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    Title: Crimes: True At Heart

    Author: Heart Live

    Genre: mystery

    Story description: They say that humans were born with a pure heart, what kind of experience caused them to grow up as serial killers?

    Style: ink

    Episodes: 7 (Ongoing)


    Give it a read and follow my Instagram: @heart_live_official


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      Please check out "FINDING ELLA"

      Hi Everyone

      Please check out my story - I've been working on it and revising it, and I would love your feedback!

      TITLE : Finding Ella

      DESCRIPTION: After an unexpected breakup, can Ella survive after her predictable world comes crashing down?

      GENRE: Romance/Drama/Mystery

      CHAPTERS: 7
      and more coming!


      You can also now follow me on Instagram at episode.findingella


      Finding Ella Cover Large (1).jpg


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        Story: The Unexpected Magic Author: Ellyn Genre: Mystery Style: Ink Link: This is my very first story.. I hope you guys can support me


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          Title: Hacking Love

          Author: Lilly S.

          Genre: Romance

          Style: Ink

          Description: Can you outrun your rock &roll past and survive working for the hottest tech CEO or will your past catch up with you?


          Episodes: 46 (there will be 49 chapters total)

          INSTAGRAM: lillys.episode


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            Here is mine.
            Title: Guardians of the Oceanus
            genre fantasy
            chapters 9 (ongoing)
            style ink
            Description When Olivia discovers her true destiny, her life goes spiraling out of control.


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              Title: Haunted: The Awakening
              Chapters: 5 (completed)
              Style: Ink
              Description: When the most powerful magic user in Aethermore sets her sights on bounty hunter, Sin Laurent, what will Sin do? Will she be able to uncover the secrets of the past in time?


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                Hey there everyone. Here's my story.
                Title: Falling for a Superstar
                Author: Ni
                Genre: Romance
                Episode: 5(ongoing)
                Description: Nicole unknowingly kisses a Superstar. Revelation,Differences, Acceptance! In the world of fame, can true love win?



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                  Title: Haunted: Born on Halloween (COMPLETE)
                  Style :Ink
                  Genre: Horror
                  Episodes: 4
                  Description: Its Halloween and Carol's 16th birthday.. Every year this day, she has the same dream and weird spooky things happen..


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                    Hi there!

                    STORY: My Kingdom South
                    GENRE: Fantasy, romance, drama
                    CHAPTERS: 3 so far
                    DESCRIPTION: You are a princess from the southern kingdom and you travel to the western kingdom to aid them in their time of need, only to discover something sinister is brewing. There's character customization, you can choose between love interests, and you have close friends to help you navigate these muddy waters.
                    STYLE: Ink


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                      Hey guys! My very first story is published..!!

                      To support me-
                      FOLLOW on Instagram - @vijayata.episode


                      ​​​Title - KNOWING HIS SECRET

                      Author - Vijayata Pal

                      Genre - Drama

                      Style - Ink

                      Episode - 3 (ongoing)

                      LINK to my story -



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                        Hey, guys! Please give a try to my new hot story about slavery, love, betrayal and thirst for freedom!
                        Promise you'll enjoy it!

                        Story: Through Hardship to the Stars
                        Author: Claire
                        Bio: From slave to strong beautiful woman Adele finds herself in cruel world. Will she able to resist her handsome owner?
                        Genre: Drama \ Romance
                        Chapters:6 (7-11 coming soon)
                        Style: Ink


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                          Hi everyone!
                          I've been writing this story for a long time, but I had to stop because of high school and my final exams.
                          But now I'm in University and I have some time to write.
                          When I couldn't write I lost almost all my readers, but now I'm back and I'd like you to read it.

                          (I'm sorry for my grammar mistakes but I'm Italian, if you find any mistake let me know!)

                          Instagram account: blacknails.episode

                          Story: Darkness in Blue Eyes
                          Author: Blacknails
                          Bio: When Liz's father died she moved to LA with her mother and she left all her friends. What if she moves back?
                          Genre: Romance (with a little bit of drama)
                          Chapters: 14 (at the moment I'm writing chapter 15 and 16)
                          Style: Classic


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                            Hello, my name is Naya, I have a new story out called "Hopeless Hearts". All important information about the story is right below, I hope you would give it a try. ☺️

                            Title: Hopeless Hearts
                            Author: Naya C.
                            Chapters- 7 ongoing
                            Genre- Drama/Romantic Suspense
                            Character Customization: Yes, for MC and love interest
                            Advance directing: Yes
                            Animated overlays: Yes
                            Chapter length: between 10-20 minutes
                            music/sound: yes
                            speechbubbles: Pink
                            Good grammar and Dialogue: Yes
                            Unique Plot: Yes
                            Emotional read: Yes
                            Instagram: Nayac.writes


                            You're forced to leave your old life behind after being placed into the witness protection program. Just when you think you've finally settled in, your past catches up to you, and causes you to change your identity again and leave the love of your life at the altar. Will fate bring you back together again, or will you be forced to live in fear of the unknown?

                            This story will pack in the drama, the romance, the betrayal, the action, and all the suspense

                            Story link below⬇️⬇️⬇️


                            Check out my flipagram video I made for my story.

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                              Title: The Trinity Force
                              Genre: Adventure
                              Author: Ashley
                              Style: Ink
                              Chapters: 3 .
                              Description: It turns out there is a whole other portion of the world we aren't aware of called the dark realm. We live in the light realm. And the two create a sense of balance on earth. When the dark realm tries to take over the light realm a trinity force must be formed to stop the chaos.


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                                Story: Kidnapped Love
                                Author: AshSmashum
                                Genre: Romance/Action
                                Chapters: 4 (5 coming soon)
                                Style: Ink