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  • Want more reads? Read this!

    Love gang stories? Tired of the main character (you) being a female? Then this is the story for you! I also decided to do shoutouts on my Instagram for YOUR STORY!
    1,) You MUST read my story first! (I don't need screenshots, since I'm the type of girl to take your word for it. If you feel as though you should send pics, great. But I will take your word for It because I'm nice like that.)
    2.) Follow me on Instagram at kaylaa.writes so you can see your shoutout. IF you unfollow, I'll delete it. (I have tons of friends who have been asking if I knew any good stories or new stories that need reads, which is why I'm doing this.)
    3.) Please be friendly. Don't be bossy. I've had tons of messages on here from people saying "read my story" and "read my story right now so I can read yours". That's not very nice.

    I'm doing this because I know what it's like to be new and barely have any reads. It sucks because you want to be known and show off your talent!

    Title: Scar
    Description: Scar's parents were murdered by a gang called "The Cobras". Will he get justice for his parents death?
    Author: Kayla Marie
    Instagram: kaylaa.writes

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    Hey, i would love to read yours. And here is mine if you wanna read it.

    Title: Bad boys
    Genre: Drama
    Episodes: 3, working on 4
    Description: What will Bella do when she crosses the path with not only one, but two Bad boys? And who will be the one to win her heart over?!



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      Hey there I would love to check your story out, I will message you on Instagram after I read it, in the mean time here is mine:

      Title: Crimes: True At Heart
      Author: Heart Live
      Description: They say that humans were born with a pure heart, but what kind of experiences caused them to grow up as serial killers?
      Episodes: 6 (On going)
      Instagram: heart_live_official


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        Hello, I don't have IG but I would still love a shout out. Is that possible???

        Here is my new story.

        Title: Changed
        Author: G. Lambent
        Genre: Drama/Romance
        Chapters: 5 (ongoing)
        Style: Ink

        Description: Forever trapped. Forever engulfed in darkness. How do you find your identity when you've been stripped of one? Battles stereotypical views society holds on individuals and how perfection is in the eye of the beholder.



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          Hey there! I’ll for sure be taking a look at your IG and story! Here’s mine!

          Title: Spy Chronicles
          Author: Savvy.Episode
          Genre: drama/romance/mystery
          Chapters: 3
          Style: Ink
          Checkout this story, on the Episode App! If you like it, support the story by passing it along!