turned upside down when she discovers someone has a sick obsession with her.
                Instagram: emilyauthor_episode


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                  Hey everyone, I just published my first story and I hope you all can read it and tell me what you think! I worked very hard on it and I hope you enjoy it!

                  Title: The Jewel of Light
                  Author: Anirra K
                  Genre: Fantasy
                  Episodes: 3 are published, 10 total
                  Description: Can Manar become the warrior needed to save the Kingdom of Light from the Dark Prince? Or will he over power her?


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                    Here's mine!
                    Title: The Darkness Within
                    Author: Zayen
                    Description: As a non-human, you have been anticipating the day your ability develop. But when it did, something else emerged as well.
                    Genre: Fantasy
                    Episodes: 15
                    Style: Ink
                    Hope you will enjoy it!


                    • Zayen
                      Zayen commented
                      Editing a comment
                      Hi, I've already read the first episode of your story and sent you a screenshot as proof! Do check your inbox

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                    Here's my new story:

                    Title: The Lie Detector
                    Author: Scarlett
                    Genre: Fantasy ( | Mystery)
                    Story description: All it took was a simple nod to be someone extraordinary--and--*BOOM*--now Abigail Jones knows who the liar is. |CC in 4
                    No. of Episodes: 3 (ongoing)

                    Instagram: scarlett.episode


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                      Hi! This is my first story that I'd really like to be reviewed. Thanks in advance! Hopefully you'll like it

                      Title: Tragic Hero
                      Author: Kyle T.
                      Summary: It's your first year of college. What happens when murder hits close to home and romance enters into your life?
                      Episodes: 4 (incomplete)
                      Genre: Romance/Mystery
                      Instagram: @storiesbykyle


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                        Hi! I am Jessi

                        Title: It's my love story
                        Author: Jessi
                        Description: Anastasia falls in love with her boss but things take twist when her first love comes across her path.
                        Episodes: 6- ongoing
                        Genre: Drama/Romance
                        Instagram: episode.jessinove
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                          Hey guys. I'll work my way through reading the stories on this feed if you give mine a read! If you're wanting a detailed review of your story inbox me on here/instagram and ill be more than happy to swap detailed reviews! <3

                          Little info on my story-
                          Story title: 619 London Sinners
                          Author: Scarlett ;D
                          Instagram: stalkeralert.episode
                          Description: Being pushed to your limit within the English gang war, reveals a side of yourself you didn't know existed. (CC)
                          Customization: Yes.
                          Story altering choices: Yes.
                          Episodes: 3 (on-going)
                          Basic plot: You're sent to England for your continued bad behaviour when you meet a gang who completely change your life. You're thrown into the action when the gang you begin to trust, show you their dark side with an evil scam which changes your whole perspective.


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                            I would love for you all to read my story!

                            Name: Music & Fame
                            Author: Heavenly Fire
                            Genre: Drama
                            Description: Will you be the next popstar? Find out in Music & Fame
                            Episodes: 5 (working on 6)

                            Please leave some fanmail, I'd love to get some feedback!

                            X - Heavenly Fire (@heavenlyfire.episode)