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    Hi Ellen_xxx and others! I'll definitely try to give your stories a read!
    I just wrote a new story, and I'd love it if you'd read it.
    The title is The Stalker.
    It's genre is mystery, but it has elements or drama/thriller in it.
    It is a short story of only 5 chapters, but it has great directing, an exciting plot, and surprising cliffhangers in each chapter.
    I hope that if you read, you'll really enjoy it!

    Description is: Your life takes an unfortunate turn for the worst when a stranger threatens everything you thought you knew. [COMPLETED]

    by Singularity

    Also, would love if you'd share with your friends!


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      Hey guys! This is my first story
      I'd love to do read for read!

      Title: COMA
      Author: anys
      Genre: drama
      Style: Ink
      Episodes: 4, (NOT FINISHED!)
      Description: You'd do anything to study at the college of your dreams. But what happens when 'anything' sends someone to coma?
      Instagram: anys.episode

      Why you should read this story: I really made an effort to create a story that is unique and challenges stereotypical views. I also included LGBT choices as I want to be as inclusive as possible! I love writing stories and the more people read my story the more motivated I'll be


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        Heya, i would like my story to be reviewedπŸŒšπŸ–€

        NAME: Troublesome Temptations
        AUTHOR: Ivyn G (aka meh)
        GENRE: Action/ Drama/ Low-Romance
        STYLE: Classic
        CHAPTERS: Three (ongoing)
        DESCRIPTION: How can a bad man be so sweet; how can a caring man be ever so vile? Why did I let my temptations cause so much trouble?
        INSTAGRAM: @ivynthewriter / @ivynthewriter.backup

        thank you very muchπŸ–€


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          Title: Saving Sawyer
          Author: Alexandria M. or GlamorousDolls
          Genre: Romance
          Description: A Boy Whose Scars Are So Deep Even His Demons Run, Meets A Girl Who Loves The Light But Appreciates The Dark.
          Episodes: 3 (so far)
          Style: INK


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            Title: Hacking Love

            Author: Lilly S.

            Genre: Romance

            Style: Ink

            Description: Can you outrun your rock &roll past and survive working for the hottest tech CEO or will your past catch up with you?


            Episodes: 46 (there will be 49 chapters total)

            INSTAGRAM: lillys.episode



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              Story: The Unexpected Magic
              Synopsis: Adelynn never thought that her life will change forever when she found out that her mother was murdered...
              Genre: Mystery / Fantasy / Romance
              Author: Ellyn
              Chapters: 3 (Ongoing)
              Style: Ink

              This is my very first story! I hope that everyone will support my story.. Thanks
              Your support will be very much appreciated!


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                Hello, everyone. Could you read my story, please? I will return the favor.
                Story: Bittersweet

                Description: Now that Mason has broken up with Jason and in a relationship with Gabriel, Jason is willing to kill to get back Mason.

                Genre: Thriller/Romance

                Author: Andrea/Damien

                Chapters: 5 (ongoing)



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                  It would be a awesome if any of you read it!

                  The Past Shapes Us
                  Author: Solete
                  Genre: Mystery/Crime
                  Plot: Samuel is a troubled detective trying to find the truth about a mass of murders , while he tries to find himself in the process
                  Chapters: 8 (ongoing)
                  Style: Ink


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                    Hi it'll be amazing if someone can try and read my first story on episode?
                    Title: Prey
                    Author: Anne Pancho
                    Genre: Adventure/Romance
                    Story info: Valerie Porter sees her parents dead on the floor the moment she arrives home. Unknowingly meeting the killers face to face at the same time. Realizing that the true objective was to kill her, she makes a decision to keep herself alive. She runs for her life with nothing else but the small amount of courage she has left. Along the way she asks for help. Slowly she finds reasons to why she's being hunted. It's an adventure of a lifetime to seek out the truth and to fight back. Hoping to avenge her family and possibly meet a man who will mend her grieving heart.
                    Chapters: 5 (on going)
                    Style: Limelight

                    I am open to suggestions and recommendations.
                    I also would love to read your story in exchange. Thank you!


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                      Let me know what you think of my story!


                      This is my story:

                      Title: Desire
                      Author: Sam
                      Genre: Comedy (Mix of Drama/Romance/Comedy)
                      Episodes: 7 (ongoing)
                      Description: Follow along Damon as his world turns upside down when he meets mysterious Elena...
                      Instagram: desire_episode