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New authors: Share your stories here + read mine?

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  • New authors: Share your stories here + read mine?

    hello fellow authors! i'm fairly new to writing stories, and especially new to the forums. so if you could take some time to read mine, that would be great! you can also drop your stories down here as well. thanks!

    title: samie silvers: the assassin
    author: megan silvers
    genre: action
    episodes: two but ongoing
    description: You're the "most notorious" assassin alive. Be tested when you are teamed up with your rival. Fail and you're fired.

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    Hi! I'll read your story tonight and of you read mine.
    Let me know what you think of my story!


    This is my story:

    Title: Desire
    Author: Sam
    Genre: Drama (Mix of Drama/Romance/Comedy)
    Episodes: 7 (ongoing)
    Description: Follow along Damon as his world turns upside down when he meets mysterious Elena...
    Instagram: desire_episode

    Thank you so much!


    • episode.meghan
      episode.meghan commented
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      Hi! I read the first three chapters of your story and I really like the idea! You always leave the episodes on a cliffhanger, which keeps me and others wanting to know the answer. I also love Damon's personality, haha!

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    Hi I'm also a new author, really would be great to get some feedback on my first story. I'll check yours out too and PM you screenshots as proof

    Title: Finding Ourselves Together
    Genre: Drama
    Author: Kat Valentine
    Style: Ink
    Short description: Lia has always been responsible, until life takes a spontaneous turn for the better...leading to tragedy at its worst
    Ep: 4, ongoing
    Instagram: @kats_episode




    • episode.meghan
      episode.meghan commented
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      Hi! Ahh, I love your story! The writing and directing is spot on, but I saw a few very minor mistakes like forgetting punctuation at the end of a sentence. I love how unique the characters seem and feel, and even if you only have four chapters out, they seem like a great group of characters to develop on. Overall, your story is amazing, I hope to see it go far.

    • Kat.Valentine
      Kat.Valentine commented
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      Thanks so much episode.meghan I love hearing feedback so I can improve my story. I'll read your story too and let you know my thoughts on it

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    Hi people I have a story I need feedback on so please help me out here's my link


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      I'll read your story tonight and send you a screenshot for proof. I would love it if you could read my story:

      "The Art of Affection" written by Sabrina M. Rain
      5 episodes (ongoing)
      "Mean girl Tiffany falls for rebel Ray... will their romance last? Or will rash decisions ruin everything?



      • episode.meghan
        episode.meghan commented
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        Hey, I just read your story! I'm in love with the plot, but especially the characters themselves. It's really unique that in your story, you play as the mean-girl, not the average, new girl. I also love her personality in general; she's strong and not afraid to speak her mind. I see a lot of growth and character development coming her way. All in all, it's a great story with lots of potential!

      • Sabrina Auteberry
        Sabrina Auteberry commented
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        episode.meghan Thank you so much! I will read your story tonight (promise!) and send you a review.

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      .i will send piture of yours .if you send of mine

      twins in trouble
      Author: josefine andersen
      Style: INK
      Genre: random (i did place it under adventure but i actually dont know what it belong under )
      Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
      Description: when we were sent out to live with our uncle. after our parent's death. did we not believe in ghost.


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        hey id be happy to help.
        Here's mine:
        Title: Obsession the sequel to secret Stalker
        Author: Faye O
        Description: A girl and guy meet but it soon turns into a deeper obsession with twists, secrets and interesting sort.
        Genre: Mystery
        Episodes: 6.
        Style: Ink.


        • Fayefaye
          Fayefaye commented
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          hey i read your story. This is right up my street and I loved. I LOVE SAMIE such girl power. Brilliant job

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        Title: The Magic Wave
        Desc: When Skye and her best friend (and crush) are suddenly thrust into a world of magic, she must navigate it. And maybe even fall in love?
        Episodes will probably be out every two weeks.
        Instagram: bethhh_episode

        Thank you!


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          Title: Projection!
          Genre: Comedy
          # Of Episodes: 4 (ongoing)
          Style: Limelight
          Description: Harry Stevens is looking for his big break in the world of musical theatre. But what will it take to get there?
          Instagram: kartis.episode


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            episode.meghan I'll read yours and PM you once I'm done. Hope you'll read mine.

            Here's mine:

            Title: Haunted: Voices
            Author: Scarlett
            Genre: Thriller
            Story description: You're manipulated and haunted by the voices in your head... Will you ever find peace? *CC* [COMPLETED]
            No. of Episodes: 3 (completed)
            Style: INK
            Instagram: @/scarlett.episode


            • episode.meghan
              episode.meghan commented
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              Hey, first off, I love your story so much! The plot is amazing and so unique, you really stand out from the others. And your directing- wow. It was crazy good right off the bat. I couldn't think of anything you could change to make it better. Although it's only three chapters, it got me so captivated. I really hope you place in the Haunted contest, you deserve it!

            • scarlett.episode
              scarlett.episode commented
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              Thank you so much for reading it! I'm so happy that you like it! <3 episode.meghan

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            want to do a read for read?
            Title: Mafia Blood
            Description: They say blood is thicker than water but what happens when your blood makes you marry the mafia's leader?
            Author: simpleerebekah
            Episodes: 4 (ongoing)


            • episode.meghan
              episode.meghan commented
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              Sure! I'll read yours tonight

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            Title: Finding Utopia: The Rise And Fall of Fahlynn
            Author: Jess Jules
            Genre: Fantasy
            Story description: Sapphire knew all her life that she was destined to be with Fahlynn, but what happens when they finally meet?
            Episodes: 3


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              my story is Soul Mates but AshSmashum

              I just added your story to my favorites so I can read it!


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                Hi! My story is called No Words Needed. The author is G.K.V. I'll read your story tonight or tomorrow morning!


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                  Title: Love Quest

                  Author: Katie and Maddie

                  Genre: Romance

                  Style: Ink

                  Episodes: 4 ongoing

                  Description: After a tough breakup, you are on a quest to find love again. But, is being in the spotlight a real way to find love?