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  • !!Need more reads? Post your stories here!!!

    Hey guys!!! I thought I would make a whole new thread helping lesser known stories get more reads!!! Feel free to read mine if you'd like!!! FEEL FREE TO CHECK OUT MY INSTAGRAM AT @episode_ms.arianna , my stories are:

    Title: One More Day - Today
    Author: Ms. Arianna
    Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
    Genre: Drama
    Summary: Head Surgeon Kaelan, loves being a doctor, but what happens when she becomes the patient? (This is LOOSELY based on my life.)

    The second is:
    Title: Wait, What?
    Author: Ms. Arianna

    Episodes: 9 (ongoing)
    Genre: Romance/comedy/adventure/fantasy
    Summary: Aly's one night fling turns into a battle between light and dark, can she save those she loves or risk losing it all?

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    TITLE: Bad Vicky
    AUTHOR: Lana Anonymous
    STYLE: Limelight
    The Shill Part One. The Heist begins.


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      Thanks for your comment! I read your story and I can't wait to read more😃 Good luck writing!

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      Thank you for commenting, I hope this thread will help <3

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    Description: A boy with unnatural strength who escaped from a facility. A girl who died for two days. Both are being pursued. Their pursuers are relentless. Will both their paths cross? Will they ever be safe again?

    Title: Safe Again
    Genre: Action, Romance, Drama, Thriller.
    Author: Sinead O'Neill
    Style: Ink
    Chapters: Working on my 10th chapter...


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      Hello!! Thank you for commenting, I hope this helps you! <3

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    Title : Dogs {Ink}
    Author : Sharon S.
    Style : Ink
    Genre : Comedy (With a slight touch of romance)
    Episodes : 4 (Currently working on 5)
    Description : You never had any boyfriends your entire life. But what happens when your dogs change into hot guys? OMG, drama awaits!
    Link :

    Full-option character customization is available😃 And please follow me on Instagram @episodesharons💕 Feel free to DM me anytime for anything!


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      What??? Ummmmmmmmm that sounds pretty funny.

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      Thank you for commenting I hope this thread helps you!

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    Hi! I'll be glad to share my story. I worked sooo hard on it

    Title: Haunted: The King of the Void
    Author: Lark Noah
    Genre: Thriller, mystery
    No. of Episode: 4 [Complete]
    Style: Limelight
    Story Description: Confront the past you don’t remember. You're not alone - Death is your companion. Male MC, 2 endings. Choices do matter!
    Contains: LGBT option, character customization, spot directing, zooming, camera angles, etc (mild use of flashing lights, but it's really important, sorry )


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      Hey! Thank you for commenting I hope this helps you get your story out there!

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    TITLE: Forever
    AUTHOR: ~Jazzy
    EPISODES: 1-2 out (3-4 re-writing)
    GENRE: Romance,Fantasy
    STYLE: Classic
    DESCRIPTION: Forever is a long time but I wouldn't mind spending it with you.
    She was a normal girl living a normal life and he was a troubled boy who never learned from his mistakes,
    sometimes he goes to far and this time he got injured because of his mistake,
    she was too nice to leave him on his own, so she helped him by doing so she entered a world different than her own

    Last edited by ~Jazzy; 10-06-2017, 09:57 AM. Reason: Link was not working


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      Hey! Thank you for commenting, hope this helps you get reads!

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    Here's my story

    Title: Finding Ourselves Together
    Author: Kat Valentine
    Genre: Drama/Romance/Comedy
    Chapters: 6 (ongoing)
    Style: Ink
    Description: See that girl, what's her name? Lia. She's changed a lot, not in a good way. What happened to her? Well...
    He happened.

    Instagram: @kats_episode


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      Hey Thank you for commenting! I hope this helps you get more reads!

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    Title: Love Quest

    Author: Katie and Maddie

    Genre: Romance

    Style: Ink

    Episodes: 4 ongoing

    Description: After a tough breakup, you are on a quest to find love again. But, is being in the spotlight a real way to find love?


    Instagram: @thetalk_maddie and @kt_episode


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      Here's my story.

      Title: Projection!
      Genre: Comedy
      Style: Limelight
      Description: Harry Stevens is looking for his big break in the world of musical theatre. But what will it take to get there?
      Instagram: kartis.episode


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        hi everyone...Read my story

        genre: horror
        story included with:
        dressing game
        and more !!!!!!!!!!!!!
        It is about a girl who get's a haunted phone as a gift and she experiences weird things happening.Will she be able to save lives?Story contains two endings!!!!


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          Do you like drama/romance stories? With gang elements, but not cliche?
          If you are interested in reading my story, here's my info!

          Story: Both of Us
          Author: Zoe K.
          Genre: Drama/Romance
          Description: Marie wanted the truth, but she wasn't prepared to unearth her family's dangerous secrets... or to find love.
          Style: Ink



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            I created a story for the haunted contest.
            Please give it a read. It is a short story, so there are only 4 chapters and it is complete.
            You can dm me on instagram if you want to do read for read.
            My instagram is @episdode_cher

            Story: Haunted: Going Home
            Author: Cher
            Genre: Thriller
            Description: You go with your boyfriend to his home town after a tragedy. When you get there, you start having nightmares and nothing is as it seems.
            Style: Limelight with CC and sound



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              Title: Changed
              Author: G. Lambent
              Genre: Drama/Romance
              Chapters: 5 (ongoing)
              Style: Ink

              Description: Forever trapped. Forever engulfed in darkness. How do you find your identity when you've been stripped of one? Battles stereotypical views society holds on individuals and how perfection is in the eye of the beholder.



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                Story: The Past Shapes Us
                Author: Solete
                Genre: Mystery/Crime
                Plot: Samuel is a troubled detective trying to find the truth about a mass of murders , while he tries to find himself in the process
                Chapters: 8 (ongoing)
                Style: Ink

                Hope you all like it!!
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                  Title: Crimes: True At Heart

                  Author: Heart Live

                  Genre: mystery

                  Story description: They say that humans were born with a pure heart, what kind of experience caused them to grow up as serial killers?

                  Style: ink

                  Episodes: 7 (Ongoing)



                  Give it a read and follow my Instagram: @heart_live_official