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    Here's my story, I'm a new author.. wud love to hear your views on it and would love to do read for a read.
    plz remember reads for reads is for equal no of chapters.
    eg if u are reading 4 chapters from my story.. I'll do the same
    Once you are done reading my story, please do pm me the screenshots esp of the final chapter you read.
    I'll do the same

    Since this is a contest entry .. I'd really appreciate if u could read all 3 chapters.
    Name : Haunted: The new boy
    Description: What happens when the guy from your dreams you never knew existed, comes to life.

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    Hey there, I'm interested in doing a read for read! I'll pm you screenshots once I'm done and I hope you'll do the same
    Here's mine:
    Title: Necessary Evil
    Author: Zayen
    Genre: Horror/Mystery/Fantasy
    Story Description: Over ten years, you've checked in and out of a mental asylum because of the demons you see. What if they were real?
    Episodes: 8 (ongoing)
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      Sure thing😊.. will do the same..

    • Zayen
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      esri isa Hey there, I just realised that we've done a read for read before, so I've just changed the story. Anyway, I'm stuck at your first chapter where the female lead is sleeping and the story just won't proceed. I'll send you a screenshot to show you which scene it is

    • esri isa
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      Hey.. Ive fixed the glitch.. apologies for the inconvenience..

      Yeah, u r ryt.. We just did read for a read the first 3 chapters of the darkness within n my previous story..

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    Hey! Here's my story:
    Title: Haunted: Wild Freedom
    Author: Lissia A.
    Genre: Mystery
    Description: You make a deal with the spirit to run away from your responsibility... And you fall into a trap.
    Episodes: 3
    Style: Limelight



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      Here's mine:

      Title: Haunted: Voices
      Author: Scarlett
      Genre: Thriller
      Story description: You're manipulated and haunted by the voices in your head... Will you ever find peace? *CC* [COMPLETED]
      No. of Episodes: 3 (completed)
      Style: INK
      Instagram: @/scarlett.episode


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        I’d love to do a read for read with you, here is my story:
        Title: Crimes: True At Heart

        Author: Heart Live

        Genre: mystery

        Story description: They say that humans were born with a pure heart, what kind of experience caused them to grow up as serial killers?

        Style: ink

        Episodes: 6 (Ongoing)


        Give it a read and follow my Instagram: @heart_live_official


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          hi frends i would like to do read for reads but i dnt use the forum.plz DM me to my instagram if u like to do read for reads @zuwaidazehani.episode Read my story
          my story is..



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            Hey, I would love to read for read with all of you.
            My story is called Haunted: Going Home by Cher.
            It is written in Limelight, and it has character customization and sound.
            It has 4 episodes and is complete.

            After a tragedy, you accompany your boyfriend back to his hometown, but nothing is as it seems.

            Instagram: @episode_cher



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              Hello Everyone I'm sharing my thriller story with you please give some feedback I would really appreciate thank you
              Title: Dead Man's Peak
              Author: April Vargas
              Genre: Thriller
              Description: Zach is an obsessive guy who just needs love but instead he kills for his obsession with woman will you be next find out
              Episodes: 12



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                I'd be happy to read your story. Here's mine:

                Story: Both of Us
                Genre: Drama/Romance
                Style: Ink
                Author: Zoe K.
                Description: Marie wanted the truth, but she wasn't prepared to unearth her family's dangerous secrets... or to find love.
                Episodes: 9 (ongoing)



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                  A good old mystery story can never hurt

                  Story: The Past Shapes Us
                  Author: Solete
                  Genre: Mystery
                  Short Description: People become what their experiences make them, follow Samuel on his journey of self discover when he meets the incredible FBI agent Alissa, at the same time he is trying to catch the killer that strikes in the city


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                    Hey here’s my story, I’ll read yours

                    Title: 7 Step Guide To Solving A Murder

                    Author: Gisele M.

                    Description: Your dream job was to be a detective. When you're finally given a chance to solve a murder. Can you solve the mystery?

                    Genre: Mystery

                    Episodes: 7 (completed)

                    Style: Ink



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                      Love gang stories? Then this is the story for YOU!!!!

                      Title: Scar
                      Description: Scar's parents were murdered by a gang called "The Cobras". Will he get justice for his parents death?
                      Author: Kayla Marie
                      Instagram: kaylaa.writes (for updates & if you enjoy this story.)


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                        I'd love to read your story.

                        Heres mine:
                        Title - Forbidden
                        Description - Hayley and her friends are normal teenagers but what will happen when their world gets turned upside down?
                        Author - Gemma Marie
                        Link -
                        Instagram - Epi.carebear