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    Hi, this is my story, you can read it if you want.

    Let me know what you think about it!
    I'll read your story for sure.

    Title: The Job Of Love
    Author: R.episodeofficial
    Genre: Drama (Mix of Drama/Romance/Mystery)
    Episodes: 22 (ongoing)
    Style: INK
    Description: What happens when a mysterious stranger comes into her life? Passion, lies and betrayal are waiting behind the corner.


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      Hey there! This is my story!


      Title: Beginning Again
      Author: Poison Ivy
      Genre: Romance
      Story description: After a painful break, Ivy has to move with her brother and his best friend. New home, new job, new friends. Will she be able to handle all the attention?
      Style: Ink
      Episodes: 10 (Ongoing)
      Instagram: poison.ivy.episodes
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        Hi, guys. I just published my first story a few weeks ago
        It would be amazing if you would consider looking at it

        Story Title: A Million Miles to Completion

        Author: Nickkypicky

        Style: Limelight

        Episodes : 3 (Ongoing)

        Genre: Drama

        Story Description: Running away from her ghosts, she finds her inspiration and completion on the other side of the world.

        Link to the story:

        Instagram: @storiesbynickky

        Thanks in advance


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          If anyone enjoys a good crime story this one you will like

          Story: The Past Shapes Us
          Author: Solete
          Genre: Mystery
          Short Description: Samuel and Alissa are two detectives who are trying to find the truth about a mass of murders, all connected where the killer just goes after criminals.


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            Hi guys! My story is Tryin' not to love you.

            I published my story a week ago and I'm new in here. I would be so grateful if you'd check out my new story!

            Please let me know what you think of my story, what you like or dislike!

            I hope you enjoy reading and please let me know about your stories, because I'd like to read them, too!!!

            Story title: Tryin' not to love you

            Author: Jessy

            Episodes: 8 (I will continue!)

            Genre: Romance

            Story description: You're finally seperated from your cruel ex-boyfriend as you come across a dubious guy who hides a secret and so do you.

            Link to my story:

            Instagram: @jessy_writer_episode

            Thank you so much 💋
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              Hi guys,
              This is my first story. I hope you like it.

              STORY TITLE: Love on the run
              AUTHOR: Blue2109
              GENRE: Romance, Drama, Adventure
              STYLE: Limelight
              STORY DESCRIPTION: Mia and Jacob both from different worlds collide with each other while they are running for their lives...
              EPISODES RELEASED: 3 (ongoing)

              Would love to get your feedbacks.

              Thank you


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                Story: The Past Shapes Us
                Author: Solete
                Genre: Mystery
                Plot: Samuel is a troubled detective trying to find the truth about a mass of murders , while he tries to find himself in the process
                Chapters: 8 (ongoing)
                Style: Ink

                Let me know what you think!


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                  Story: Cupid
                  Author: Nina
                  Genre: Drama
                  Description: Which is a better birthday gift at 21? Your dream guy--- Or an arranged marriage with the gazillionaire of your town?
                  Chapters: 4 (ongoing)
                  Style: Ink


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                    Hi! This is my story and I think you’ll like it.
                    Story title: My brother’s enemy
                    number of chapter: 3 (on going)
                    genre: romance
                    here is the link if someone want to read it



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                      Hey, i did also publish my first story ever a couple of days ago. And when you don't have so many readers or any feedback, it feels like you don't even wanna continue the story 🙄.

                      Anyway i can read yours, and here is mine if you wanna read it .

                      Title: Bad boys
                      Genre: Drama
                      Episodes: 3, working on 4
                      Description: What will Bella do when she crosses the path not with only one, but two Bad boys? And who will be the one to win her heart over?!



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                        Title: Hacking Love

                        Author: Lilly S.

                        Genre: Romance

                        Style: Ink

                        Description: Can you outrun your rock &roll past and survive working for the hottest tech CEO or will your past catch up with you?


                        Episodes: 46 (there will be 49 chapters total)

                        INSTAGRAM: lillys.episode



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                          Story: The Unexpected Magic
                          Author: Ellyn
                          Genre: Mystery / Fantasy / Romance
                          Sypnosis: Adelynn never thought that her life will change forever when she found out that her mother was murdered... Style: Ink
                          Chapter: 3 (ongoing)

                          This is my first story.. I hope you all can support and give me your feedback.. Very much appreciated!


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                            Hey there everyone. Here's my story. I promise it's not like other cliche stories.
                            Title: Falling for a Superstar
                            Author: Ni
                            Genre: Romance
                            Episode: 5(ongoing)
                            Description: Nicole unknowingly kisses a Superstar. Revelation,Differences, Acceptance! In the world of fame, can true love win?

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                              Story: The Unexpected Magic
                              Author: Ellyn
                              Sypnosis: Adelynn never thought her life will change forever when she found out that her mother was murdered..
                              ​​​Genre: Mystery / Fantasy / Romance
                              Chapters: 3 (Ongoing)
                              Style: Ink

                              Please support my very first story.. Thanks


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                                Originally posted by Tatiana_S View Post
                                I'm currently writing a story named THE STRANGER. I'm a new author and I'm in need of reads. You know that the amount of reads affects a lot the author and cheers him/her to write more or to quit writing! Don't let any good author feel like this! You're good authors! So read other's stories and let others read yours!
                                Share your stories and see the amount of reads climbing!
                                Don't forget to read mine, I really need a review or a feedback because, honestly I don't know if I have to continue
                                Well, this is my story,
                                TITLE: The Stranger
                                SECTION : Romance
                                NUMBER OF EPISODES: 6 so far
                                STYLE: Ink
                                DESCRIPTION : Alexandra decides to sneak out with her friend, she ignores that this simple mistake will change her life...forever...

                                {"alt":"Click image for larger version Name:\tthe stranger.jpg Views:\t5 Size:\t29.4 KB ID:\t1435527","data-align":"none","data-attachmentid":"1435527","data-size":"medium"}
                                I really want to read your stories and I'll be glad if you read mine!

                                Instagram: @alexandra.the_stranger.episode
                                Hi, I will start reading your story later tonight
                                If you have some time, please read mine too:

                                TITLE: Dancing in the Clouds
                                AUTHOR: Himawari
                                GENRE: Romance
                                STORY: a high school girl that has enough trouble in her life as it is, finds it changing drastically when her parents tell her she's actually a princess! Though having to go through utterly boring lessons concerning etiquette, meeting some cute princes is also included in her new life. Yet other difficulties and mysteries await her as she learns more and more of her original background...

                                It may not sound like the most original story, but it will be, there is more to it to be revealed later on...but it's a secret for now...well, anyways, I give small hints as the story goes on...gave some already in the first three episodes, try guessing how Mallory's background story and ongoing story continues...I'd like to know if people can predict the outcome (and outcomes with the different princes) I have in mind