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  • Honest Read 4 Read

    Hey everybody, I've just published a brand new psychological choice game story called manipulation, read the first 3 chapters and screenshot a scene in each one, for honesty and I'll do you the same. Just leave me your story's name and details. Name : Manipulation Genre : thriller Author : Tanzanite Bio : Your continuous misfortune turns to be a planned experiment that will switch you from average to queen be. Thanks for reading.

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    Hey there, I'm willing to do a read for read with you! I'll check yours out as soon as I can and send you screenshots as proof after each chapter!
    Here's mine:
    Title: The Darkness Within (Limelight)
    Author: Zayen
    Description: Tragedy descends the day your ability emerges. Will possessing such ability prove to be a blessing or a curse?
    Genre: Fantasy
    Episodes: 4 (ongoing)
    Style: Limelight


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      Hi, I'll read yours. I'll PM you once I'm done.

      Here's mine:

      Title: Haunted: Voices
      Author: Scarlett
      Genre: Thriller
      Story description: You're manipulated and haunted by the voices in your head... Will you ever find peace? *CC* [COMPLETED]
      No. of Episodes: 3 (completed)
      Style: INK
      Instagram: @/scarlett.episode


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        I will read your story and send you screen shots

        story name: heartstrings <3
        Author: A.Z.
        Style: IN
        Genre: Romance/drama
        Episode: 8 (in progress)

        *the story is about a princess who lived her life wanting to try how being free feels.
        she got the chance when she left to London for university it's then when she met a hot billionaire who's the country most wanted bachelor and he's womanizer, the love starts between them and struggles begin and enemies show.

        I hope you give it a try


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          9-06-2017, 01:15 PM
          hey here is my story would love to hear your thoughts and ill read yours.
          Here's mine:
          Title: Obsession the sequel to secret Stalker
          Author: Faye O
          Description: A girl and guy meet but it soon turns into a deeper obsession with twists, secrets and interesting sort.
          Genre: Mystery
          Episodes: 5.
          Style: Ink..


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            Hey !!! Here's my story .. If u wanna do a read for a read

            I'll pm u a screenshot from your story once I'm done reading it..
            Title: Perfect Pitches : Bad Liar
            Author: Ashley Evans

            Description: You've Been lying through your life to get out of trouble, but what happens when you get into your life's biggest mess(love) , and that too with the biggest liar



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              Hi!!! Of course I'll read your story!
              Mine is
              Story: The Past Shapes Us
              Author: Solete
              Genre: Mystery
              Short Description: Samuel and Alissa are two detectives who are trying to find the truth about a mass of murders, all connected where the killer just goes after criminals.


                Editing a comment
                Sorry for the late replay.. send me screenshots of my story and I'll do the same