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  • Title: Reunited with the Dawson's
    Author: Emily Nguyen
    Genre: Drama/Romance
    Style: Ink
    Chapters - 3 (ongoing)

    Description: Brianna had always wanted Collin Dawson, but times have changed and she's moved on. What'll happen when she's reunited with the Dawson's?
    Link :


    • Title: For Celestia
      Author: Esme Lu
      Genre: Fantasy
      Style: Ink
      Episodes: 3 (Ongoing)


      • Title: The Past of You

        Author: WowSophie

        Description: In a place where the past is easily forgotten, You have a problem staying away from your own. Love is but a memory. *CC*

        Genre: Drama/Romance

        Style: Limelight



        • I published my first story 1 week ago and would love to do a "Read for a Read". I am also always open to feedback so I can improve.

          Story information

          Title - Shadow Hunter: World On Fire

          Author: CeCeWrites.Episode

          Genre: Drama

          Style: INK

          Episodes: 3, ongoing (with 4 to likely be published this week)

          Description: Shadow is a rule breaker & strong in his convictions. His father is a ruthless Mafia leader with many enemies, but his biggest? His own son, who aspires to be more than his past.


          Instagram: CeCeWrites.Episode


          • STORY NAME: A Love Worth Fighting For
            GENRE: Romance
            Episode's: 3 ongoing.
            Description:Aubrey's falling for her childhood best friend (Logan). But he leaves to join the army. He had made her a promise to write her everyday, but some things get in the way. she will have to make a decision to either wait until he comes back or move on with her life. 😉

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            • Title: Effortless (CC!)
              Author: Jade A. Eaton
              Genre: Romance/Drama
              Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
              Style: Limelight
              Description: Nelly and Ryan have an undeniable connection. Unfortunately, reality is imperfections and revelations so timing isn't always right.


              24172670_549300205409444_1010888924_n_420x580.png ​​​​​​​


              • Title: What happened to Sage?
                Author: Bree Ambers
                Story Style: Ink
                Genre: Drama, Romance, Mystery
                Episodes: 3, working on 4
                (Instagram: breeambers)


                • This is my second story and it was just released a few days ago, I would love if you guys gave it a try!

                  Title: My Ex's Wedding
                  Author: Solete
                  Genre: Comedy
                  Chapters: 3 (ongoing)
                  Description: You thought you were over him... at least that was until you received his wedding invitation. Move on or stop it?
                  Style: INK



                  • My story :
                    Title: Best Friends' Cronics
                    Author: MissK
                    Genre: Romance
                    Style: Ink
                    Description: In a world full of gossip, scandal and dramas, you get your own dose of all three when your ex-crush is back in town with dark secrets and the looks of a God! +14


                    • Hi there!

                      First of all I think this is a very nice idea of you!

                      Second, I'd like to share my first (and only) story with you. I've not been able to write or work on it for a few months now because I had personal life events going on...
                      Since writing is my passion, I decided to start revamping the 5 episodes the story has at this point. (It really helps to check every episode again after months, I'm very critic so I saw 100 things that could've been better. (Maybe that's why it takes me so long to just revamp 1 episode...)
                      So I really know there'll be little errors (grammatical (I'm from Belgium) and the directing)...

                      As soon as I'm able to republish episode 1-5, I'll also release episode 6 and a brand new story cover (see attachment and don't expect too much...).
                      It would be nice if you'd take the time to read my story, when you're ready with the other ones on your list, of course.

                      Forums Username: Alphan
                      Story Title: Upside Down
                      Author Name: Alphan
                      Genre: Romance, mystery, drama
                      Story Style: INK story
                      Short Summary: "June escaped her previous life. Will she meet people who will love her or will her old enemies destroy her again?"
                      Number of Published Episodes: 5 (ongoing)

                      Please, take your time and let me know if you liked it! (For read for read/review for review contact me on Instagram please!)

                      And I'll hand you my instagram (
                      alphan.episode) in case you've something else to say, I react faster there because I never use the forums site on my phone...

                      Enjoy your day,


                      • Hey! I've recently posted my first story and I'd love some feedback. It's called Chris' counselling by Aimee. Thank you x


                        • I’ve published two stories now, and I could use more reads, so if anyone has tims, please check out


                          • Title: The Womanizer
                            Author: Hettie.B
                            Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
                            Genre: Romance
                            Summary: The new job Isla has by being the notorious player, Damien Pierce's assistant, was not the turn of events she expected. Especially when she gets attracted to him.
                            Style: Limelight


                            • Just trying to get my first story out there.......will appreciate any constructive feedback



                              • Hey Guys please read my story and help share it's a read for read!
                                Story: UNDERCOVER!

                                GENRE: Romance/Action

                                Story desription: Detective Talia Malik is forced to pair up with a hot new partner who is an undercover Agent, uncovering the past of her brother. Her case turns into a top secret mission.

                                LINK BELOW!