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    Story name: Perfect Pitches: I see the future
    Author: Janily
    Style: LimeLight
    Genre: Comedy/Romance
    Description: A teenage girl periodically receives brief psychic visions of the near future. Trying to make these visions come true
    Episodes: 3 (ongoing)

    I will read yours and leave fan mail read my and leave fan mail and let me know if is funny..


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    Hi! I'll read your story tonight and send you screenshots as proof and leave a fanmail.

    I don't mind how you review it whether it's here or privately. It would be great if you could leave a fanmail though.
    Let me know what you think of my story!

    This is my story:

    Title: Desire
    Author: Sam
    Genre: Comedy (Mix of Drama/Romance/Comedy)
    Episodes: 7 (ongoing)
    Description: When Desire starts burning will Damon and Elena deny the passion between them....
    Instagram: desire_episode

    Thank you so much!


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    Hey, guys! Could you please cheack it out. I need your opinion

    Title: Pregnant by a hot stranger / Love Boat
    Genre: Drama/Adventure/Romance
    Style: ink
    - 3 episodes
    Description: After a painful breakup is this cruise really what you need? What will happen when you meet a hot sexy stranger? ~Costmz your Character~


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      Title: Restart.
      Author: Coverr
      Description: Life is so unpredictable. One day you have everything you've ever wanted. The next? All gone. Can you start over?
      INSTAGRAM: @co.verr

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        Hey, Coild you please give my story a read?

        Title: Pregnant by a hot stranger / Love Boat
        Genre: Drama/Adventure/Romance
        Style: ink
        Author: sheyri
        Description: After a painful breakup is this cruise really what you need? What will happen when you meet a hot sexy stranger? ~CC~


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          I added this to the ones i will read xxx sounds interesting. do u have insta?

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        Hi! This story is not actually out YET, I will update and notify when out. Deadline should be January... :/
        Name:Undercover In Style
        Author: EpisodeGirlsUnited
        Genre: Action, Romance, Mystery ( Put down as Action- could change.)

        Choices: Yes!!!!!
        Episodes: 2 so far (cringe!!) but planning on the stories, 20 chapters max in each one...
        Plot: You have just won a scholarship at THE best (and most expensive) boarding school in the universe,
        only to find out it actually trains
        SPIES. And then, on your third day, you and your friends (Dianne and Janet)
        are rudely accused of kidnapping
        Courtney Hills, a total drama queen and Bestie/sidekick of Professional Bully, Taylor.
        To prove you are innocent, you and your friends set of on a totally crazy world tour, undercover as models. Can you find love, avoid the paparazzi, make the boy you like like you, and unearth a shocking family secret?

        Style: Limelight (Very little actions, but I manage!!)
        Any questions ask me on here or on Episode.

        ~As I said, can't give a link just yet but will give link when I have published~

        episode poster page.jpg


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          Hey, guys! 💖

          It would mean a lot if you would check out my new story - EAST OF EDEN.

          title: EAST OF EDEN

          description: When Eden Carter died in 1915, she expected to be reunited with her soul mate in the afterlife. But waking up in Manhattan a century later, everything has changed. Her village is gone, and all her friends dead. Determined to find out what happened to her, Eden navigates a new life in New York. Discovering a new strength, incredible speed and unparalleled vision, she’s invincible. But these powers come with a price as enemies plot to destroy her. As a thirst for blood and murder becomes her nature, Eden is spiraled into a war raging between the creatures of the dark - vampires.

          author: ephemeral [also me]

          genre: Fantasy


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          I'm happy to help you if you need , If you are interensted in read for read, comment your stories below and I will read your story and send screenshots.

          Title: Death The Girl
          Author: Catthegirl
          Description: You have been trained all your life to avenge the death of your parents. But will you fall in love with the enemy?
          Genre: Drama/Romance
          Style: Ink
          Instagram: catthegirl.episode

          Thank u guys
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            Hey Guys! I'm New to episode! Check out my story Love Finds A Way (LFAW).
            My story is about Kari who thinks she has it all the coolest friends and great Social Life, but soon that will all change. She will soon see the true (betrayal, and disloyalty) of everyone who she cares about. Will she ever find happiness and love one day with everything looking against.
            Check out my story in the app:
            Thank you!
            - Sincerely , Blue queen Rose


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              Hello Here's my story:

              Story title: Toxic Desire
              Author: Kiingxkris
              Type: Ink
              # of Episodes: 11+ (ongoing)
              Description: Life is a constant changing cycle of choices and decisions. Happiness, power, money, and love all can control a person. What will you end up with? Is it possible to have both or can you only end with one?




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                Hey! This is my first story

                Title: COMA
                Genre: drama
                Style: Ink
                Episodes: 6 (NOT FINISHED!)
                Description: You'd do anything to study at the college of your dreams. But what happens when 'anything' makes someone fall into coma?
                Instagram: @anys.episode


                Thanks for reading!


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                  Check out my new story I promise its not disappointing Great directing and fluency in English! I hope youre in for a dramatic ride <3
                  Author: Otaku
                  Genre: Drama/Romance/Touch of Comedy
                  Chapters: 3 (ongoing)
                  Style: Ink
                  Instagram: episodeotaku
                  Link: Title: SCANDALOUS
                  Author: Otaku
                  Genre: Drama/Romance/Touch of comedy
                  Chapters: 3 (ongoing)
                  Style: Ink
                  Instagram: episodeotaku


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                    Please check out my new story!
                    Title: Sophisticated & Deceived
                    Author: Briana M.
                    Chapters: 4 (ongoing)
                    Style: INKAshden, a sophisticated RN, learns that life isn't always about being sophisticated. Deception is always near.

                    Thank you so much!!


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                      Title: The Bumpy Ride Called Chanelle

                      Author: Thelma Tipton

                      Genre: Drama

                      Style: Limelight

                      Episodes: 3 (Ongoing)

                      Small description: Anything Good has ever happened to Chanelle. Anything good ever will happened to her, and that makes the journey all the better

                      IG: Thelma_tipton

                      Link to my story:


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                        Author: Miss. Gray
                        Story: Deadly Choices
                        Genre: Mystery
                        Episodes 1-3 ongoing