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  • Honest and thorough reviews!

    Currently, I do not have any active published stories, so this thread is NOT a read for read/review for review. It is simply me reviewing your stories! I will give completely honest, in depth, thorough reviews. Everything said is meant to be constructive criticism, so please don’t take anything the wrong way.

    Please reply with the following template:

    Title: (Story title)
    Author: (Author’s name as it appears in the app)
    Genre: (Story genre, please only list one)
    Summary: (A short summary of your story)
    Link: (Link to story)
    Notes: (Anything else you want me to know)

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    Here's my story

    Title: Finding Ourselves Together
    Author: Kat Valentine
    Genre: Drama
    Description: See that girl, what's her name? Lia. She's changed a lot, not in a good way. What happened to her? Well...
    He happened.



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      Hi, thank you so much for reviewing my story (ps, I read the story of the girl above and finding ourselves together has REALLY good directing)

      Title: Haunted: Stop Writing Episode Stories
      Author: Haesu

      Style: Limelight

      Genre: Horror

      Episodes: 3 episodes

      Summary: A girl called Viscera is from a alternate reality that is tormented by monsters that we think up of. Everytime we write a story and publish it to Episode, the subject of terror enters Viscera's world.

      Sounds like she's pretty screwed, right?

      But when you accidentally send yourself to her alternate reality, you become wrapped up in Viscera's world too, and you have to find your way out while fighting an unusual enemy... the Episode App itself.

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        Title: The Five Elements
        Author: Purple
        Genre: Fantasy
        Summary: Unaware of their true powers will the elements be able to save the human world from approaching danger?
        Notes: Please tap slowly. And choose wisely, almost each choice may affect in the story. Hope you'll enjoy it.

        Thanks for taking out time to review our stories.


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          You can read my story if you want

          Story : Delicate Feelings
          Genre : Romance
          Type : INK
          Feelings or love?
          Feelings with love?

          Instagram: @samayeta.episode


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            Title: Haunted: Forgotten Soul
            Author: Madhattress and H.noelle
            Genre: Horror
            Summary: Stuck without a new body, a wandering soul seeks help from a dying girl and her brother. But what are her intentions?

            Thank you! 💕


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              Title:Haunted : Memories of the past
              Genre : Horror
              Description : You go to a hallowen party little did you know that hallowen party will turn your life into a living nightmare
              Number of ep : 3 [COMPLETE]


              Hope you enjoy


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                Hi. I would really appreciate it if you read my story. It's my fist story and it's for the October contest

                Title:Haunted : Spooky Bloodlines
                Author: Raeesa
                Summary: A forbidden marriage takes place and unknowingly resurrects a ghost bloodthirsty for revenge.
                Notes: It's complete with 4 episodes and I'm really nervous about it. But honest feedback will really be appreciated so if it's shit then say it and no offence will be taken.



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                  Title: The Darkness Within (Limelight)
                  Author: Zayen
                  Genre: Fantasy
                  Summary: Tragedy descends the day your ability emerges. Will possessing such ability prove to be a blessing or a curse?


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                    Are you still doing reviews? If so, I have a Limelight story I am working on.

                    Title: Projection!
                    Author: Karlon Artis
                    Genre: Comedy
                    Summary: Harry Stevens is looking for his big break in the world of musical theatre. But what will it take to get there?
                    Notes: Honest feedback is appreciated. I won't make excuses.


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                      Hello, I've got this new story that I have written and would love some feedback to see if I'm on the right track, even ideas for what I could do! I have been looking for some honest feedback, be as brutal as you need hahaha :-)

                      Title: Changed
                      Author: G. Lambent
                      Genre: Drama
                      Chapters: 4 (ongoing)
                      Style: Ink

                      Description: Forever trapped. Forever engulfed in darkness. How do you find your identity when you've been stripped of one? Battles stereotypical views society holds on individuals and how perfection is in the eye of the beholder.


                      Thank you so much for reading!!!



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                        Title: Crimes: True At Heart

                        Author: Heart Live

                        Genre: mystery

                        Story description: They say that humans were born with a pure heart, what kind of experience caused them to grow up as serial killers?

                        Style: ink

                        Episodes: 6 (Ongoing)



                        Give it a read and follow my Instagram: @heart_live_official